Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Murder By U.S.A. & Fox News

They murdered another man in Pakistan or wherever. This cleric. There was nothing wrong with him. I just saw a clip of him from the t.v. and I got a good vibe from him. Nothing bad or mean-hearted about him. I don't know anything about him, but the feeling I had just by seeing him for a few minutes, was that he had a gentle and careful personality. I mean, he looks like someone who would never deliberately torture another person. Maybe he would kill to defend himself or his family, out of self-defense, but he's not a torturer.

It's like there is no war, and the U.S., or someone in the U.S., is just finding random excuses to be putting all time and energy into hunting down people who are not that bad, and were probably people the U.S. supported for a long time, and knew.

I think what's happening is war crime.

Just because someone calls for a jhihad from another country, and makes one statement or a few, isn't an excuse to have the entire military putting all their money and resources into hunting people down one by one.

There are so many other things to do, and bigger dangers, and many of them INSIDE of our country and they're not Muslims, they're regular U.S. citizens getting away with torturing people like my family. Muslims are not torturing my family. I'm not saying a few wouldn't, or might be bribed, but they are not the ones who are into torture.

I didn't think that man they just killed looked bad at all. And again, that's not saying I know anything about him, but of all the horrid, mean people in the world, why exactly are we spending money to go after people like him?

So what's the deal...someone from another country calls for "revolution" against the U.S. and we put a hit on them? If someone from France, for example, has a bunch of U.S. soldiers occuping their own houses, and they won't move, and leave them alone, and they say, "It is our moral responsibility to defend ourselves, our land, and our religion", that's an excuse for the U.S. to KILL them?

How about this scenario...Let's say the U.S. tells this Frenchman, "Hey, we know this English guy is trying to kick your entire family off of your own property, when we know it's yours." The frenchman says, "Yes, and they want to take a lot of our property and other things too..." so the U.S. says, "Well, we don't believe the English should be raping your people or trying to steal you from your own houses, so we're going to give you arms so you can protect yourselves okay? and we'll give you training too. Because we can see that you are defenders of women who are raped and children who are suffering from war..."

So the frenchman says, "Yes, thank you. That's all we want. We didn't try to take THEIR land, we just want to protect what's ours already and maybe, what do you want if you help us?"

The U.S. says, "All we want, is good trade with you. You have good property here and if we keep the English out, we would like to have a good trade if that's okay."

The frenchman says, "Thanks be to God, that you have come. We are happy to work with you, and honored to have you help us as partners. Consider us to be your friends. Children! come meet this good American man and his whole group of people who are going to help us and want to work with us maybe!"

So the U.S. helps the French to fight off the English, just to help the French protect what they already own and not get killed off. And they are friends, the French and the Americans. And then all of a sudden, one day, the Americans that were helping the French say, "We decided we're going to stick around."

The French say, "What do you mean? you don't like the housing we have provided for you and shared? is there something wrong with our food? did we offend you?"

The Americans say, "No, not at all, we're just going to live here for awhile and talk about our trade ideas."

The next thing they know, the Americans are bringing over women from America wearing skimpy shorts and tops. And then journalists are going over to France and flying back to the U.S. to report "horrible treatment of women" after the French just teamed up together to defend all these women who had been raped by another group.

No one in America does this kind of thing for their own women, in their own country. When is the last time a bunch of American men went together to protect all the women from being raped? We have police officers who sit and laugh about it and smear the women instead.

So these noble men who are defenders of their people, who have a gentle demeanor and have been friendly and worked with the U.S., and offered hospitality and jokes and who fought together at times...all of a sudden, they're being made fun of, and called terrible men. Terrible men who "oppress women". Then it gets worse and worse and still the U.S. isn't leaving. They're hanging around and the French are saying, "We are so thankful to you for our work together and we are your friends. But we would like to use the land you're on now and we want to protect our own people now. Some of our values are different and we respect you, but we want our people to be raised with our beliefs.

Then, tensions get worse. Someone is stirring up more trouble. More and more trouble. And everyone gets defensive. All of a sudden, with all this bad news about them, they say, "We want you to go now." The friends, the American friend, doesn't leave.

"Nah, we need to stay here."

Finally, after a decade or more of being harassed and pushed from their own territory and having their religious views being mocked by the U.S., they say, "It is our moral responsibilty to defend our people and our beliefs."

This is the same thing any normal group would do.

And then the American friend says, "We are going to kill them now."


The American friend says, "We are going to kill them because they SAID they should kill us if we don't leave their land. So, we don't WANT to leave their land. We want to stay (even though it isn't ours). Instead of letting them talk about killing us, we're going to stay on their property which we just said we were helping them get back for themselves, and then we're going to kill off all the people who want to defend themselves."

Oh, and even though there is no real war, the American friend tells all the other Americans that they must put hits on all these guys over there because if they don't, we'll all be obliterated.

It's almost like when a bad lawyer tells everyone that if they don't torture a family, the family might sue and everyone will be penniless and in jail for life, scaring people to get them riled up against an innocent group.

So, if we don't put hits on these guys, they'll kill us? What about the part where we said we were going to help them get their property back and then instead, we have people who refuse to leave?

All they wanted is for the Americans to not occupy their territory. They thought we were friends.

How many days until a guest is a pest? 3. That's according to the Old Testament at least, or Miss Manners. The point is about not wearing out your welcome.

If you're helping a country, you help them like you said, and then give the property back or let them take it back and then you open the doors for friendly trade.

Is there any reason the U.S. needs to stand on the oil ground? If the trade negotiations are friendly and they are helping eachother, why does the U.S. have to occupy a part of their land?

It would be like someone inviting you over to help chase off people who are torturing your family on your own property. Maybe it's just 5 acres. You want them off your property and they're trying to take your whole house and they're vicious. So you accept the offer from a neighbor, to help you defend yourself. All of a sudden, this neighbor puts a tent on your land. You say, "I thought we were going to trade apples for oranges but you just put a tent? right in the middle of my farming plot? this is where I was going to put seed to grow food for my family. And you brought that woman to your tent and I don't want my children seeing a woman going in and out of your tent wearing things like that. It's not good for our beliefs."

The American friend says, "Maybe you should cover your women up more and be more religious than before and no one will attack you again. Maybe if you are super religious, everyone will leave you alone and you won't have any problems. If I were you, I'd put a sack or some kind of garment over the woman's whole body and then, you see, you don't have to worry about troubles of rape or lust."

The Frenchman says, "Really? Hmmm. maybe we SHOULD be more religious. You're right. Maybe WE created the problem, just like you said, by not covering up our women more."

The American friends says, "Yes, it's a very good idea and then we would like to take photos of your women in burkas so we can show America how hard you all try to be good and pious and why we wanted to help you."

The Frenchman says, "Okay, that's a good idea maybe. Just don't show a photo with our whole burka and the woman's name okay?"

American friend says, "Yeah, don't worry. We want to help you. Really."

Frenchman gets the paper and sees the news and it's all about how horrible they are. But they still think they might be doing something right. Then they get violent, because, well, something really weird is going on now in France.

The men are becoming violent after feeling some kind of weird symptoms and they think it's bad health. These were peaceful, kind people and kind men, and they're turning into aggressive men. For one thing, they're being mocked. For another thing, the American friend pitched a tent in the middle of the land he was going to feed his family with. And finally, it's kinda weird, because no one is feeling good anymore. They don't know what it is, but they're having strange feelings and pain and don't know why. One gets a big zap to his head and thinks he's having a bloodclot in his brain. another one starts having severe pain in his lower back. And then some are getting viruses and other things. Some of their kids start doing weird things too. Finally, after the American friend doesn't leave and their country starts to insult them, they protest. For protesting and not wanting occupation, they get tortured by military technology.

The technology makes the men feel violent when normally they are not violent men. It was never their aim to invade the U.S., the U.S. invaded them! after being so nice! and they really want to not fight at all, but why can't the U.S. give them back what they own?

Give me back my son. He's not yours. You took my son and created a lie for an excuse for taking him and you tortured us.

Give us back our land. It's not yours. You took our land and created a lie for an excuse for taking it or occupying and now you're torturing us.

Give me back my son. He's not yours. You have made all these people think my family is something their not and you've defamed us and pushed us to do things we wouldn't even do normally, just to try to find a way to keep our family together and not be tortured.

Give us back our land. It's not yours. You have made all these people think my family is something they're not and you've shamed us and pushed us to do things we wouldn't even do normally, just to try to find a way to keep our family together and not be occupied or tortured.

Why don't we compromise? why are you stealing my son from me and lying about me and torturing us? If you want compromise, I'll even let you say I'm crazy, just to have my son.

Why don't we compromise? why are you stealing our land from us and lying about us and torturing us after being our friends? If you want compromise, we are willing to negotiate. We only want what's ours to begin with.

The American friend says: "Kill Them All". The American friend whispers to another group and says, "They say they want to negotiate but we'll make more money from contracts if we put hits on them. The other ones, we want to keep occupying because we make more money from that too and we're doing research as well. We can't start our research over in another country. We need to do it here."

Someone Smart says, "What is this over? they already SAID they'd trade with us and it's almost like you've intentionally tried to create a ficticious enemy. The only reason they're reacting is because their autonomy is not being respected."

A different American friend says, "This is wrong. What we are doing is wrong. We are showing the world that we create friendships to only destroy them. The objective is peace, not war and it's like someone forgot what this was about."

The American friend admits to his wife, "I suppose I've become greedier. But you see, Joe says that if we put a contract on that guy, he'll give me a 20% split on the profit, and it's good for the business too."

Friends says, "How much per head?"

American friend says, "Um, at least $100,000 and some of these guys we're making them worth more. If we make them sound more dangerous, the price on their head will go up. And then we get a cut out of the profits, so seriously man, think about it. Do you know how much money we could make off of this?"

Friends says, "What are we doing with the rest of them?"

American friend says, "We make money off of it. I mean, seriously, they get mad we killed one guy and then we have an excuse to put in more money and pay more to defend ourselves when they react."

Friends says, "Okay, good plan. It's all good!"

A different American friend has a few other friends and these Americans all believe what is happening is wrong. They knew these guys and they were generally good people. And they know what's been done to them. And they want to stand up for them because they know none of them deserve to be tortured or killed for wanting to protect and defend their own family and children in their own land.

"But!" says someone, "They'll kill you all! they want to bomb us and guess what?! YOUR NAME is on THEIR list."

A different American friend says, "I know that's not true because I am one of the few left that's tried to be loyal and not screw someone over after working with them and being friends."

By the way, they said they want to negotiate and have a talk about ending the conflict. They, the victims are the ones who want only what's theirs. And yet for some reason, the government is dragging it's name through the mud by wanting to torture and attack.

I guess people like me, who try to take advantage of the right to free speech, get tortured for saying the truth.

My entire family is tortured in our own country, and exploited, and made to look foolish and undignified, and we are blocked from normal income and even from having our family together.

My opinion here is only my opinion. My parents disagree or I guess I've never talked with them about it. But this is my feeling about things and I think I can be fair and impartial when I try to take a look at what the problem is.

Sometimes, there is no war. Sometimes, some guy in the military thinks if they don't create a small war they can contain, they and their guys will be molding vases at the pottery wheel. Since they can contain a small "conflict", they pursue this and make money off it, and leave the big wars alone, knowing that's the real danger, but they're too focused on making personal profits they forgot to look out for the best interests of the whole country.

The real war is inside the United States. The U.S. is torturing us. It's happening tonight as I write, right now. I am being tortured by the U.S., with U.S. military technology.

That is the problem. When U.S. officials think they can steal children from families and use them for research and to punish people they don't like, that's the real danger. It means something bad is brewing inside the country.
And with that someone lasered me for a full half hour and then stopped just before O'Reilly (from The O'Reilly show) said, from the t.v., at 6:30 p.m., "Let not your heart be troubled." And then it went to a commercial break.

That's from a scripture verse, "Let not your heart be troubled, if you believe in God, believe also in me; for in my Father's house are many mansions, I go to prepare one for you, and if I go, I will come again and receive you unto myself, so that where I am you may be also."

So anyway, who is using technology to fry me at will, just turn it on and then turn it off? sort of coordinating with the O'Reilly show comments tonight even. And of course he knows nothing about what is happening to my family, even though we've all been tortured since I wrote about him and Laura Ingraham and how they have an inside line into what is happening with my family.

"Let not your heart be troubled..." Sure it's not about the IRA which is funded in part by FBI?

It's like, okay, U.S. military controls this technology and they, what? let Bill O'Reilly know when they're turning it off or on?

Now some interesting commercials. One about something getting cold, and that's sort of what happens after you're tortured with a laser and then it stops. You get chills. Now, the second commerical about cold stuff. And one in the middle about buying "America", wild horses in Wyoming. Which reminds me of a place this one Irish guy wanted me to visit, in Wyoming--a horse ranch. It was an Irish guy I met in Blaine, who took my papers that I had where I wrote out a code language for myself.

I wonder if you can buy torture with $2 million a year.

Am I supposed to be afraid? or am I supposed to ask questions and hope some group helps me catch those who are torturing us?

They now have an ad about World Vision, which I used to donate to. About how someone gives all her food to feed children instead of herself and, oh, sponsoring a child from Zambia too. He talked about food, clean water, and something else and I saw my mom try not to flinch at the "clean water" part, about sponsoring a child to have clean water. I think the idea of "World Vision" as an insult is also significant when my mother has people lasering her eyes and trying to ruin her vision. Debbie Sweetwater-Burt had some newsletter on her desk the other day, that had a heading about World vision of some kind. It's Sean Hannity now.

He sat there and talked about children with a woman. He started saying he needed to step back and breathe with his kids and then she said, "Yeah, it's good to take the extra beats before going to work." (This said before 7 p.m.). Her comment about extra beats before to work seemed out of place, esp. when my Dad is being beat up before work or before I see him. Then he threw a football at the end saying see you Monday and made a flinching movement about 5 minutes after I wrote what my mom's reaction was.

Wouldn't it be, like, totally crazy, if someone were to find out, like, someone knew my son was being tortured and exposed to toxins and that my family was being tortured but they like to joke about it on public t.v.?

Debbie Sweetwater-Burt also had a lockbox sitting on the edge of her desk the day my parent's house was broken into when my mom was home. It was the same color as our door and was smudge with a substance that matched what was on the door and had this broken look to it, which is how the door was, it wouldn't close all the way anymore. This break in happened and then the next morning I went with my mom to the office and saw this sitting there, along with a copy of the World vision type newsletter. That was one day. On another morning, I went in with my mom and someone had let a dragonfly into the office to greet my mom, a huge one, flying around, and then had Asian people in SUVs parked around the corner, less than a block away, laughing. I said to someone, "Who DOES this?"

Do you want to meet real terrorists? Do you know how innocent some of them appear to be? You would never guess what a true terrorist looks like, and there are some women even, right here in Coquille.

I wonder what's going on that I don't know about. It's a great choice of commercial selection tonight.

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