Thursday, September 15, 2011

Torture Today

Still tortured today. And this evening, as I wrote about Howard.

It wasn't as bad but it's still happening and my fingernails turned blue again from it. I'm not taking these multi-vitamins I got and I'm not using this toothpaste anymore either. It's like I'm Fidel Castro.

I don't trust the U.S. They put crap in other things I've had to eat and drink and they will do it again if they can. If they can use a lable and brand name like Quaker oats to drug kids with radioactive poison, they can get someone to add something to sealed multivitamins. I don't think I'll keep the toothpaste either. I'll pick out my own without anyone pointing out something to me because someone told them to point it out on purpose for their own amusement.

And this entire time, they treated me like crap and made one excuse after the other to have a whole group of people hate me. I think someone wanted to get some other group mad enough at me that they did a job on me so the U.S. wouldn't have to bear the responsibility. And they act like I'M a problem or later even treat me like I'm a spy when they already know I never have been. They've watched me my whole life and already know and they play games for money and favors from others.

It's like something being latent for years, and then a big excuse comes up and they zero in on it and stir it up and HOPE something happens so they don't get figured out themselves.

My son Oliver Garrett wants his mother.

My mom tells me what she has to tell me and says I have to say certain things, but I don't have to lie about being tortured. Someone just needs to quit.

Leave me and my son alone and return my son to me, and let me live my life and quit obstructing my right to freedom to live my life.

If I am related to Edward Howard, I'm finding out about all kinds of motive.

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