Sunday, September 25, 2011

Check On My Parents Now

Someone outside of my parent's normal church group needs to check on them now. I have been having a very bad feeling ever since they both left to go there and they wouldn't allow me to go with.

When they were at church this morning, things seemed to be good, or there was a good feeling or at least I sensed this for some reason, but not right now. And right now it's a smaller group and I think they need to be checked on.

Probably my brother as well, needs to be checked on.

They just got home after I wrote this. I felt a little better, but still sad and just started crying. They asked why and I wouldn't say and then said it was over what they're doing to us with some kind of torture regime. For some weird reason when any of us try to talk, me, my mom and dad, there is something wrong with our throats or voices right now. I don't know what except that possibly it's the level of torture. Because I'm not eating anything my parents eat and watch my food and super careful and I don't drink their water or drinks either. The level of torture has been severe though. Maybe that's it. I don't know.

Then I wanted to sleep over there and was told to get out, my Dad wasn't in a good mood but kept saying "get out" and I wanted to stay there. I think its because he just got back from being tortured with the severe kind that causes short temperedness.

Also, the U.S. has been using a particularly mean form of research involving torturing people while they sleep and trying to "send" thoughts and ideas while someone is sleeping. They do it at night, and also attempt to read the dream you had, with technology (see link) and also other ways. They don't even care about being particularly secretive about it for some reason. The research is, and the military aspect is secret, but they attempt to prompt people by using regular people or getting a couple of fringe workers to convince to try to read or anticipate what was sent and if it was received. To do this, they use damaging technology and attempt to use this state of mind, of being tortured and having your brain affected, to plant thoughts, dreams, and ideas. It's cruel because they don't just send the idea or try to send the idea. They torture.

And for some reason, it appears they are keen on keeping things top secret from the general public so they disbelieve it, but not with the rich or connected corrupt. They pass out the info to their friends teens and 20 somethings, to act as monitors. I am totally serious. And they pass it off as a game of psychic ability or betting when it's really military behind it.

I just want my son back. I told this guy today, after explaining myself, and that was the best part or most open part, that it comes down to just calling it even and please return my son. I figured out it was U.S. funded on my own, and after way too many hints from TONS of people. I mean, many, many people did try to give me hints: total strangers to friends I guess, and even with the smallest hints, I couldn't believe it. I just went back and forth in disbelief--it's not possible my own country is doing this. It crossed my mind all the time, but I rejected the idea constantly. It was literally not until I was in Knoxville, TN that I realized...wait, this is not just government people approaching me and coming up to me, they are literally torturing me and know it and then calling me a liar for calling 911 for emergency and transporting me to a U.S. govt. owned facility to do research. That's when I realized, these are paid U.S. employees, doing this on U.S. govt. property. Probably it was someone who just hated me and used their top friend to access the controls for torturing us, and later making an excuse for it. But I had thought it was just mafia at first. Because of the vandalisms and escalation. And then, it was all happening and I realized, no, this is govt. I realized, someone in gangs or the mob contacted a friend who could give the go ahead, but it still came back to U.S.

I just want my son back.

I can't sleep at night because of this dream experimentation they have going and probaby that's part of what's done to my parents too and then my son, yeah, I'm sure it's happening to him. He is only a child. That was another thing...I saw evidence of assault on his body and wondered and it was always a govt. employee covering it up, not like my family was doing this, and then the day I saw evidence of hypnosis, was the day I knew...this is bad. And what mafia cares about hypnotising kids? they don't. that's govt. stuff.

I like this link too. It sounds far fetched, but it talks about sleep and dream deprivation for research. My parents dark circles are not from this though...they are not natural under the eye circles, they're different and you can tell. My parents were really tortured and are being tortured.

I'm almost started to suspect FBI with military back up or something. It's not normal what's happening, like people want to torture us MORE if we talk about U.S. complicity in torturing us at all?

But yeah, most of the info is actually true or close to true.

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