Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Someone Beat My Mother

Not only does my mom have this long scar from a cut on her face, I just noticed today that her nose is different.

Someone totally beat my mom. Maybe at different times. Her nose is crooked or over to one side more now. It wasn't before and now it is.

What happens? I have the U.S. govt. deliberately keeping me out of sight of my parents and I come back to find out they've been beated and are still tortured.

They just now did something they were told to do. It is totally mafia and corporate mafia and the U.S. higher end officials are backing it.

They just did this back and forth thing of telling me I could print something and then telling me no and then telling me yes and then telling me no and then telling me yes with no time left to do it and then telling me no.

They were jerking me around. Repeatedly, and that is what my worst enemies have done and that's exactly what kind of thing they would force my parents to do.

They were forced to drug me since I've been here, and it wasn't as bad as in TN, but it was done and it was bad enough that I had the same kind of marks on my backside. Then, my employer refused to pay me.

They refused to pay me. They know I need the money and they deliberately refused to pay me and then some group told my parents to try to upset me by jerking me around and telling me yes and then no over and over. Which is what they did with promising to pay for a private attorney for this case with my son too. And it's not like them. I was talking to some Navy military lawyer and he backed down on even helping me and then my parents were refusing to pay for a private attorney after that, after they promised.

They wouldn't do this unless there was a group torturing them to do this.

I am so getting the UN involved on the U.S. ass.

They have treated my family even worse than they treated the Iranian prisoner who was forced to have everything look normal and do whatever the CIA wanted. No one has even explained to me why my mom's face was cut up and all I know is that the U.S. covered up for my son's face being cut up too.

And the victims have all been forced to lie, upon threat of worse torture.

I am contacting the International Red Cross about black sites along with other agencies. The U.S. has been using my parents for research and forced them to work for them. And some other group has also used them, under threat of jail if they don't.

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