Thursday, September 8, 2011

Take On Obama's Speech

He got a haircut. Obama did. Like, I haven't been following him at all, or looking at any news for a week and it looks like it was cut today. So hi Potipher. I am hoping a Joseph cleared some things up for you, because the "jolts" I'm getting over here, are from your military and the failure of the FBI to investigate anything.

Obama came across much better than in the past when he looked worn out and sounded like he was being drugged. Or caused to second guess everything he's done in life.

I would agree, we "need help". But how about you stop the torture of me, my son, and family, and then I'll look forward to having a normal job.

My take, first glimpse, and not trying to "get anything" on anyone, was that Biden's having an affair. I am probably totally wrong, and no way will I say I got that as an image or impression, because it was just an idea that flashed up. Affair. I don't know. I looked at his face and I swear to you, I was not trying to have any thought at all, and what came up was affair. This is the least of my concerns, by the way. Although, if he is, it might be interesting to know who is yanking his chain. Again, wife, don't take me at my word because I do not know. I had no impression. It was not like seeing Obama's femur. It was just a thought. The other guy, looked like somene had jack-hammered him into his chair. While Biden was jumping for joy, the other guy looked like he had been sat on by about 10 sumo wrestlers and then they fed him a bunch of beans and told him not to fart.

I couldn't believe it. I knew one of them would end up wearing some kind of mesh style tie. And it was the "do not fart on mic" one. Whoever he is. Whoever he is, he has a good psychic shield up. Harder to read than Biden.

I think it was good that Obama took a vacation. He clearly needed it, because he was dragging in speeches and getting caught looking worn down all the time, or fumbling his words up all over the place. If I found out he was being tortured personally and that's why, that might be an interesting story. "President tortured to say what they want."

Why are we doing the pink, blue, purple tie scheme with the little Kate Middleton arrow markers on the side theme? with the flag hanging like the one for the European Recovery program?

It reminded of my son, after being tortured, trying to play and visit with me, with the 3 little ponies that someone horrific had used for mind control and to terrorize him with. I hated those ponies and horses, because I knew someone like Steve May or some sicko was involved in using my son. I want my son OUT of there and that means, give him back to me.

Why does someone want me to look up Merchants of Venice.

I read of a deadly bond or contract or agreement and that's the only part that makes sense to me and to that I say FIE.

Fie on the person who dares extort from anyone something they are never legally allowed to take in the first place. There is a greater contract and it is The Constitution of the United States of America.

Time for you to annul.

That's a word I got all morning today. Someone talking over and over about an annulment. I mean, on and on. Anull. Anullment. Someone needing an annulment to a marriage.

And as for any deadly bond or contract, it was never valid to start with. It was written on bad paper. Is that paper acid-free? It wasn't paper at all was it. Someone just thought they'd generate up other papers in support of an illegal verbal contract. Break it and if you have papers to tear up, tear them.

You must destroy any illegal contract and be free of any illegal bond that violates the Constitution. And anyone following through as an actor to such contracts of harm, needs to refuse to take part, or end up looking for political asylum in another country as a former hired assassin and torturer.j

You made a contract with the devil and this isn't the book of Job.

Or "Jobs"

What exactly are you talking about anyway? Job or jobs?

By the way, this is supposed to be America, and any show of friendly to another country, by using their colors, symbols, or distorting the U.S. message with any kind of circus show, is doing exactly what you said you didn't want: a circus. So if you don't want a political circus, you'd better stop pandering to the interests and demands of other countries and start treating your own citizens with some respect.

And if that means kicking out the mobsters that like the circus, or talking about the torture they have put you through, mabye the American people need to hear about how leaders get tortured if they don't do what others want them to do. Then maybe you'll have the people backing you more than the corrupt buffoons who try to buy and bribe people into horrible situations.

Someone has some kind of horrible marriage deal they need to annul and GET OUT OF. And I don't know if that's in the U.S. or the UK or some other country or what, but ANNUL and save yourself and your own dignity and possibly your country.

I just looked up annulment because I don't know how many things it can apply to and it sounds like a mainly Catholic thing but maybe it's also Anglican, and actually, maybe any law or state recognizes annulments for certain reasons. It's annul. Not divorce. Annul.

And the difference is: divorce is the breaking of a contract while annullment is being freed from a contract that was never valid in the first place.

There's a lot of legal stuff about annulment of contract too, I'm finding now.

Annulment of contract based on intimidation and threat (to be brought within 4 years of illegal sale or contract):

Oh. That's Phillipine law. ahem. Moving onto America.

How funny, because the nightshirt I wear almost every night to bed, says "Intimates" (made in Phillipines). So I'm leaving the Phillipino law for good measure.


This Phillipine case is kind of interesting because it's about a President being intimidated to make a contract and how this is null and void.

Annulment of marriage can be done for fraud. If someone lies about their religion even, this constitutes fraud. I would think politics or allegiance is very similiar to religion for grounds for divorce. Lying about anything is cause. Whole bunch of grounds. Other things that can be annulled, are illegal contracts officials might be forced into. If the Phillipines has such a law, I'm sure the U.S. has laws to help a President out of a bad contract, or any other country leader. And then it looks like there is your basic mortgage or other property annulment of contract law. You can annul international treaties even, or contracts.

There are laws and provisos.

It is possible to annul and whoever was thinking so much about it this morning might want to seriously take it up. I mean, what was this never-ending conversation about annulment about anyway? Someone was either thinking about it, in great depth, or discussing it, or researching it, and maybe you should do it.

Others who weren't thiinking about annulment, who need to make that decision, need to do it.

And anyone who has entered into any kind of slave-bondage agreement to have others tortured or put into a death bond or any kind of illegal deprivation, needs to look at the validity of that contract and nix it.

If it's FRAUD or intimidation of any kind, even a political leader with the highest position in the country can get out of it.

Go get your business back. Get the one you really wanted back. Get your life back. Get your integrity back. Get your property back. Get your country back. Don't allow anyone to say, "We made a deal" if it was illegal to begin with. And if there are kids involved in your marriage and it's a sham marriage and you found fraud, do you really want to raise your kids in that? If you found fraud enough to annul you can get your custody too.

And maybe I should look at annulment law for some reason, because I have no clue how it might matter to me personally. I know that I never married anyone, so that's not an issue, but maybe annulment on another level. I voided a license for marriage before it was even in the system, but the woman told me she had to enter it first and then void it and return my check for the license. And it wasn't a marriage. It was only a permit for a marriage that I decided not to have so I cancelled even the permit. I was never, ever, married. I was never even permitted or licensed to be married because it was cancelled 5 minutes after it was signed. I had a bad feeling, like someone was attempting to entrap me in something and not necessarily even my fiance, but something was going to backfire (instead, they tried to take my dignity bc I didn't do what they wanted didn't they--and if they'd do that, how bad would it have been to have done what they wanted? good people and good plans don't result in torture if you don't go along. Not only that, I had a bad feeling about someone in NY or just taking off to another country. I had a feeling someone wanted to kill me and not just get me out of the way or entrap me. How good are the people you're dealing with, if they put you and a child up to torture? so I'm going to do what criminals torturers wanted? hmm. and then I don't and they get to take my life and dignity? hmmm.. It was better to have trusted perhaps and then "maybe you and your son would be together...So it's that or torture? those are my options? why did I have the sneaky suspicion that someone had more in store for me than I, death or some bad entrapment scheme hidden from others).

But like I said, maybe there is some other application to an annulment that I need to look into.

Some of the first people harassing me were Philipino monks for Mt. Angel. They were Br. Ansgars' student and they thought I had insulted him. Then, on Bainbridge Island I had a really weird experience with this woman who tortured me and I said who is this? looking at a photo and she said it was her son? or husband? and they had been a Philipino priest. I thought it was strange that this same woman (white) had a philipino connection when way back when I had harassment by a whole flock of them (ones who were here for studies). But, I think I have a couple of friends who married philipinos too. Good people. And the politics are interesting, with the ousting of a President and the new politics around 2001.

Do me a favor, and get out of it. Get out of whatever it is I am supposed to be writing on this post this evening.

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