Saturday, September 17, 2011

Torture by U.S. at Night

Last night I didn't notice anything, but the night before I was tortured with some kind of technology as I slept. I woke up from it. I woke up, because of it. I could feel it and it was causing a whole section of my body to twitch with benign fasciculations. It wasn't health problems. It was military.

Last night I didn't notice anything like that.

Not only that, they have been jamming my technology at my place repeatedly. I don't know if they're just testing things out or what, but they have repeatedly turned off my heaters when I had heaters on that are supposed to run consistently. They don't turn off because they're overheating or I put it on the wrong setting. They are being turned off and then I try to turn it back on and they won't turn on.

I guess the U.S. military is friends with people from the Bullivant firm. They try to make one thing that was done by civilians, later look like it was all military or sanctioned when it wasn't.

When I try to turn it on and it's off, I have even gone to a different outlet and then it sometimes restarts. But most of the time, it doesn't and stays off until some other date when I'm able to use it. It's jamming by the military.

The other thing they've done is to jam my computer keys on the keyboard. It isn't a problem with my laptop being old or run down. All the keys work and then if someone wants to jam one, they shut off the ability for the keystroke to register for typing on the screen. So, one minute they will try shutting off my l, f, p, s, r, a, it doesn't matter what key. They have done this before and it's like the Trojan program where they know your keystrokes...well in this case, they've tried to control which keystrokes will register.

If it were just the computer thing, I would think anyone could possibly do that. But not the other stuff, and the combination points directly at the U.S. Army, military, and CIA. Like I've said, they've had mafia and others who hate me, utilize the friends they know in high places to do favors for them under a cover of U.S. authorization, even if "top secret" and it's not even about that. My enemies made excuses for using the government to help them acheive what they want.

And that is what they've done with even my college and attempts to influence my education or ability to have money or have a streamlined education.

I was then using a different heater and with that one the military was using it to do other things. I am not kidding.

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