Friday, September 30, 2011

My Parents: MK-Ultra Victims of Military & CIA

That's it.

I am tired of seeing my parents come home every day with some new mark of torture on their bodies. If they want to lie and say nothing is happening, they can go ahead and lie while their enemies force them to pretend to be "friends" and use them.

My Mom and Dad knew exactly why the U.S. took my son Oliver Garrett.

They used me and my brother in research for the United States, and they've been using my Mom and Dad for decades, since they were kids.

Someone found out, and started blackmailing them, or it was just that power changed hands and some group in the U.S., CIA and military, had my parents stand to the side as tell them to do whatever they wanted them to do.

The Catholic church and some of the Jewish DID want revenge. Mossad is most likely part of the reason Diana is dead, and I don't necessarily think it's the Israeli branch as much as their CIA connections in the U.S.

All of these people swarming around me at church, at work, at my house, and at college, after 1997, were Jewish. Some Catholics hated me from 1990, over this Robin Bechtold, at least his mom did, and then I had a lot of problems. Canada was always on our tail for some reason too, because I can think of different Canadians for some odd reason, that were in the periphery, but I didn't know why. I think Canada is great, parts of it. The other parts are still prejudiced against Protestants and did favors for the Catholic church and reform jews that had a problem with me.

My Mom and Dad have been used, by the federal government, since they were children. Someone figured it out and killed their firstborn child. Then, they decided to possibly assault me when I was a baby. They've used force and torture to control my family and these things started in Washington state, which is why MY son should NOT be there.

Patty's nothing new. She's part of the continuum from the 70s. She's been working for the same people since the 1970s and then added on a new line of credit. She's a horrible, horrible, person and she is someone who tried to sidle up to my mother and then told my Mom not to have anything to do with me, just like Barb Greenman did. Probably, because they guessed or knew, with their sick jewish friends, that I would be the one to expose them for what they are.

All that the U.S. military cares about is their own bottom line. They don't care about anyone else. They don't care about mothers and babies and they don't care about the people they've used in research since the 1950s.

Why would the U.S. care about ME and Oliver Garrett when they hold hundreds of Taliban and Al-Quada in detention centers for human medical experimentation? The jewish community aren't speaking out against it. Where's the big jewish rally call against "torture"? It's not there. Why? because torture done to THEM is "bad" and torture done to the Muslims or people who want to occupy Israel, is "good". They justify torture just to keep their territory, and it doesn't matter if it's right or wrong.

Which is why they bumped off Princess Diana and moved Kate and the Middletons into the house. It had nothing to do with Camilla, if you ask me. Camilla was always there and she wasn't going to go away. They had the Middletons lined up and the Middletons are connected to the Goldsmiths and the jewish side and as for Catholic stuff, I really don't know. All I know is that all of a sudden, there was some big "peace pow-wow" with the ushering in of the Middletons, so there is likely to be something there as well.

I don't think Diana had many, if any, real friends. She had people to laugh and talk with, but were they really friends? She felt sorry for Queen Elizabeth and thought she had no friends and really, the Queen just faced the facts straight on, which is what I have to do, and say, "fuck 'em".

The problem is, it's easier to say that when you're in a better position than I am. But at least the Queen knew, there is really no point to making friends when you can't trust anyone. Diana had this tag-a-long group that just wanted to pomp up their own appearances. Not ONE of the "friends" Diana had, ever did anything responsible with the "dossier" Diana gave them. I don't think she only gave it to Simone. If I were Diana, I would have given copies to more than one person and made it confidential. I wouldn't entrust something to just one person, a crackpot psychic, to be the keeper. Was Simone her best friend even? So, why have we not heard a peep from Brazil and Goldsmith about any dossier? they claimed they never got one? just the crackpot psychic gets the "Government Dossier." Diana was not a total idiot. Some of her so-called friends are lying.

Not all of the "gays" are good either. I met some very, very mean ones in Tennessee, with ulterior motives. Who they worked for, I don't know.

If Diana fired her entire staff and thought the police there, or government in UK, was "corrupt" they probably were. Just like when I say the government in the US is "corrupt", the U.S. continues to make my own point.

A corrupt government tortures people in their own country for no other reason than jealousy and pride.

The United States deliberately allowed me and my son to be tortured. It is THEIR responsiblity and they are accountable for what is happening. They let some horrible and cruel people who decided they hated me and my family, to turn an old "research program" into a maccabre plot of revenge, blackmail, and experimentation and torture of us.

To the public, the U.S. citizen thinks it's not possible in the U.S. They think harassment or revenge is possible, but they don't think mothers and babies get tortured by the military and CIA. Not in America--that's what we do to others, in the middle east or elsewhere, if it happens.

What they fail to notice, is that if you have enough people from the U.S. who have enough sadism to repeatedly torture others in other countries, it's all flesh and bones to them.

They don't distinguish between Grade U.S.A. Flesh & Bones and Grade Middle East Flesh & Bones. What they see, is a depersonalized body or target zone and they think nothing different about torturing U.S. flesh than they do any other kind.

If you like to fish, and you don't feel sorry for the fish if they're snapper, why would you feel differently about rainbow trout?

You don't. It's all fish to you. One suffering gaping mouth belonging to a trout doesn't make you reconsider after you've been killing and watching snappers gasp for air for years.

If someone says they want to do research in the U.S. in the same way it's done in detention centers or elsewhere, is it really that hard to find recruits? No, it's not.

They've seen plenty of women and children killed before and did nothing. Kept their mouths shut, so why would they speak up for Cameo and Oliver Garrett or her parents who live in the U.S.? They don't care. They don't see real people and they don't think about anything other than their paycheck and promoting their own families.

I've been reporting evidence, physical evidence of torture, and posted a few photos to prove it, just some of it, and what has been done?

I have tried to save my own son, and what did the U.S. do? Spend billions covering up their crimes. They have no legal grounds for keeping my son. At all. How much money has been spent making a cop out with a fraudulent CPS case? where the State and government has carefully assigned specific attorneys to my case, and paid them off to have the record bare and then lose.

Meanwhile, the U.S. imagines, with great delusion, that the "bond is broken" and no harm now is done. They are torturing my son. Or they think that I will skip the country and they can follow me around and try to spy through me (not with my consent) or use me somewhere else. I had someone tell me the entire reason the U.S. government decided to let me go back to live near my parents was because, "They want you to write a book."

If they want me to write a book, they only want me to write things from their side and they would never publish it or give me any money here. So it seems like what they really want, is for someone else to document U.S. military experiments for them and not pay me and then, of course, to then steal what I write, just as they stole my medical records and everything else. Then they could claim it was just my "crazy" testimony and writing and they don't have to admit it's documentation of military and U.S. government research.

The other way they get around getting what they want, is to have visitation monitors like Anne Crane, pretending to just be with CPS and nothing else. They get her to be able to document things like my interactions with my son after they tortured us both separately and wanted to see how we'd interact together.

It is the United States.

The United States took liberties to research my family and then when I made a few people mad, those people took advantage of this, and got their friends in charge and then tried to obliterate us.

I want my son back. My parents really didn't seem to care very much if I had my son with me or not, when I was first back here. They acted like no big deal, but then even worse happened and has probably been happening for my son.

Whoever tells my aunt to write email to me, has her writing things she would never write and Pablo wouldn't tell her to write this stuff either. It's things I talked about back in Oregon, when I was in litigation. They're now having my aunt write to say my son doesn't know any names of friends in school, and that his favorite class is P.E. That's not my son, and that's not what my aunt would write either. It's what someone like Chris Rozollo, or Goodman, would tell my aunt to write, or a kid or a gangster, trying to make my son sound dumb. And Goodman is not good. And neither was anything that happened last week.

Someone needs to sit down and talk about handing my son back over to me.

And by the way, Patty is completely tied to U.S. government and I was writing about her last night and started to write something out and then she called this morning and said something to my mother that had to do with it, which she wouldn't know unless a friend of hers monitored what I wrote on my blog in the middle of my writing it, before it is ever published.

The U.S. federal government is the responsible party for the torture of me and my son. It was their technology when we lived in East Wenatchee, and it is why I sounded crazy when I wasn't. They used this as an excuse to take my child from me. No one else does that. It was the U.S. and they knew about it and that's why they didn't want me to have any analysis done at their military labratories. They deprived me of my only son and wouldn't even do testing of what had happened.

It's like what they did in Knoxville, TN. They tortured me, and knew I was being tortured, and then when I called 911, instead of helping me, they threw me into a detention center, and THEY lied, and said I made an improper call. They then used this to their advantage to do research on me, in the detention center.

They lied about not having anything to do with torturing me and my son in East Wenatchee and did the same thing...blamed ME, knowing I wasn't mentally ill and that I was not to blame, and then they STOLE my SON from me and started using him for research and used me separately.

It's the exact same thing.

The U.S. has shown everyone that it thinks it can just randomly torture any given family, and then use this as an opportunity to take children away or the victims, and use them for even more research. It's a crime and they have been getting away with it because they are doing this by using the name of the United States in vain, for their cover.

They ruined my Dad's hands recently, knowing he uses them to play piano and play guitar, one thing he enjoys The U.S. already ruined my voice, knowing I could sing well and had a beautiful voice and that I liked singing.

They are destroying my family.

My mother had nothing wrong with her facial skin and then recently, they've been torturing her so her skin around her eyes will never be the same. My body has laser marks all over, courtesy of the U.S. My son and my mother, I've both witnessed them being forced to remove evidence of torture and forced to lie, or be tortured worse.

My aunt won't even tell me if my son's daycare provider is a protestant christian or not and if she's not telling me, then it means the provider is not. It means CPS forced my aunt to place my son in the home of someone whose religion is not my own. I have been very specific about my wishes for my son's upbringing and everything I would do for my son, has been undone and then they try to psychologically harm me by forcing my aunt to send email that makes my son sound like he doesn't remember any names.

My mom and dad have come home and sounded drugged, in the last few weeks, on a couple of occasions. Not like they were doing drugs, but like they'd been given Haldol or some other drug and haven't been themselves.

The U.S. military gave me all kinds of drugs and medications and allowed others to dope me up so it was impossible for me to attend to any of my college or legal matters. They weren't doing "new research". They already knew what the effects of these drugs were. They already knew what Haldol does, and already knew what effects other drugs would have on me and how I wouldn't be able to defend myself.

So it wasn't even an excuse of "new research". They just targeted me, with old techniques they already knew worked so they could protect their friends from having to deal with my paper defense for my case, and to steal my son from me.

Last night I wasn't even allowed to see what condition my parents were in. I was just told, "GET OUT!" when I was in for a short while and I didn't get to really see how they were doing. I don't think they were in very good moods.

I think the U.S. is trying to break my parents down to have them go crazy or is trying to make them self-destruct. All they've done is torture their own daughter before their eyes, torture them individually and show them no one will help them, and they've tortured my son and let my parents know about it.

I was in the house today and looked at a box that is my mother's and she used to keep jewelry on the top and important documents about genealogy on the bottom. I think it was this box, but it might have been a different one, but I think this one is it. It's cream colored and has gold etchings of a fleur d'lis, a lion pawing while standing on back legs, and a crown. Three different symbols and then the inside is a cornflower or powder blue. Sort of a french blue. Very pretty. She's had it ever since she was a teenager and I was a little girl. The top drawer had jewelry and then you removed the top part and underneath it was a bunch of papers and old black and white photos of Granny and Grandpa and even older photos than that. The last time I saw the genealogy papers and the photos, was when I lived in Moses Lake, Washington or even earlier.

I sat on the bed and looked at everything and asked what the papers were about and it was a detailed account of our geneaology and some important people we were related to. It had the information about Lady Godifya, and George Washington, and the native american ancestry, all of it, and how much of each thing and where each person was from. And then it disappeared, along with a diary from my great-great-great grandmother McQuery/McQuarry.

The last two days when I've gone out to see my Dad, all these horrible people have driven by and making terrible comments and making fun of me and my family, my Dad even, as a dog. And then I looked in this box and in the compartment where the papers and photos used to be, were matchbooks my mother would never buy for herself or pick out. I know my mother, and I know what kinds of things she'd buy for herself, and she would never purchase these items that were there unless she was being coerced and told to, and then told what to do with them.

They were matchbooks of dogs, and dog pins and things. Like, the joke was that someone stole my mother's genealogy papers and forced her to put things about dogs there instead. And then there was one, that I knew someone terrible picked out and it was of a man with another man hammering over the shoe saying, "I'll MAKE it fit!" like someone was forcing a shoe onto someone and being cruel. My mother would never choose this. And my Dad wouldn't think it's funny either. Neither of them has that kind of taste.

What's even worse, is that aside from taking away papers, diaries and photos that were important, and replacing it with mockery with dogs and some kind of characteture of a cinderella slipper, is that when I was visiting my son in Wenatchee, people there were forcing him to wear shoes that didn't fit him. They forced my aunt to do it and then Anne Crane, this Catholic visitation monitor, was putting my son's shoes on him backwards too.

They've made fun of my family and gotten away with torture.

I realized, someone has been stealing from my Mom and Dad since Moses Lake, Washington, at least, because that's when the diary disappeared, and the contents of the box. And we didn't leave Moses Lake, WA until I was 15 years old and some Canadian family moved in at the same time we were moving out. I was 13 years old when I found the diary. Then it disappeared, and then we moved when I was 15.

The box is cream colored, with the 3 different symbols, and then it's criss-crossed in a diamond pattern in gold.

When I went to Patty's car the other day, when she dared to drive over here after I reported her for harming my mother, I only looked in on her side. I didn't see what she was showing my mom that bothered my mom so much. So I went back out to look and see what my Mother was looking at from that angle and it was a huge bag of dogfood called "Diamond Dog" and then a bag next to it with a shoe poking out, like a ballet slipper style. I don't know what the rest of the contents were. However, it seems to me that Patty's knows what's in the box that belongs to my mother, what's there now. She was certaintly the one with my mother when my mother went for a "day away" with Patty and bought corn cob holders that look like dildos, which my mother would never, ever, buy. She put them on the ear of corn she was forced to buy, after her eyes had been lasered and were glazed with shock, and I later found out the brand she'd been told to buy was called "Super Sweet". Super sweet, just like Debbie Sweetwater-Burt, accomplice. As sweet as what Kathy Hathaway brings for my mother to drink.

What's becoming obvious, is that Patty has been through all of my mother's things (as a friend, right) and then has allowed others to socially mock my mother while she and her friends play games and then torment us all.

She's not a good person. She's not. Nothing will ever, ever, convince me otherwise. I don't care if someone told me she has never been catholic, has no one jewish in her family, and is straight out of generations of protestants. If that were the case, I would say after knowing someone like her, I can fully understand why someone wouldn't want to have anything to do with christians, if people like Patty were their first experiences of meeting one. She's hiding something though. More than I know, but she is definitely hiding more than my parents even know.

This diary disappeared when I was 13 years old. I saw it when I was 13 and read it, and remembered everything and it's what inspired me to keep a diary myself. But it was only a few weeks later, after telling people about it, about this diary I'd found, that it disappeared. My mom said it was put away somewhere else but for some reason I knew it was gone. And it never resurfaced, ever. I had sort of made fun of it, laughing and saying how she shot a lot of rabbit, and game and things, and I remembered I looked over at my Mom and her feelings were sort of hurt because it was part of our heritage, the Irish part. (I used to think Scottish but it was maybe Irish because she wrote about the Irish in Wenatchee later and maybe she was Irish, not sure). But then I wanted to see it again and it was gone and no one ever saw it again. It was the first time I ever remember anything significant disappearing into thin air, that belonged to our family. My mom kept saying she had put it up or somewhere else but I knew it wasn't true and then it never showed up. She wouldn't show it to me because it was gone.

My mother showed up at the house after being with Patty and Patty's friend, and they had tea I guess (supposedly) and talked. My mother was apparently given a couple of magazines, one "simple and delicious" and the other with a tag from "Carole Campbell".

I think maybe someone didn't like what I saw about the man being shot in the back. Y'think? because my mother's eyes got lasered around that time. Right after I said this. And then my mom came home and licked her fingers, which she never does. That's clearly something someone has instructed my mom to do because it's nothing she's ever done as long as I've known her.

I asked God to show me something about Patty and I'm sure He will, in time. One thing I got, was Patty leaning over someone, behind them, with her hands on their head or neck, and I think they were throwing up. She looked mean and she was standing behind the person, not in front, and they were on their knees or bent over or something.

She's getting protection from corrupt police here. Any officer here who says he knows my parents, is not someone I trust. If he knows my parents, he wanted to get close to them and just they are left to be tortured. So what's the motive in knowing my parents at all?

I also realized the mean woman's face I kept seeing, that looked like Christine Gregoire might be either her, or Patty. When Patty had her sunglasses on and was driving up the drive, and smirking at me as she left my mother with dark eyes again, I thought, "That's the face".

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