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Corrections, Time Warner, and Torture

I have a correction. It wasn't Amy Jones. It was Amy Nelson. I mentioned a woman my boyfriend (Robin Bechtold) lost his virginity to, since I wouldn't have anything to do with the venture. I wrote that her name was Amy Jones, but it's not...Last name is Nelson.

I decided to look up CNNs officers today, because increasingly, they put up little clips for their ads that are like something out of a Logan's nightmare. Little ideas based on things I've written about or talked to with others over the last few days.

So since it sort of took this nasty or attempting-to-be-invasive turn, I wanted to know who is on the Board. I am figuring out a little bit about Fox News at least, so I wanted to see why the odd clips by Time Warner.

All you have to do is look at their line-up to see they're owned by the U.S. government. I mean basically. That, and a few rich and connected investors that bought seats around the table. The weirdest one to see was that the U.S. former Attorney General is on their board.


Since when do U.S. Attorney Generals, who work in close connection to The White House, take high paying jobs with a major media outlet? It's like what I've read about congressional or senate aids, who put in a little time for the White House or at lower paying jobs, and they pick and choose to do favors for the most monied corporations, knowing when they get out of their work in "public service", there are lucrative offers waiting.

I'm looking at Eric Holder's office now, and wondering what he has planned for himself when he's out of his job.

Also on the board is the CEO or former CEO of Hilton chains. What. I throw out my Hilton pens after realizing, yeah, I had a lot of their employees torture me in TN and TX when I went in, and news takes a dive on my family?

And then it was like a CIA line-up, with the Harvard guy here, and then the Levin line-up there.

Then I go to the BBC and it's sort of slicker. More discreet, but more of the same really and the courage on how far to go with them, Ive noticed, is always commensurate with how worried they are about what I might write. They had some really nasty thing there for awhile, mockery, and then I started talking about the MI5 people, the Colombian and british guy, and things about the Middletons, and it quit.

Today they have an article about schitzophrenia. Like they've ever cared to put that on their front page before. "The link between epilepsy and schitzophrenia" vs "The link between torture and epileptic black outs followed by defamation to excuse the torture."

That song, "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" comes to mind.

What are they afraid of? The outing of a Colombian man they knew for not having altogether altruistic intentions when he was instructing me to destroy evidence and lie about being tortured? If they're involved, why might they have wanted me to sound crazy too, or as if it never happened. Who would they set me up with?

They're getting scared, because I mentioned UK in my hotel before meeting him and then when I was taken to the Colombian's houses, it was a big London theme. London and England on their walls.

I always hoped I had friends. That my suffering son and my parents had someone trying to help. But they didn't care when I was left, all of us were left, to be tortured repeatedly and even used people like Steve May as their mascot. They allowed horrendous things, unspeakable cruelty to children, and never spoke up about it.

It seems to me that someone got their UK psychics to figure out how to get rid of me and used FBI and London to do it. And then they put $500 Euros in Osama's lining to try to match what I'd done as if I was connected to HIM or for some kind of sick game and had this English man sitting around at the bar at Logan's knowing what was happening to me, and they think I'm going to London?

The invitation came just as the U.S. RUSHED my passport out to me, having tried to block my normal options in this country first. Then they torture us all more, and me more, I guess with the idea that "She has her passport. She'll leave if we make it bad enough."

I'm not leaving my family and son when you're torturing them.

And some who thought they had friends working with them only had people who were taking advantage of a situation to work things out to another group's benefit.

As far as I know, I might be wrong, this "Chris Rozollo" was Jewish, not catholic. He said he was Catholic, and like I said, I could be wrong...however, when he said this, I sensed a check like "No, not catholic. Jewish." And he used technology on me and had a whole gang in Wenatchee to make fun of me while I was tortured and then tells me not to ask for miracles because I might get what I ask for.

I think my faith in God is stronger than theirs, because the only reason I didn't EVER ask for certain things, was not because Rozollo's saying I might get it, but because I already know what my God can do. Despite all of their torture and defamation. Some may have thought I was trying to pursue something, but if I had been, why didn't I pray for it then? I didn't, because that's not been my agenda and I allow my life to unfold naturally, unlike my enemies. I don't ask God for things that I know God can give to me at any given moment if He wants to and I don't pray "out of order" or with selfish, greedy, or political purposes.

Why don't you all ask all of the psychics and prophets and find out for yourselves if I ever prayed for such things.

I have prayed for my son to be returned to me. And the only reason he hasn't been, is because of people at the top, pulling strings as they've done almost my whole life, to keep me down and keep my son down.

I prayed for what I want. I prayed for my son to be returned to me by the U.S. So why tell me to pray for something else, as if you're hoping I'll start and then people will try to use it against me? And if you know all I pray about is safety and for my family and son, then why make it sound like I should pray for some other kind of miracle, as if my miracle is misplaced?

It's not a "miracle" to have my son returned to me. And anyone who says it's "impossible" is someone who never wanted my son with me to begin with. Why make such a normal RIGHT something that's a miracle?

It's like saying, "It will be a miracle if you eat tomorrow." Here I am living in America, and I'm being told it's a miracle if I eat tomorrow. Are you OUT of your MIND. "If you find housing, it will be a miracle" and there are shelters all around, at bare minimum. "If the U.S. allows you to keep clippings of your own toenails, it's a miracle." "If the U.S. lets you have anymore kids, it's a miracle." "It will be a miracle if you're wearing shoes tomorrow," and I have shoes sitting in my closet but someone came over and padlocked my shoes and then says, "You have to FIGHT for it!"

"It's impossible for you to get your son." Really, because you say so, FBI and UK evidence destroyer?

How is it so impossible for you to tell the truth about what's happening to me? What love. Talk about L-O-V-E. Stealing my coat back after you screwed me over and my whole family over, with international help.

So I guess the idea was to put a big drumroll up next to the clock, and tell me to pray for what I want and I'll get it or don't pray for miracles because you might get what you want.

The thing is, I don't need "miracles" of the sort you wanted others to believe I pursued. I prayed for my protected rights. And any kind of miracle that I prayed for, was, I felt, more likely to happen than accessing my protected rights. And still, I didn't pray for it. I think that since I got upset about being targeted for torture, someone wanted to lie and say my motive was to ruin a relationship. If so, in my intimate prayers to God then, why did I never ask for anything of the like or sort. EVER. And really, there was a time when I did feel that this was even more possible than the U.S. doing the normal thing and not torturing us and returning my son. And I still didn't pray for it. I didn't have a little poster on my wall from some idea pushed on me.

Who stole my coat? a jewish guy. He stole my coat after a jewish woman allowed others to steal my silk blouse and other belongings. And by the way, yes, I've said and written things that look divisive or like my motives are wrong, but's normal for someone to be livid over being tortured by others and then finding out it has something to do with the Middletons. That doesn't make me someone with ulterior motives. It means I have a right to be disgusted, outraged, livid, and to attack, when I find out that even if I had no intentions and never even knew what was going realize that's what some of this is about, is cause for being angry. If it looks like I take it out on Kate, or look hateful, that's because I know what's happened to me and my son and it's not possible without help from her family's supporters--therefore, I know they are connected to criminals.

It really doesn't look so good. And then you start to wonder, if they were doing this, is it possible, that they really are involved with something bad that happened to Diana.

And Barry Mannakee, yeah, he was bumped up. And I've seen and met plenty of 17 year olds that are coached from an early age to do things and they get away with it more easily and are never put in jail. At most, juvie and that's even rare. Accidents are sometimes accidents and sometimes, something awful is made to look like an accident.

Oh, by the way, I saw the Gorst guy last night and I was wondering what happened to his face. I was told, "He had cancer so they had to remove it" and I said, "They cut it out in an L shape?!" They said, "You're always looking for something..." and I said, "No! that is WEIRD. What kind of a doctor make an L shaped incision into someone's face for that? One line would be what most doctors would do. He had it cut into an L from his nose to under his eye. I thought someone had maybe sliced him that way on purpose, to make a point, in a beating or something and instead I found out it was done for a surgery but still doesn't seem necessary.

Having basic things in life does not necessitate praying for a miracle. If the U.S. has made the most fundamental rights the act of asking for a miracle, then this isn't the United States of America any longer.

So I wanted to see who CNN is connected to, since the media has been part of keeping quiet about our torture and abuse.

My Mom also has a new burn mark on her arm. It's a large burn mark and has turned brown and it's on her right wrist. It's not from a part of a pan that you would burn your arm on, like the underside. It's on the top. You can't get burns like that from cooking and not that deep or significant either. It showed up in the last couple of days. I saw it for the first time yesterday, on Sunday, but it might have been from a day or two earlier. It turned brown fast so it looks more like an intentional burn by someone than anything from laser. But I don't know.

Someone who is sweet or nice and innocent can be made to sound mean bad and shrewd if they're tortured and raped long enough. The Roses knew that. And I'm thinking about it now...why would this Jewish lawyer Kyle Flick look so guilty and refuse to help me with my son?

That man didn't want to look me in the eye. And his excuse was to throw it off onto my family and mom. How about you take that to your Jewish synogogue Kyle? He knew my son and I were tortured and he kept his mouth shut. My aunt Locklyn works for him. Not only that, he was snooping around when I was first in Wenatchee and trying to prove I didn't do something wrong, a false charge by a cop or something.

Kyle Flick is from? I don't know where. But he moved to Wenatchee and he's very pseudo-religious, as in, religious by the book or law and keeps certain traditions, but not so much by the spirit or charitable belief. He has known I'm innocent, and when I went to him for legal help, he said it was a "conflict of interest".. For who? because while back then he told me it was my family against me or a conflict of interest to help me with my son, I've discovered my family is being tortured.

So it's really starting to look like the "conflict of interest" is jewish. He's connected to the synogogue and jewish family center in Seattle. Get this. I moved to that town and I had been interested in visiting different churches. I tried Protestant ones and I also thought I'd visit a jewish thing for biblical history and background. I wasn't even pregnant at the time. Kyle refused to return my calls or emails about it.

Which makes it look more like he knew I'hat I'd been raped and that the Rose-Lewises were connected to the UK Wilsons, possibly my brothers wife, and the Middletons. All of a sudden, I had the cold shoulder from him and while he looked guilty and looked down at the desk, he tried to blame my family.

My family is being tortured. So it's looking like we can blame the jewish community for wanting to ruin my life and my parents' lives and keep them under thumb. I had no conflict with my family when I was trying to get information about their jewish gathering locally. He didn't want anything to do with me. And then he tried to blame the conflict of interest on my family when he knew they were tortured and there are Jews in high places in this country, that could have brought this to a stop if they'd wanted to. They didn't want to. Why? because they've been too interested in pursuing an agenda and worrying I was going to be a problem.

Guess what?

I am.

And not because I had anything against them either. I've just figured out that they've been working on setting me up for a long time. He told me "If you talk to your family and they support that, maybe I can help." I talked to my family and they didn't support it because they've been instructed to lie and Kyle always knew this.

Kyle Flick moved to Wenatchee after the Bairds were already there. He move to a house that is next to the road, and you have to pass this house to get to my grandparents house. It's the main road and it's right before it breaks to a Y. There's one other way around it, but most people go up the main road. Kyle asked my aunt to work for him, not the other way around. He knew she was the best legal secretary in the area and he offered her a deal to work for him. It wasn't like my aunt Locklyn answered an ad in the paper. He moved into town, and wanted to work with someone connected to my family. My aunt already had a job--she didn't quit. She's married to a Catholic man and I don't think any of us cared about what religion someone was...I was raised, at least, to just be what I am and not worry about the rest,...until I noticed I was being targeted.

He moved into that town around...I think, late 1990s. The first time I met him was when I sang for my cousin's wedding and that was in about 2002-2003, can't remember exactly but I'd met the Catholic monks already and already had problems with being defamed. I was still living in Oregon and drove to Washington for the wedding. Kyle watched my every move. I had no clue then why he was so interested in me, to that degree.

So then, he's telling ME the problem is "conflict of interest" with my family when I later found out, no, they've been tortured and forced to not help me. Several times, desperate for help, I tried to contact the jewish synogogue in Seattle and they ignored me. I tried calling Rabbi Rose and didn't realize his family were plotters and enemies so I naively called and he never called back. They fully ignored me and then, seriously, I start finding all these weird connections to plans in the UK.

When I moved to Wenatchee, I had issues with the Catholic church but Kyle ignored me with my other inquiries and I had thought, "that's really weird. Usually people WANT you to go to their church or get some education or learn something." But no, it was the opposite. He observed me with a very serious observation and now that I know more, it kind of looks like he tried to infiltrate my family to attempt to learn about our family and get information. For whom?

There are not tons of Jews compared to Catholics and Christians in this country. However, there are some and many do have very high positions and are billionaires, and yet, with all the jewish influence around me, not ONE of them has used their money to help victims of torture in their own country? Not one of them has spoken out about it or filed a report or tried to help my family file a report?

All around me, like a fence, were jews. There was the huge huge problem or blow out with some catholics starting to hate me back in high school I guess, when I told Robin Bechtold I had to date a christian, not a catholic and catholic was different from christian to me. Then, I look around and notice all this jewish influence or how they picked me out to work for them, and then I look around and where are they? what have they done to help? and why in the world, if they don't have something to hide, would they ignore friendly attempts to visit their synogogue?

"Talk to your family--it's a conflict of interest if they don't agree."

So then what? Kyle or someone passes on the word to not help me. THEY have been my conflict of interest, not my parents. It's been THEM and some of them have tried to work against me by using Catholic hate as a convenient way to stir things up.

Yeah, the Pentagon and military. But what about this odd behavior by these jewish people? Donna Titleman was also jewish and she lied about me for benefits for even supporting my son.

Most churches or synogogues are happy to give out information or to encourage you to be part of their group. But if they have something to hide or think YOU are the "conflict of interest" they might ignore you and keep you uninvited. This was the general jewish center, the huge one, in Seattle, that's connected to all the synogogues. They didn't want me to be a part of any of them or any of it. And a lot of these jews have intermarried with Catholics. We went from never being around a jew at all, to having a whole bunch of them want to get close to me and my family. I guess, get "in". It's like they infiltrated.

I look at the Time Warner line-up and think about all the powerful lawyers and businessmen there are in the U.S. who are jewish and think, "And they have not only allowed but quite possibly have been sponsoring our torture." It's like, as long as they could hide behind this huge catholic crusader problem, they were fine with working out deals with the catholics, to harm me or keep me down. I don't think my other family members are really being tortured or targeted. My grandmother and grandfather or some perhaps, but it seems like the focus has been me and I'm the one who has come across all the jews that didn't like me.

Sure, military and CIA and catholics. But what's going on with all these rich jews in high places that got close enough to my family to know, and who have said NOTHING to defend me, my mother, father, brother, and son. It's not like THEY couldn't have spoken up or rallied against torture and degrading treatment of others. Even if someone else was doing some of this, why have they been silent.

They sure like to talk about the "holocaust" though, don't they. On and on and on and on. Like the holocaust was the worst thing in the entire history of the entire world and no one else has ever suffered or been used for experiments but the jews. And then they sit around and cheer when an entire family is tortured under their nose. And they KNOW it. If they have the "best intelligence" in the U.S., then of course they know it, and besides, too many of them tried to get close to me for them to NOT know. They know.

Here's the scary part. They have been so happy about Catholics going after me, to really do damage, I noticed, when I was in Wenatchee and I had some impression about a rose or a heart with a fire or soemthing or anytime it looked like I might be friends with someone, a lot of them started to get worried. Like they were worried that if they couldn't keep the catholic animosity up against me, who was going to do the damage they wanted?

Yeah. They've tortured my mom, dad, brother, and son and allowed others to torture them. Kyle's wife hates me and I've never been rude to her. I can't remember her name offhand but she really really hates me. I think it's strange about the timing of their move into town and desire to get into my family's affairs and financial interests.

Not only that, my aunt Locklyn works there but he was telling me at one point to not go to his office ever. For absolutely no reason. I never got into an argument with him. So I asked my aunt Locklyn what the matter was and she wouldn't say. It's like he didn't want me around because he's up to no good and can't look me in the eye over it.

My parent's baby was murdered on November 8, 1973 after being tortured. He was born November 6, 1973. He didn't die of natural causes and I know it.

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