Friday, September 23, 2011

Email About Howards

I sent an email to my parents in November 2009. It was a forward from my Aunt Mary, who told me I was related to Howards that donated a large amount of money and land to a college. She also said Kathryn Howard was our relative and said she didn't know about Edward Howard, but it was the first time I'd asked anyone. It was also the first time she disclosed how my Uncle Howard was killed in Seattle, Washington.

I think maybe who should be interrogating, is the American public, about why torture is being allowed against my mom and dad and me.

By Kathy Hathaway? and Patty? and who else?

And I'm supposed to be "schitzophrenic" to discredit my witness and testimony in front of my eyes. They literally tortured my son in front of my eyes and are doing the same with my mom and dad and then expect others to believe I'm crazy and think it's not possible.

It is.

It's happening to us.

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