Friday, September 23, 2011

The U.S. Pentagon Responsible For Torture Crime

It's the Pentagon.

It's CIA, but ultimately, it's the Pentagon. And as long as there wasn't personal religious hatred against me I was generally fine. After some religious groups started to hate me and worried about me for political reasons, they just used the channels and connections already in place to do worse.

Sure, I saw dark shiny luxury vehicles with slick haired men checking me out at my apartment after I was recovering from a kamikazee style hit-and-run by a Mexican man. Looked like mafia to me.

What't the difference between a mafia and a mob anyway? If you're mafia you're from the mediterraean, eastern europe, or south america, and if you're the mob you're north american or european? I guess if you're black, you're just a gangster and if you're asian they think you're ? (repeating perceived stereotypes here only).

What if you're just The Pentagon.

If you're The Pentagon, you have all these "soldiers", just like the mafia, but they're backed by the U.S. dollar.

You have all these U.S. backed mafias:
4.Air Force

(any other branches?)

Here's what happens. They're soldiers. I don't know how mafia works, but from movies and what I hear, they also have something called soldiers. And ranks. Now, I've heard about how the mafias climb up in rank because you hear it's done by performing a task or killing someone and keeping your mouth shut. As for military does it work? Did anyone ever become a lieutentant without killing even one man? How about getting a "purple heart". Has anyone ever received a purple heart from the U.S. when they didn't kill even one single person?

Guess who has the access to the helicopters, the control panels that operate satellites and lasers, the money for creating large research teams for TC, RV, and mind control? Who keeps tabs on who has access to the technology and biochemical weapons?

The Pentagon.

Which agency would enable the FBI to feel they didn't have to do anything? I mean, agency-wide, the FBI refuses to investigate serious crimes...and then you find out, they're getting their orders.

Who gives the FBI orders?

4 years ago a woman who has used her family against my own, was adopting a child from "Sierra Leon." A tribute to Panetta I suppose. It's not hard to figure out after I've witnessed things done by this group to my parents and me.

So who is ahead of Mueller? I guess it's the DOJ maybe. And then who is ahead of the DOJ?

(They're feeling like torturing me again after I wrote this. They had quit and then started up again with my question about who is ahead of Mueller)

I'm having serious problems with Google all of a sudden, not wanting to put up straight forward information.

I found one, but it's not detailed yet. Details to come. It has DOJ under the DOD (Department of Justice) under the Department of Defense. And then the Department of Defense answers directly to the White House.

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