Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Torture of My Mother

I think my mother's glassy look in the eye was from shock. I don't think it was from drugs. I believe it was shock from something that caused such pressure in her head or body, that was intentionally applied to my mother, that it caused the skin around her eyes, esp. the inner corner of her eyes, to turn black. Glassy stare is a symptom of shock.

And someone is trying to kill my parents.

Why is the U.S. allowing this and what is so wrong with the police and people here, that no one can protect my parents from this?

My brother's ex wife, the "Wilson" connection, worked for an eyecare place. Some sort of point for my bringing her up when she was a traitor to the entire family? My parents didn't tell me this, so don't torture them. I figured it out on my own.

The only things that could cause glassy stare and blackened eyes (not totally but it's obvious in the inner corner and underneath eye) would be a blow to the head or some form of technology that caused pressure. Or poisoning I suppose but that doesn't explain why the glassy eyes and blackened eyes occured on the same day.

Not only that, my mother was told to pick out some corn cob holders that were not something my mother would ever choose. I've known my mother and she wouldn't buy anything like that and I said, "Don't you already have corn cob holders?" and I know my mom. She doesn't care enough about them to have more than one set. And the ones that my mother was forced to buy (she denied she was forced) looked like something from a sex shop and my mom and everyone would know. She was being humiliated for no reason.

What's the deal with torturing my family more when I speak up about some insights into the idea that crime has funded the Middletons and that my parents have been tortured, along with me and it's unacceptable in this country? I really think someone didn't like the Mossad connection I made, to some of the people surrounding my family later, who tortured us and kept us down.

By the way, Patty came over tonight, and my mother's eyes looked worse again, after Patty was in our home and then went for a walk with my mom. Why don't we look at Patty's eyes and see if she has the same problem with her eyes? because if not, I think we have caught a criminal. An FBI criminal nonetheless.

The doctor my mother went to see in Roseburg was Dr. Jane Birchard.

I don't know of any private places they went. I was told it was shopping and if someone followed they might have noticed. And then the restaurant and maybe my mother used the restroom, and then an eye clinic possibly, and then for sure Dr. Jane Birchards. However, that's Roseburg and some of what was being done to my mother was in Patty's vehicle. Maybe she had "special seats" just for my mom.

I tried to see Patty's eyes today but she kept her sunglasses on even when it was dusk and she didn't need them. She was the driver. I'm sure she could see just fine.

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