Saturday, September 24, 2011

Emotional Distress by U.S. and Torture Today

In the last couple of weeks, with witnessing my parents being tortured and no one in the U.S. doing anything about it, I have realized this is partly to keep me upset and emotionally distressed so that once again, I'm unable to attend to scholastic and legal matters involving my son.

They know that when they put me in panic mode, all I do is try to look out for my parents and can't think, sleep, or even eat.

I've lost weight and sleep over what is happening to them.

And when I realize my parents really are trapped, and see what's going on with the U.S., I really don't know what to do. They are not able to leave. They are forced to stay here. My son is trapped in Wenatchee and he's my son and my legal right and all these people have done is keep all of us out of any kind of normal living.

My parents, for example, have an incredible house that I guess the other realtors and appraisers try to discourage people from buying. The housing market is slow, but there is absolutely no reason that it would not be selling, when my mother's real estate group has managed to sell plenty of listings.

It's not priced too high either. It's already far below market value.

So why is not selling since 2007? Or earlier? There's nothing wrong with it. In fact, they make money off of it just renting it out to people, but I think they'd rather sell it and have it off their hands. The only reason this house doesn't sell, is because potential buyers are being told not to buy it, when there's nothing wrong with it.

And really, if the U.S. military can use my parents and allow them to be harmed, they can probably find someone to buy the property.

I would rent there myself, and have my son with me, no problem.

I can't afford to buy right now, after all that's being done, but there's no reason why I couldn't rent.

I guess the other problem we're having, aside from being tortured, literally, and in a constant state of shock, is that even my college tuition and other things that should line up the way they do for everyone else, are being delayed and blocked. There's not a very good reason for it either. What's the point?

Today I was out in town and noticed what everyone else noticed--that some people are using technology to harm and harass others. This police officer did the same thing when I was standing next to him, whatever form of technology it is that bursts pens filled with ink. What happens? they heat up and burst. And that's what happens to pens and I walked around with blue all over my fingers because of it. 2 sterling savings pens in a row. One burst today and the other burst yesterday.

Right now, by the way, I have the military using technology on me and last night I went to my parents house in the middle of the night, because nothing was happening at my place late last night. So I checked over at their house, at about 12 or 1 in the morning and stood next to the house, not knocking, but just to see, and there was some form of technology going on. In the morning, I went to the doors and it was extremely strong. It was just a particular spot at our doorstep and then I went to visit my Dad and they didn't expect me, and it was happening there and burst my pen. I had the pen in my hair and it burst. Not only that, the technology was so strong, my heart was not acting normally anymore just standing there. Then, I left, worried that my being there made things worse for them, and the officer who stopped me,..all of a sudden it happened with him standing there. And he's Army.

Two burst pens in a row, coming out of the same targeted park that my parents own. And they pull this stuff over here on our other properties too. The first time someone targeted me, I wasn't even in our park. I was standing above it on a road overlooking the park. And then after an hour, someone targeted me and the pen in my hair burst. I noticed because I put my hand up to rearrange and secure my hair better, and it was blue all over my hands. Then today, same thing, but this time I went into the park and then it was so severe, so horrific and severe, there is no way someone could withstand that, and what's this? the Army conducting medical experiments on civilians? My pen burst again, and I walked out with blue all over my hands. Not because someone is winning a bet or something is God's idea. It's torturing human beings.

So there were all these people laughing at me when I walked past but I actually noticed a few who looked shocked, like they knew what it meant. It meant we were being tortured and that I'm not lying.

I was tortured today and had the evidence on my hands. Most people passing acted happy about it, like they were sadistic or something. And then a few looked very sad and concerned, because maybe they knew.

I hope at least one normal good person noticed and saw me and knew what it meant. Yesterday, it wasn't as severe as it can be and has been, but today, in the spot where I stood, it would be enough to permanently ruin something and my heart was beating faster and acting weird...It's disgusting that this is happening to CIVILIANS in the U.S.

I am NOT ARMY. I am not CIA or FBI or any kind of government party that has ever consented or agreed to be tortured. I never did anything wrong to anyone. I've never tortured anyone. Never asked someone to torture another. Ever. The only thing I've done is get upset and react to horrific crimes of TORTURE in the U.S.

And for all of these people to be driving past thinking it's funny.

This is not a good country anymore. I don't think it is. I think the laws are made for this country to be outstanding, but right now, this is a very bad country.

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