Thursday, September 8, 2011

Torture Still and Murder

So anyway, someone is still trying to get away with torture.

They've been specifically targeting and sending a pulsing that affects my neck, where the titanium is, so my guess is that this is military. No?

And what it means, is that if they are still targeting me, I know without a doubt they are still targeting my mom and dad and son and probably my brother as well.

This is not amateur, although some of the torture done has been passed onto amateurs who are just is military.

I had this happening earlier today when my parents were not even home and then after my parents were home.

I want to know who is going to catch the killers.

It's not just torture. Systematic torture is one thing. But there is a point where systematic torture turns into premeditated murder. It's not murder because no one has died. However, when this continues, they know the liklihood is that it will impair and shorten a lifespan and they also have done things to directly kill us slowly.

Systematic torture is repeated and constant torture.

And someone is doing this right now, at 8 minutes to 7 p.m. The pulsing to affect the titanium in my neck.

When you throw in poison, that's attempted murder.

Poisoning my mother was attempted murder. Just like poisoning me and my son was attempted murder and there is a high probability it's been tried on my brother and Dad.

Trying to kill me and my son in East Wenatchee is attempted murder. If we had not left for Canada and I hadn't brought a lot of attention about it, it would have continued. Instead, some of them came in and picked up the crap they put around the property to do what they did. And some of those men went to the Russian Baptist church. Others were not even part of the group at all.

The U.S. knew what was happening because when I went to D.C. it was obvious. I was visited by multiple neurologists who wanted to see how I was even functioning after they did what they did. Multiple U.S. government scientists and neurologists. Who didn't want to just order, but observed me and wanted to chat.

So I guess it's time to talk about about O'Reilly and how they seemed to have an inside scoop on what was going on in Coquille, in our church on Sunday and other things. How does someone like Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham from one of the most watched cable news shows on t.v., happen to take an interest in my family and what we do and then use it for inside wisecracks on their show, to pass onto people like Christine Gregoire and anyong else, for use in harassment?

Oh torture easing up now. Gone completely in fact. Hurry, start it up again so no one gets suspicious. Because if I say I noticed someone always quits torturing me when I bring up O'Reilly, maybe someone will start to wonder about that Irish public corruptions official at the DOJ in Washington who supports domestic terrorism.

My parents say they're Republicans. Are they "Republicans" because they really are or because someone told them to be or they'll slit their throats? I've already seen the slit marks and the scars.

And I documented Mr. O'Reilly's stunts and Ingrahams as well and if he's IRA and she's CIA, well what a team, and with billions of dollars backing them I'm sure. You know who O'Reilly reminds me of? Judge Gerald Warren. I don't know about Warren's ancestry, but is he Irish Catholic?

Because a lot of Irish Catholics and Mexicans and Ukraine-Russians deal in the drug industry over in Yakima from what I hear. And there is a whole section of Jewish that do as well. Favors for favors. Whaddya know. Warrens from Boston. An influential Boston, MA family. Which might be interesting, given the observation of me and the Avilas by Ryan from Boston. Where is Sean O'Neil from? oooh. big torture strike right there with the O'Neil name. ooooh. you're so meeeean. whenever you feel like surging torture, you just go right on ahead Stripey. Do you want pants, or a jumpsuit?

So I was just thinking, I hit on something with calling out The Hartleys and the Fox news people. Because then my parents were being tortured worse. So someone tried to put pressure on them, which means, someone didn't like what I had to say and they thought someone talked or they wanted it to stop. Also, even the 700 club had a weird message the next day, which made it sound like anyone talking about so-called christians was a satanist or the beast. And my response to that is "Not everyone who calls me lord will enter the kingdom of heaven" and you should know better about the wolf in sheep's clothing. And finally, I said out loud, "Are they based out of Virginia?" Sure enough. Virginia Beach. The 700 club is much, much, better than a lot of news media. They actually have some things about human conditions which is important.

But, don't ever think I'm stupid. The episode about someone being influenced by a dream they had? I knew exactly where the political funding for that one was. Who paid for the ads that day? The Army? or the CIA? How about then, we start torturing all the Catholics so they start to have dreams about turning into a Protestant and not torturing the Garrett's anymore?

So I want to know what the grounds are for premeditated murder, attempted murder, accomplice to attempted murder...

Because I'll be making a list along with "systematic torture"

Not only that, if you think you're free to keep using my parents, you're not. You are to keep your hands, torture, and suggestions to yourself or you end up in jail.

Which means all the mean people get lumped in with the nice people, because as long as you're all working or forced to work for the same team down the line, the nice people are no more nice than a priest is to a child he's sexually molesting. Like you can't groom and intimidate adults and torture them to do what you want.

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