Thursday, September 15, 2011

Leon Panetta & Alvaro Pardo (CIA)

I might want to talk about this a little more, but right now I'll focus on my son.

What is it called though, when an officer of the CIA is trying to get someone to marry his friend to get him into the country by bypassing normal channels? You know, CIA can't wait to have their man working for them in official capacity so they think of a way to make that work, and if their guinea pig doesn't do what she's told to do, they torture her whole family...

Cause you know, they need certain skills that are rare and specific...certain languages are needed and connections and, you know, they might need a way to entrap someone their friends hate too.

Here's how it works:

Panetta: "If you don't marry my friend, fuck you. Fuck your kids. Fuck your life."
Panetta to colleagues and my family: "Now we're signing a statement denying the existence of undisclosed black sites operating by the U.S. Now torture her, torture them, and torture her son. She didn't want to make nice with my friend, and disrespects me, she can work for us the hard way. Now go rape all of them, abuse all of them, discredit and drug the ones that will talk, and we're going ahead with the operation and mind control program. Oliver is ours."

Alvaro Pardo is friends with Panetta. And the CIA wasn't happy I didn't marry their friend so he could get into the U.S. quicker, and avoid having to wait and go through normal channels, so they tortured all of us, blackmailed my family and had gangsters and FBI torture them, and they convinced the FBI to torture me and my son too.

That's how it works.

Who knew about this? Biden. And if Biden knew, don't you think possibly Obama knew.

They knew what happened to my son was illegal, and what happened to me was illegal. The only time they were willing to step in and make it look like things were going to work out for me, was when they kept trying to entrap me in something and then tried again and didn't succeed. They felt they could at least use me for something--their friend.

When it looked like I might not go forward with it, they brought in the next woman and left me and my son and parents to be beaten, tortured, and mocked.

They allowed certain members of other intelligence from even other countries to join in on the fun. And they are using my entire family.

I could tell you some seriously sick things, like about things Alvaro said to me, imitating Osama bin ladin, and I didn't even know it.

It was the CIA and they got high off of it.

They made people cooperative when I was maybe marrying him, because that's what the CIA does. They pull all the strings, all the time, everywhere. They have the ties to the UK, to Colombia, to Muslim countries, to India, to Russia, to the mafias and the mobsters and the local and State officials. They know who is corrupt and who is not corrupt.

If they need blackmail, they'll take the ones who don't have a corrupt bone in their body, and torture them and exploit them until they can get any kind of dirt on them.

They're the ones who make the international deals and bargains. They're the ones who control some of what the military does, by persuasion through the higher officials. And they have a line to the Pentagon and to the White House.

If they had wanted the torture of my family to end, they were the ones in control.

They control the FBI. The FBI doesn't investigate the CIA. That's a lie. The CIA, like Alvaro said, "works with the FBI".

No one was able to warn me about anything because they knew exactly what agency was involved and that it went to the top.

A pregnant spider just crawled up the railing of my porch. And yeah, if the CIA wants a woman, they'll get that woman. The CIA does favors for eachother, you know, keep their people happy...if one of their guys, or someone they know across the pond, wants a woman, oh, they'll make it happen. It's like the Wizard of Oz, and if they want to try to entrap others on the way to getting what they want, they take pride in that as well.

If someone betrays (they think) the CIA or the FBI gets pissed they can't "get at" their man, they go gangster on them. They will torture that person, their family, and the next generation just to get revenge and they'll push the good guys out of the way and make excuses to do it. The best excuse for them, to convince the government workers who care about the country, is to go with a patriotic schpeel.

They'll let some of you continue to make moneyand look like you're doing okay, as a cover for the fact that they're torturing the people and taking their money. And then others, they'll force out of the family and will block others from reaching and they'll keep that member out of money, out of unemployment benefits, out of everything, college, whatever.

They will pull whatever strings they have, to screw someone over for as long and hard as they can.

And yes, Panetta and Pardo are friends.

Doesn't that make anyone wonder then, about what's happening to me, my family, and my son?

It raises a big red flag and more than a few questions, doesn't it?

That whole 22 billion dollar message to the UN. They talk in code, even internationally and one official usually knows what the other official is trying to convey on behalf of his country.

I lived in Germantown, MD with Alvaro Pardo. Just a hop-skip away from the bases and forts, the CIA and not too far from D.C. FBI headquarters. By the way, if the FBI wants a man, they do the exact same thing. Why did I get my laptop from a guy who contracts with the CIA? because the whole thing was CIA connected.

And when I didn't marry their friend, they tortured, raped, assaulted, drugged, defamed, stripped, beat, lasered, burned, cut, fake-drowned, degraded, mocked, and used my entire family for forced labor for research projects where they degraded us to work for free and not be compensated. If they thought someone cared about me from one of their enemy countries, they raped and degraded and drugged me more, just to get at them. They did favors for others as well.

They know that under the law, they are required to turn my son back over to me. But why is it impossible? because it's the CIA and they use mobsters and pull from all kinds of groups, and the FBI has been the ones acting as muscle to protect criminals and defame me internationally in records.

They didn't want me to leave when they were using me. Now they want me to leave, because they think their time is short on the torture crap and maybe they can get an extension in England if I go there. As far as I know, there are some countries I might not even be able to get into because they worked with the U.S. to put me under false arrests for their mutual friends so I couldn't travel freely. They drugged me to make it impossible for me to fight the false arrests and challenge them when I could. When they were done with that, they dumped me back over to my parents, where I found evidence they had also been tortured.

Then what did I find? they forced my parents to turn their entire property over to be used as a voodoo mine. They got their government workers that they use for research, to go through my parents entire property and bury things around it, and rake things into the ground, and cast spells...

Remember what I said about the U.S. military and CIA using wiccans and black magic for psychic research? They do this, and they did this to my parents while they had all their Catholic psychics and some Jewish trying to read my mind.

They go where they're told to go, my parents. They make a trip to New Orleans, to force my parents to work with voodoo people, look like a humanitarian venture.

Then they dump me off here, after programming and drugging me, and watch to see what I pick up out of the ground or wear or do or say on what day. It's CIA operations and military research.

I could we were on the good end of things before the "hostile takeover" where some of our enemies got all their friends into U.S. government and then started using us to work for them and their own families (screw your own kids). Then, it became a matter of doing the worst possible things to us and forcing us to still work for them for free, but this time, they threw in torture and beatings and threats of blackmail.

Oh, I should have married Panettas friend?

You have no idea how many people were trying to force me to, and then how many people didn't want it simply because they were worried I might get something out of it or maybe I'd get some kind of perks or be in a better position.

Really, it comes down to pregnant women and who the CIA wants to fuck.

If the fuck buddy deal goes bad, the women get thrown into the colliseum for a goring by Panetta's special ops.

Take the word "fuck" in all of the senses of the word. Because some of them just want to fuck you and some want to fuck you over and some mix up the two and lie and claim it's one thing when it's the other thing.

Pardon my language, but I'm using their language right now. This is military-CIA-speak, so, to give you an idea of how coarse and indifferent they are, maybe this form of language gives you an idea. Others--mafia and low level cops, are all too eager to help the CIA. It makes them feel special.

Oh, and if other countries are you think the CIA doesn't know? So yeah, when it comes down to it, it's CIA responsibility and their asses on the line. UK, Russian, Asian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Iranian, Pakistani, Israeli, Ethiopia, Nigeria, whatever...they know who's involved and this is WHOSE territory? As long as my family's feet are on U.S. soil, it's THEIR territory. This belongs to them. They own it. And their the ones who refuse to be accountable for their actions because they're making too much money from overseas where the UK pays them for every pinch.

When you look at it more closely, sometimes you find it's people of the same religion, in different agencies internationally, working together, and then sometimes it's politics.

If you want to point a finger, though, CIA. They are the puppet masters. Oh oops. Illuminati. Sorry. I forget my training. But that sort of goes with the idea of international bargains and illegal contracts.

Now that I know about myself and my family and people like "Cheryl" and "Lynn" (which sound like glamourous cover stories for the real experiments, that end up with children becoming adults that bang their heads against the wall repeatedly and can't talk or are disfigured for lie; or the "killers" that are loose cannons from mind control projects or were lied to and told to kill for officials and then lost their covering), I have a better idea about what happens in other households where governments want to control others.

For example: Diana. She was raised the same way I was, but we had less money. I guess that's a matter of not having "the papers". Her mother abruptly left. Why? for mind control and Illuminiata formation. They have formation down to an art by now. Frances did what she was told to do. They used the same techniques with them that they did with my family and have with others as well. And while I was driving around in circles in my car with a friend and laughing hysterically and she asked what are you doing? Diana was doing the exact same thing. And while Diana was in her kitchen making drinks and blending things, or having them made by her cook, what I was doing? I was somehow, all on my own, getting the idea to make blended drinks. I was blending raw egg, milk, and honey almost every morning by age 9. And when I was 13 I was taking apple cider vinegar and kelp pills because I read it was "healthy". And where did I get the idea to make cream puffs. No one in my whole family ever made or talked about cream puffs.

I was a mind control victim. I was reading Harlequin romance novels that were lying around the house when I was 11. Does this sound like someone?

These people pick kids out and purposefully do things to raise them to turn out a certain way. Or at least to have certain similarities.

I don't even know if they try to see if they can read eachothers thoughts from one pond to the next. And what they do with that I don't know. I guess more research to perfect their "craft". It looks fine on the outside. And underground, it's like the movie Extreme Measures.

It's like despite who I was and what gifts I had, there was this large group hiding me and telling my parents to make suggestions to me that didn't even fit. I wanted the table to look nice and have nice dishes for taking food out of. My mother knows how to do that, and she was coming around with a steel pot. I wanted to go to college and they had money for it. Someone told them not to help. I wanted to study english literature and my mother is pushing dental hygenist school. It's like some awful hideous person and group, was right there, trying to turn me down a path that wasn't for me at all and then they got freaked out and jealous when I started to come out of my shell.

These people are haters. They hate me, they've hated me for decades, and they've wanted me out of the whole picture. They have them used their friends in high places to systematically torture, betray, and ruin all of us. I've had King Herod and his entire militia worldwide on my family's ass for decades. So you got what you want, and you're still not happy. Now you still want to take from my whole family and keep using us to benefit your own children. We are not your slaves. Do you understand this? And I'm talking to so-called concepts of Illuminati and the CIA.

We live in the United States. This is not Illuminati Land. You don't get to torture me because I didn't marry Panetta's Pal. You don't get to blackmail my family. You don't get to create assholes out of UK royals who are more worried about looking undignified or being "disgraced" with the idea of liking "HER" who is connected t "HIM" (dear heavens). You don't get to falsify everything about yourselves and then claim I'm the one with an identity problem. YOU are the ones with identity issues. Who are you? have you asked yourselves lately?

If you want to show the world that you're small minded criminals who are seething with jealousy and hatred and want to rob Oliver Garrett of his mother's affection, so you can try to torture him and make a Manchurian Candidate...

The whole world already knows. Are you going to hide it or something? So much for Oliver's "coming out party" for the CIA. You allowed Mossad to rape me and ruin me. I guess they were worried that I was pretty, talented, smart, kind, had good morals and character, was honest, and had everything their pick did not have naturally. They had to create it with her by raping us and taking from our family. Weren't so happy I was still single and hadn't married myself off to someone, or become something like a dental hygenist or something plain and common. You take the brilliant people and try to force them to be common, and take the common people and try to create brilliance. It doesn't work that way, and after how many assassination attempts, you assholes figured out God Almighty was on my side, not yours. Then I was going to college. Oh she's educating herself? and she's still pretty, and single, and a virgin, and sings like an angel? That's not what I was thinking. That's what YOU were thinking. I didn't even know I was a threat or had enemies until you tortured the hell out of me and my son for your high class possies that decided to take something out against my parents for some imagined betrayal or felt I was too smart and determined for your manipulative liking.

I still wasn't married at age 34 and you tried to force me into a marriage with Panetta's Pal on the fuck buddy deal.

You've used my parents as psychic spies (I take back the word spies because they've never spied for anyone. They've been used for psychic and remote-viewing research though and have been forced to work for people that torture us) for my own enemies and to try to put your people and the next generation of mini-mes where you want, all over again. So I've outed the "use" and it's not going to be a secret for Oliver as it was with me and your trash is already out of the bag, and it's your trash, not ours. You can call it whatever you want, and dress it up however you like, and what you have in your hearts, is trash.

And, still using technology on me today I might add. I don't care if it's not as much or not so bad. This country stands for NO torture, or you don't have a country anymore. The U.S. has given us no privacy and we are under surveillance at all times. Our enemies have used friends in high places to exploit our talents and gifts and stolen anything we had that might have helped us out.

My fiance Alvaro Pardo works for the CIA.

And he is friends with Leon Panetta.

How funny that I lived in a house with 2 lions at the door standing guard when the entire thing was set-up and then he put all his catholic psychic friends on me to torture me at Logans and then drugged me.

You lost.

You are going to return my son Oliver Garrett to me by Executive Order or I'm finding grounds for a Congressional Hearing and cause to impeach. I know the UK and a few other friends from other countries have also been involved.

I have asked for an inquiry into torture by the U.S. against my family and I have contacted the International Red Cross about undisclosed black sites operating within the U.S. I am also contacting the UCHR for violations of Article 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 14, 17, and no permission to derogate under 15, and under Protocol I, Art. 1,, 2, 4, 7, and 12.

What do you do with YOUR trash?

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