Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Immunity Stripped For Torture by U.S.

I've watched 2 clips so far. One about the U.S. raping women and holding them in detention centers to pressure on them and how the UN or other agencies were blocked from visiting them to check on their condition( ), and then the next one was about a case brought against Rumsfeld for allowing torture of U.S. citizens and how immunity may be stripped in order to bring a lawsuit against the government for torture of its own citizens (

You know what's kind of weird is the 2 hostages freed today by Iran, I wonder what the significance is of their attire because they were both dressed in shirts that matched what I wore in photos that others have stolen from me. So since they are identical shirts, I'm wondering who sent them these shirts to wear for their release and why.

At any rate, I have a lot of clips to look up. But I'll post them on this post and return to it because now I'm writing about what was done to my mother yesterday, by the U.S. and their related mafias.

Additionally, my mother was in the "care of" Patty the entire time, so I can definitively say that I know Patty is bad. Rotten to the core. She has to be one of the best though, because she's gotten away with torturing my mom and transporting her to others to be tortured, for about 7 years or more. I guess it's 8 years now, at least.

I just watched another clip about how the U.S. CIA tortures people in interrogation. It's about "building bridges"...I guess kind of like the bridge others built for me. This one shows torture of an Afghan by CIA and CIA muslim translator. This one shows a former CIA man, McCoy, talking about how one of the techniques is "self-inflicted torture". Any mafia or other intelligence group can easily replicate this, but when this is happening to my parents and FBI is in on it, rather than helping them, there is an obvious issue at hand. So, for example, someone could force a person to put poison in their own drink and then say they did it to themself (self-inflicted) but it's not. Or someone could tell someone to slash their face with a razor and then say "I did it to myself" and whether they did or not, they are forced to create an alibi for the persecutor. I remember reading about Sanchez a long time ago, and found he was fairly high up in the CIA and catholic mexican and I guess, picked and choosed who to single out. I even blogged about him a long time ago.

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