Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Middletons & Carmen-Lair Extraordinaire

My parents are trying to mislead me about things that are happening to me and happened to my son.

I have to leave.

I'm giving them a chance, until the UN or someone checks in on them, and that's it. The only reason I hesitate, at all, is because I have seen some evidence that they've also been tortured. So someone who is not part of the United States and not part of the mob needs to check in on them.

They sit here and lie to my face. They are as big of liars as my worst enemies. If they lie, to protect themselves from worse enemies or because they think there is worse harm, that's fine. But they are lying about every single thing there is to lie about.

Actually, if they are lying this much, they really do need help from the UN or ECHR.

They are not getting any good advice from the U.S. and the U.S.-related mafias.

I guess they have been pressured so much to lie that now, it's not even possible to believe they are lying for any other reason than to protect themselves or others (they think) until someone else comes in to independently check and find out what's going on.

The Army asks them to lie, the CIA has had them lie.

And if it's worth threatening to cut off 22 billion dollars of money to the UN, from the US perspective, this is probably something they will torture a lot of people to lie over.

There is no excuse anymore. I am trying to fire this law firm, and I'm being asked why I waited this late.


Every single time I try to bring up being drugged, which is the most valid excuse there is, and it is the TRUTH, they try to shut the door on my face. If I bring up torture, they shut the door on my face, or tell me to leave.

I hope Chris Rozollo goes to HELL. And he can wear my white jacket that he stole when he goes.

I brought up Chris Rozollo because my Dad just echoed something he once said, smirking (he was smirking), "I'm not worried about your son, I'm worried about you." Yeah, he was so worried he was happy I was going to jail and disappointed to find out I had a real friend that was bailing me out on bond. I have zero doubts. I am 100% positive he was never a friend. I saw the look in his eyes when I was getting out, or found out I would get out, and he was disappointed about it. He had wanted me to be forced to stay in jail. I saw it, I know it, and I will never, ever, forget it. Ever. What happened with your friend Justin? You paid him on the island? He had a bunch of his buddies come into town to harass me, all at once, all on the same day. What's bizarre is that he had tears in his eyes for one minute, like an actor, but then in a totally unguarded moment, I saw what he wanted. He had wanted me to go to jail. So how many of his own buddies this coast and the next tried a few times to do just that? What about the great guy with the framed photo of a guy ice skating behind a car, with a car pulling him? how funny the same guy that wears the same shirt everyday was framed with Yale behind him. If I'm right, it was Yale. Not for Chris Rozollo, but I believe that was an associate of his. The guy who stole my hair for DNA.

So my Dad just said this. Said he wasn't worried about my son but he was only worried about me. The test of whether this is true? Evaluate that statement next to something I know for a fact is not true. Is my son okay right now? I have zero way of knowing. I have been blocked from talking to him or seeing him. But I know what condition he was in when I visited with him, and what my son said to me and how he acted and whether he had any marks of torture on him or not. When he was being tortured they all said he was fine.

They are all liars.

So is he okay now? Let's check. "Okay, so you thought he was always okay?" As in, are you saying Oliver has never been in danger and has always been okay?

My Dad said, "No, I haven't always thought he was okay."

I said, "When was that?"

My Dad said, looking down at the ground and not even in my eyes, "When he lived with you in November and we went out to visit. The place was a mess and your own brother even said he was thinking of contacting the police to make a report."

(or said they should make a report)

So then I knew. My Dad and Mom are still lying.

If that is their answer, they are saying something the State would want them to say, or gangsters, or the CIA which is responsible for working with the Army to destroy my son and use him to be a manchurian candidate.

My family knew we were being tortured. And actually, I know for a fact that my Dad knew my son was being tortured, esp. later when I had visits with my son and I saw all these marks of torture on him and then evidence of hypnosis.

So if they know what I know, that my son was being tortured, literally, at some point, and yet they are lying to me now and claiming the only time he wasn't okay was when he was with me, I know they are lying with intent to lie, knowing they are lying.

I said, "What, then? yeah, when we were being tortured even worse? How come even a lawyer can come up with the idea that no one consents to be killed by the U.S. or experimented on to death to see how much a person can take before they die?"

And that's when my Dad said something about my brother, and that my brother had said he thought they should make a report.

Like my brother tells the truth. As if my brother tells the truth and never lies to protect himself or others.

I know his wife was there and I saw something from her that was pure evil. From her reaction at that visit, I intuited she knew who was doing it. And she didn't want me to discover or figure it out. She lied about me to the point of deliberately trying to ruin my relationship with my brother and parents. I knew from that point on, if she was trying to separate and destroy family for no reason, she was not the nice person I had assumed she was in the beginning. And she was U.S. Army.

For a short time. That's where they told her they wanted to use her for other work.

Carmen slipped into the family and slid right out, leaving a wake behind her. She made it look like it was all my brother's fault to the point that even he thought so. He thought he was the problem and that he'd done something wrong. But no, she was a snake. My brother refuses to hear a bad word about her.

However, I never forgot that. I apologized to her for something, out of consideration to my brother and she knew because we had a long conversation about it. There was no way she'd forget. And she lied and told my brother it never happened. I told him, I didn't apologize for a long time, because you know me, if I don't think I'm wrong, I won't. But I'm telling you the truth, I did apologize and she knew and why would she lie to you?

The whole time she was cozying up to my Mom. I shudder to think what she got out of my Mom. So then, I asked, when I got back to the house, "Have you heard from Carmen?" Nope. Carmen slipped out of sight when I was in TN, right after the Middleton marriage. Seriously. She kept in touch with my Mom, vaguely, until April 29th. Then it was over. She hasn't called my Mom since.

Good "Army" girl. Or something. I thought Mossad sometimes, and sometimes I wondered if her family was Catholic, and then no, I just didn't know.

But I remember her expression of hate in November, where my son and I were being tortured and when I started to bring some things up about the Catholic church and connections I was making with some things.

The weirdest part, was when she felt she didn't need to call my Mom anymore. April 29th. My Mom had her birthday in August and...nothing from Carmen.

She was just done with whatever she thought she had to do to screw my family over I guess.

And the worst part, was she made my brother think it was his fault and then she stole everything they jointly owned from him by being shrewd, manipulative, dishonest, and mean.

I had heard this story about how Levi cheated on her and it was his fault. I thought he was being set up with honeytraps intentionally. But the part I wondered about, was maybe if she had something to do with it. Like she married him to get info and then actually worked with others to create circumstances for hiim to cheat and then assume the divorce was because of him and not her. She wanted out. She used the birth control pill the entire time they were married and lied about it. For 7 years.

And then she sweet-talked him and my brother went to counseling with a counselor that she knew. The counselor advised him to not get a lawyer. And their friends advised not to get a lawyer. They literally told my brother to be nice to her and maybe she'd settle out of court or negotiate something. My brother did what he thought was the "christian" thing to do.

In my opinion, she was a tramp.

She used the entire family to get what she wanted and she got close to my Mom to get information and then dropped all of us on the 29th of April. She lied to my brother about his only sister and tried to separate family. If my brother cheated, and he did, okay, but on her part, she was foul. Like the unclean bird that tries to eat dead things. A blood sucker. He was unfaithful in body and she was unfaithful in heart. She didn't love my brother, but she made him think she did.

And then she figured out a way to wiggle out and make it look like his fault, after she was in on setting him up. And then when my brother tried to work things out, even though she was to blame for things as well, she tricked him and got him to think he shouldn't get a lawyer when she had a lawyer and that if he said she could have everything, or didn't fight her in court, she would go back to him.

He was told "Maybe she'll go back to you, or be fair in negotiating, if she sees it's not about the money." She led him to take this advice and he didn't fight her in court. He was alone. He represented himself, not knowing any of the law or any of his rights and she took him for all he had. She took everything and she was the one who was a treacherous rat.

They had worked together all that time. What they had was shared. She took everything. She took the cars, and left him with the car payments. She took the house, the savings, the furniture, the rug, everything.

She wiped him out, lock, stock, and barrel.

On April 29th, she quit smiling sweetly and disappeared from our family forever.

I am not kidding. Mission Accomplished.

That was it.

I had thought they just got divorced and split stuff. No. I didn't know that she had all their "friends", many of them, working for her, and they told my brother to give up the fight. Just give up the fight. Give her whatever she wants and maybe it will work out even better and you won't have to pay for a lawyer either. Just negotiate. She kept whining that she was feeling it was all about the money. That he didn't trust her and it was all about the money and she wanted to get back together with him and work it out. Let's get back together--prove you love me and forget about the money.

And then she took it ALL.

From the time they divorced to the time of the Middleton marriage, she kept in touch with my mother who she leeched her way to...all the way up. She still acted natural and casual and kept tabs on our whole family and me and my brother, up to April 29th 2011 and then she quit.

And we haven't heard from her since.

I said, "I know who the mole is. It's Carmen."

She was one of them at least, and eager enough to even marry into our family to get dirt on our family and then take off solo vita.

I'm surprised she didn't send us a "Sympathy" card with a gift in a little decorative bag when she left.

She was a spy.

We had an outsider spy marry into our family. And she looked innocent. You would have never guessed. It all seemed, she seemed, so careful and kind and supportive and considerate. My mother favored her over me, her own daughter. And then, I guess my mother found out who her real friends are.

What does a traitor look like?

Is she tall, with long legs, dark brown long curly hair and blue eyes? Is she standing in the house looking at you eyes that suddenly harden and change when she's worried something might be discovered? is she taking in every detail? is she lying to your parents.

She lied to my parents. They thought she was great. I was the one saying, "Something isn't right about her afterall. She lied about something that only an enemy would lie about."

And if she would lie to my brother about his own sister calling to say sorry, because she loved her brother, there was something wrong with her.

She showed up at New Song Church...um....about the time I was working for The Roses in Portland, Oregon. The reform Jewish family. The one with English jewish connections.

(what's the theme song from "Family of Spies" again? Hellooo Mr. Walker! I've been to London, to visit the Queen! And yes, we have successful infiltrated for your lovely family of spies, The Middletons. Doooo wear a Catherine Walker dress my dear.)

And she showed up and got my brother's attention and hung on his arm. And then they got married before she left for the military. The U.S. recruited her before they were married. They married on paper before she left and when she got back, they married in ceremony.

Her colors were red and white and black. Crimson or red, something like that. She wanted red.

She was in the U.S. Army for about 6 months. 6. What a nice round number.

Why in the world she joined, no one knows. I think her Dad may have been military, but my brother wasn't into it. It was an "idea" she got on her own, before marrying my brother. So she disappears into...Korea! where I guess someone hashed out a plan and then she came back and they married. And right about the time they married, on her day even, I noticed something was wrong with her. She was jealous of ME on HER wedding. I thought it was weird. It was my brother. I was happy for him. And she looked peeved that I curled my hair and did my make up for the wedding. The pastor later told me I was the one that "stole the show".

She was there starting up the conversation about how I should get breast implants. She brought up boobs at the dinner table. It was on someone's birthday and we were all at the table together and she started saying since she worked for a plastic surgeon, she could give me a discount for a set of knockers. It was mean. She got my entire family to talk about it and they were saying, well why not, and it's fine to be small but maybe...and laughing about it. I almost burst into tears and I left the table. I could not believe they were discussing my breast size and Carmen was mocking me, at the dinner table. At that time, I was just starting to meet the monks I believe, and I told Fr. Joachim about it and how it had hurt my feelings and he said I was proportionate for my size.

She was a rat.

She was dirty and she was a mean traitor but no one knew it, even if I had a feeling, until it was too late. I think it's odd she worked for The Middletons and the U.S. Army at the same time...don't you? I mean, it's something else that supports the idea that The Middletons have more to do with the U.S. than most of the English imagine. Probably the English think oh it's just fun and games, but no, there are really spies in the world and wouldn't it be great to sneak one into the royal family.

I was so stupid to not even look into things before the marriage, but I didn't want to because I was afraid that if I said something or did something, I wouldn't know how to handle the outcome so it felt safer to wait until they were married and then I could look at it. I didn't want to influence someone's choice, but if they married, I felt braver to poke around and look at things.

Of course, after I wasn't being drugged so badly.

SO, then, after Carmen, my brother has this other woman from Florida contact him and steal his attention. She was studying "international business" and she stuck around until I broke up with Alvaro and she disappeared from my brother's life sometime around the engagement date, in November 2010, or after. It was more like, when they were married. She eased her way out before the 29th.

So sure.

My family is of no interest to political parties that like to suck up and suck into the royal family.

I remember Carmen's reaction when I was talking to everyone about what had been happening to me and my son and I remember it was one thing specifically that hardened her stare and alarmed her and I thought, "She knows something and doesn't want me to know." I mentioned taking an interest in princess diana, and catholic church stuff and mossad. I think the part she narrowed her eyes at was mossad and she startled. I will try to recall the scene to be sure, but that's when I think I was shocked by her reaction. I was maybe talking about how things were so bad and that I had been researching diana and who might have been involved and tossed out ideas and then this hit a chord. But I will wrack my mind to remember for sure. I'm about 80% positive she jolted at the mention of Mossad.

She was supposedly given an honorable discharge from the Army after 6 months. We were all told it was a "bad hip". I strongly and seriously doubt she had any real injuries; someone wanted her keeping tabs of our family and that was her "duty". And it wasn't necessarily just the U.S. either. She could have gone in to look patriotic or maybe met people there later, I don't know.

Guess who was in her wedding photo? One "bad hip". Me. Wearing a hippie dress that was purple. (do a little drumroll for George Thorogoods "bad to the bone") . I was still a virgin. (I was a 22 year old virgin at that time. I was a virgin until a spy married into the family.)

In the wedding photos for her first wedding (which was private and just family and for the paper record), I wore a flowing hippie dress that was white and purple and had paisley on it and bell sleeves. No make up, fresh faced, and smiling. I was the only one who looked like a hippie. She wore blue and white of course. I mean, now that I think about it, of course. For the second wedding, after her fake Army stint, she had a large wedding with red, black, and white.

I had a photo of Carmen and Levi in my kitchen in the house I owned. It was of their first wedding. My house was purchased by a Jewish woman who liked the photo of Carmen. She wanted to see my house when I put it up for sale, after it was broken into. I was going back to college, and it was 1997 and th..just remembering the date. It was 1997, almost 1998 and I put the house up for sale and the woman coming to look at it with interest was Jewish and she went through on her own without me there once.

Then, when she was already buying it she pointed out the photo of Carmen and said, "This isn't the owner?" And I said, "No, I am" and she sort of bristled. I remember she then leaned over and stared at that photo as if she knew Carmen or liked her, as if they already somehow knew eachother, and then she smiled. She bought my house and became the owner. I was raped just months later, by a Jewish man driving an older white fiat Uno style car. Not lying. He said it wasn't his and was borrowed. At that time, I knew nothing about Diana's case. It had not even crossed my mind. I just remember because years later I was reading things and shocked to find out this white car, looked up the model, was about the same car, if not exact, very close.

After this, another Jew. I didn't know he was...found out later. I didn't meet him until years later because after I was raped I didn't go out at all or date for another 3-4 years. Rape, then boyfriend for short time and went to counseling and became celibate again. Then, nothing until I started going out with Schneider during my litigation, and I met him and he was just as bad and I met his mother and played Majan with them. They were horrible people. He was cruel and horrible and they only wanted to make me look bad. His sister's name was Helen and they were from Portland, Oregon. I can make a list of things they did to humiliate me and degrade me. There was a Middleton connection with them and I didn't even know bc I didn't even know who the Niddleton's were and that they existed.

Guys. You got hit by a Mossad Squad. My family and another family. I can relate to having intermarried with spies mistakenly.

Of all things...after I was tortured and my son was tortured I was in D.C. I had miscarried and was sitting by the window at a Starbucks and this man came over and I said I needed political asylum. He just shook his head. He said, "I'm Jewish." I hadn't realized so many things yet. I said, "Couldn't I just live in Israel? Why wouldn't Israel let me live there?" I was so, so, stupid. He looked down and shook his head no. I said, "Why not?" I didn't know, oh! because they hated me and had already tried to off me and raped me. He just shook his head no and then he drew a triangle.

I stared at the paper. I had no idea what he was doing. He just drew a triangle on a piece of paper. I had started sobbing about the twins I had miscarried. I had tears streaming down my face, and here I was, asking if I could please go somewhere "safe" and thinking Israel. Of all things, and I don't think I ever put all this together until tonight. It's happening tonight. I'm coming off of being doped up and I'm remembering things.

So he draws this triangle and then he looked up at me and drew a second triangle over it, the other way, to make a Star of David. And then he left.

I had enemies I didn't even know I had, because of politics. I was so totally unaware of everything. No t.v., no R-movies, just living my life, oblivious to the people wanting to harm me. I had thought back then, "I know I don't have any enemies." I loved everyone. I had no enemies and hated no one. I had no motive for anything with politics or another country. I prayed for other countries, that was it.

How strange that all around me, were enemies who deliberately plotted to ruin my life, drug me, and steal everything I had.

My own parents feel they have to lie for all of them. Torture works. I remember a lot but maybe later I'll write more later.

I heard my Dad just now from across the way, saying, "That's enough, that's enough. Boy, that's loOng." Made me think of my son actually. He wasn't talking to me. I don't know who he was talking to or what about. The way he dragged out the word "long" sounded like the way a kid would say something.

So Israel wanted nothing to do with me, at least not to help me from what I was told and gathered, so I looked elsewhere for assistance and asked a lot of countries, but then tried to figure out which one might have the most issues with the U.S. so they might be more willing to not play the "politically correct" game. That doesn't mean I was a spy. I never was, never been. I was looking for safety and my son's best interests and I got way, way, more than what I wanted or ever deserved. I really thought I had no enemies. I really did. I didn't ever think I was "special" and it had never crossed my mind until I was picked at and mocked in court over this. I had no clue why he was saying that. But now after being man-hunted, drugged, and tortured I look back and think, all of that just because someone was worried that I was special?

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