Saturday, September 17, 2011

Protection for my Parents and Son This Weekend

I want someone who is not a "friend" and not an enemy of my parents, to track where my mom and dad go and find out who is following and tracking this. There are people set up to look like friends and I don't know what they're doing to my family behind closed doors. They have used different opportunities to get to them.

I think some of the friends are not friends but make it look that way, and some of the enemies are sneaky. Obviously, with torture, they are sneaky.

So someone else who is not involved in getting close, who is interested in tracking down crimes against others, should follow from a distance and find out who is handing things off or trying to get close to them.

My mom, for example, has to "show houses". That gives people an opportunity to do who knows what if they want to, and if she goes to a friend's house, I don't even know that they're friends.

If they are friends, why haven't they rallied around my parents and said we're all going to make a petition to higher courts for the release of your entire family from slavery, forced labor, assault-rape-torture, and torture?

That's what I would do if I were a friend.

It's like "friends don't let friends drive drunk". If they do, and they don't care about your welfare and what consequences could occur, even if they're fun and great to hang out with and smiling and even if they give you gifts and cards for your birthday and remember special dates on the calendar...are they really your friend?

They obviously didn't care if you killed yourself, did they. By accident or foolish mistake. People who truly love eachother, and care about what happens to others, foresee and anticipate danger and they protect those they love. And when they notice something bad is happening, they don't stand around pretending nothing is going on and joke around some more. They take action. They form groups and write letters, and refuse to back down to cowards with use their positions for power since they don't have morality. The people who want power the most are usually the ones who don't feel good about themselves and know they lack character. So they aim for power. They're not secure to allow people to have free will or make their own choices or do have anything develop naturally so they get jealous and fearful and aim for seizing power. Some go for power because they know they can help people with it, but usually that's not what they aim for. They don't put "power" as the highest step, they put "good conscience" as the highest step and pray they are in a position to affect things for a moral right.

If my parents have "friends", I'd like to know what their enemies look like.

They smile and chat and ignore the fact that our family has been tortured and terrorized. Just like the friends that let friends drive drunk, so are the friends that let friends be tortured and used against their will.

Where is the petition in writing?

Now, the pastor of the church that just got in, is a military man. He is military. And he's the new pastor. Nothing wrong with that, if people aren't being led like lambs to the slaughter.

My Dad left about a half hour ago to go to "the shop" he said. It's up the main highway just outside of Coquille, and past the liquor store. It up the next road, I believe, that Y's off to the left if you passed the liquor store with that on the left. The shop is a property we have for worship stuff and has a building with things for automotive or whatever.

Someone needs to be tracking down who is going with them, where, how long, and why and what they're doing. My mom shouldn't be showing houses or going anywhere without someone watching. And my son and brother Levi also need to have someone out of the outside checking things out. I am not kidding.

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