Friday, September 23, 2011

Neighbors Who Harass Parents Laugh That Police Won't Help

I just met neighbors who are constantly harassing my family by violating noise ordinances, ALL the time, and staying up late and they are right above my parent's house. They harass non-stop.
I thought it was a road that went all the way through and it's not. So I didn't know, but it looks like it, and they have these friends over and spend the entire time imitating my brother Levi loud enough so my parents can hear.

This man said to me, without my saying anything about police at ALL, he comes out and says, "Go ahead and call the POLICE--see what THEY do about it."

I said, "I'll remember that" and left.

I had not said one single thing about police. I didn't threaten them, and I was wondering what road they were on because I thought it went through all the way and it borders my parents house. They are immediately above my parents and they would have access to doing any number of things.

So basically, out of the blue, they MOCKED my parents, so they must have known what's going on with their being tortured. They mocked my parents saying the police will do nothing. Go ahead and call the POLICE--see what THEY do about it."

About what?

They know who I am because they sit over our house and watch all the time. And they harass my parents all the time. I can't imagine how it was before I got here, what they must have done. And they literally bring this friend over to their house, to talk LOUDLY, right above the house, using my brother's inflection and tone and making the same kinds of comments that he makes. They imitate my brother to mock my parents.

And then this man comes out, this huge man, and mocks the fact of their torture and poisoning and makes it very clear that the police in town are in on committing torture.

I would not doubt it for a minute. I've seen too many of the cop cars driving past to mock me.

Ah, and now I'm being tortured again with someone doing something that accesses the computer. I guess it's because the U.S. doesn't want me talking about the recruits they put around the house before telling my parents to move in. The most obvious ones are these people right above my parents place, and then there's some kind of wiccan group on the other side and they're not as bad but I feel sorry for what's happening to animals.

The people staying at the park my parents own are almost all U.S. government. I am maybe over-estimating, but from what I picked up on, many of the people there are U.S. government and they're not friendly with my parents. They act that way, but a lot of them got in and stay parents can't even pick and choose who rents from them. Some of them are really there on their own, but most of them are U.S. government.

Basically, this neighbor just confirmed what I already suspected...that the police are in on the torture and poisoning. Which means I'm right to guess these "friends" to my mother are FBI connected. FBI would be the only agency that the local police would take tips from. Even though it's others involved in some kind of operation or black site work, the FBI is the agency that would make others believe they will get away with everything. because if the FBI's doing it, no one will come to help you.

That's what they want you to think. No one will help you.

And, I will mention, they are basically now using whatever they use to try to pull on the metal in my neck or pulse it in some way. Hard to describe. It's one of the pins they tap to.

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