Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trillion Dollar Team

I said to my parents tonight, after a moment of shock,

"You know who should be billionaires?"

And my Dad joked, "Me" and I said, "No, that's right. I was going to say you guys. But not just billionaires, multi-billionaires".

And then we said goodnight and I thought on what I had said, and realized no, they are worth several trillions.

Suddenly I realized how distorted and gross this picture was. My parents are among the most highly gifted individuals I have ever met in my entire life and I never knew it. And I've come across plenty of gifted people in the last few years. They are better.

And out of jealousy and GREED, they have been alternately USED for FAR LESS than they are worth, and attacked now,...attacked to bring their gifts to ruin.


Who has the BRAINS that is supposed to be running the show because he or she or that entire ignorant and terrible group are so full of malice and greed and the desire to have power, they have tried to control my entire family for decades, and keep them far below where they would be if they had been allowed to shine, and then the same country allows IDIOTS to try to destroy them??!

They should be RICH in their own right.

Not rich for the government or making another group rich. THEY are the ones who outshine Warren Buffett and half of these other people who were actually allowed freedom.


Instead, it's like the U.S. has allowed groups to use them and then TORTURE? the whole family to keep them down, and profitted off of them in the meantime. I mean, how much MONEY has the U.S. and these little groups who rule the richest rich, how much have they made off of my mom and dad?

Then, some complete MORON, I mean, this is a group of total idiots...they start trying to take away and tamper with the same gifts they profitted from for decades. No respect, no "raise in pay", and they should be, of their own right and from their own gifts God gave them, they should be the ones at the very top. I mean, The Top.

Not to look down on others, not for power or fame, none of those things. Simply because they are incredible and have something that less than 0.50 percent of the population has.

I realize this and think how totally crazy it is that I am writing reports of abuse and torture and my mother is neglected and doesn't even receive antibiotics for the chromium sores, or I don't get them for things I and my son needed, or my Dad doesn't get them.

For what they are "worth", they are beyond the "Fortune 500" club.

I thought people were jealous of ME.

Whoa. It goes back farther than that. They have been incredibly jealous of what my parents had and then see they have this cute little girl and freak out over it and tell everyone to push me down and out of the way.

They should be trillionaires.

It's no wonder the U.S. shot off some threat to the UN about how "We can cut you off from 22 billion dollars." If what. If someone investigates the grossest exploitation of a family in recent history? Exploitation and torture. And robbery! and they even dare to...I cannot believe what has been done to us. Yet someone treats us all this way and what do they do about MY son?

They are Evil-Kineeval: "He's OURS! He's a Garrett-Baird right? MINE. Your offer isn't good enough. We want him more."

These people are total baby-robbers. And first, someone from another country and this one got nervous about the next "Robert Guy Garrett" (not agaaaaainn) and freaked out and started torturing us so my son lost his ability to even speak. And that's not to mention the Bairds.

Yesterday, after I was thinking about some things and my throat hurt, I decided I didn't want water which was all I had and opened a can of tomatoes in juice and poured it into a cup and started to drink it and suddenly I remembered, "Oh my gosh. This is what my grandfather, Robert Guy Garrett, Sr." used to talk about with his kids--tomatoe slurp."

Tomato slurp and here I was, about to slurp tomatoes from a cup.

I was stunned. He was not an ordinary man at all. He was a true legend. He knew things that were going to happen in my life or were supposed to happen, decades into the future. He was like a Nostradamus almost. And then I was trying to mail some things and I had only 1 dollar left and some change and I looked at my one gold coin and what was on it? An indian. I didn't pick them out to save the indian head one. It just happened, and I realized it the day after writing about dressing up as an indian for Halloween in 1997.

There have been people who have known about us.

I walk out, stunned. Totally stunned that some absolutely jealous, malicious, and very UNWISE group has actually encouraged torture of this, and then at the same time, willing to spent billions and trillions to keep the extortion a big secret. They think they can just take my son like they had property rights to him because my grandparents on both sides of my family and my parents are gifted with highly unusual abilities.

Then, it's all-out war and mockery, with huge and vast amounts of money poured into even advertising and tricks to try to harm us psychologically or make fun.

My parents are worth far more than they have ever been paid and their freedom has never even been a choice. When were they ever offered freedom, a handsome cash settlement or reward for all your hard work through decades, and safety.

Some of these people running the government show are incredibly hateful for personal reasons of jealousy, afraid, and they are not good leaders.

Good leaders do not treat people who are outstanding assets for their gifts and courage like this. Good leaders don't encourage bullying of the best people they've got left in the country.
Good leaders don't promote immoral morons about those who are tried and true.

My mother has to pretend to like people like Patty, who transport her around for torture. I guess, because Patty Otterbach, Debbie Sweetwater-Burt, and Kathy Hathaway feel they need to inch up in the world a little bit and make dough on the side. They've all done it together--tortured my mother.

My Dad was saying if things are to get better, I should forgive others. Basically the Catholic church. And then I think, "Someone is allowing us to all be tortured and it's about thugs in government who belong to the Catholic church?" It's not but then I think, "You know what, why would Debbie Burt be telling my mother to lie and say she is Protestant when I already knew 7 years ago she was Catholic? Why would she want my mom to lie about that unless she was worried someone was going to find a connection between their religious group and those responsible for a majority of the torture and abuse?"

When I see it coming from other angles too though, I realize, this is about greed, power, jealousy.
They want to profit off of my family but they tell them to work for their interests while not allowing them to rise to their full potential personally and financially. And the U.S. can't even send my Mom to a decent doctor? or treat me and my son for systemic thrush infection when we ask nicely and it's gone on for over 6 months?

It is shocking that anything at all that's harmful would be ordered to be done to us. I mean, someone is literally giving orders.

They are so full of hate, whoever these people are who are sending out the commands and giving orders, that they have encouraged and sponsored hatred and abuse to my whole family while they made trillions off of them.

What kind of intelligent leader does that?

It is not good business sense.

If you care about the country and the economy, you don't torture people who you've made a profit off of. You don't try to bring down their entire family--you help to build them up or encourage them to grow. Only a very strange military kind of sadist or CIA hater would make orders to torture the whole family.

And no, you don't get to keep my son.

You violated the Hague treaty and there was no right to take my son after torturing us and then pretend nothing bad happened and keep him as your special project.

You can't even treat my parents with the respect they deserve, and give them the antibiotics they need, and keep them from harm's way. Instead of keeping them safe, someone does not have business sense and who is NOT wise, brings the torture TO the family.


Why? because they can't stand to hear the bird sing if it's not in their cage?

They never get a break. They are performing around the clock and never have a moment's rest or privacy and then you throw in torture. I watch them. They are always working and then you bring in people who give orders to try to degrade them and demoralize them, even break them.

Why in the world are that many people following any kind of leadership like this?

What's the objective? I'm sure someone has tried to spell it out as an excuse, but maybe others are not given any information and are just told, "This is the person and location and do whatever it takes."

It's like a lot of people have been under this false impression about what my family is even about, or like if we're left to ourselves to have normal lives.

It's not like anyone was arrogant and then we were tortured. It was more like, "Why are we being put down and tortured?" and noticing sneers and mockery and then trying to figure it out and one day realizing, "Oh my gosh. We're worth trillions and they don't want us to think we are."

You don't need a gold mine if you are one.

And if you are a gold mine, in your own right, people like to try to own you and sell babies for property rights and torture if you offend or don't do things their way.

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