Monday, September 19, 2011

Look Out For My Mom Tomorrow--Torture

My mom has been "friends" with this woman Patty Otterbach. She has the nicest looking face and the kindest tone to her voice and yet when I was not with my parents, I realized something was wrong with her. And this was at a desperate time, possibly around the time my mom's face was slashed.

I said tonight, with my parents denying things and pushing me out the door, "Who would ever suspect Patty?" after I had just put a possibly dirty knife that was on the counter, into a clean dishwasher, I believe it was clean. I don't know if the knife was also clean, I just didn't want it sitting out. Right after Patty was saying funny how it starts at Myrtlepoint and goes to Coquille, backwards. I had just asked out loud if Christine Gregoire bought a new car, after saying the State of Washington, or certain parties, made money off of me, even they put the citizens at a gap. I guess Patty recently got a new car.

When I had tried to look up info about Patty long ago, I was punished for it and probably my parents were too. She was advising my mother to have nothing to do with me.

There was this whole thing about golf on the East Coast--making fun of me and using golf as a symbol for it. I looked up Patty's relatives and she's related to a David Otterbach in Lakeside, Oregon. He owns a golf company and also owns a company that deals in technology. He went to Georgia tech and then started something about sensory view of America. He lives in Lakeside but has pals and contacts in CA, FL, and TX. Possibly elsewhere. I tried looking up information about the company but Google was refusing to perform normal searches for my requests.

So while I was thinking about how close Patty got to my mom and how scared she is, and with some of these realtors coming over and making real estate (or church) a foil for torture and assault, it just clicked. I realized, "Patty could get away with almost anything because no one would ever suspect her." And then she has these weird connections to people.

Today while driving through Coos Bay, this man passed my mom hanging out the window mocking my mother and in a sedan. I don't know if it was the same man, but it looked just like Dennis Pooler, a man who works with Patty, and they were going to be out with him tomorrow for property tour but Patty's instead, which maybe is why someone thinks it's funny. And then there is a Rick Middleton in their office, which I didn't know about, but possibly no relation to the UK middletons at all. Welschel also stood out as a problem.

The golf thing with David Otterback is a potential connection with the Greenman's. Barb and Tim Greenman in Portland, Oregon. Why? Barb works for Prudential real estate, like this Patty Otterbach does and both tried to control my mother and distance her from family. No one tried to help my mom when she was being raped or getting her face slashed, were they? Or were they helping my Dad as he was being tortured with technology and knew what was going on and felt helpless? And both Tim Greenman and David Otterbach are into the golf business.

I told my family I'd apologize to this woman Kathy that came to the house and then when I tried looking her up, maybe it was the wrong page, but she looked like a woman named Lisa, not any of the Kathy's.

I might be rushing to things and I started having a bad feeling but it's either because someone is sad to see the discovery or someone is sad that as I write about these things, the focus is off of others that are doing similiar or worse harm.

I don't even know who my son's daycare provider is but he's at a new place and I never hear one single word about my son at all. They've discouraged my family from even allowing me to hear from my son. It's like they've tried to make me dead to my son and make my son dead to me. He's alive, of course, as am I, but they block us from any contact, totally illegally.

And then they've tortured all of us so much, my parents and I, that it's almost like they deliberately tried to desensitize us if they didn't first almost kill and torture us with suffering.

Then, these ads that show up for my mom's laptop are like mine. Sort of meant to harass I guess. She doesn't allow me to read her mail but I leaned over while I was trying to figure out the remote control and as I did, I saw what ads came up after she sent a short email. There were 3 ads. All of them in red and turquoise background on AOL mail site. 1., Jennifer Aniston's Mother Hospitalized (and no big deal other than I have been buying anise seed and eating it all the time and my dad likes it), 2. Kelly Ripa Crushes Grapes (with a big X on her back and I was just at a church house meeting yesterday standing by the grapes the entire time), and 3, an Ad for "Sensa".

What do I find but the woman who calls up my mother to take her for a "day away", is connected to the sensory view of america man. I mean, it's an ad about a mother hospitalized with kelly ripa and sensa and then I see this knife on a table and who calls? Patty.

My mom had already told her coworkers, before these ads, that she couldn't go on property tour and was going out with Patty.

My mom and dad are being tortured and have been tortured and they have been told to lie to cover for extremely shrewd individuals no one would suspect who then get paid a lot of money to give information to, for some odd reason, the richest of the rich. Why. Why does the media and celebrity world or "power brokers"...who do they have such an interest in gaining info on us and keeping us all under intimidation and threat? torture? and forced to work for others because of gifts others covet?

My brother was pulled over just recently. Someone decided to track him down and pull him over for a suspended license so, they hope, he loses his job. When did they do this? I think it was about the time I asked him when he and Carmen Wilson were married. Next thing we know, he's pulled over. My mom said it was his fault but we all know what's happening. Carmen stole everything he had from him and the people she worked with knew it would make it impossible for him to pay things off. It's made to look like a natural consequence but it's not. It's not his fault he married an unfaithful woman to begin with and didn't realize it. It's not his fault she took him for everything she had and lied to my entire family about who she was working with. It's not his fault he has been targeted as much as me and my parents, by a group that is covetous of gifts they don't have and try to enslave others to then work for them to their own benefit. And it's like forced relocation. If enough people deliberately obstruct your ability to work, or get unemployment, or torture or medicate you to keep you out of work, or put roadblocks to keep you from going to college on time (after they did the worst of the damage for the Army and CIA and FBI with related mafias and mossad sidekicks)...if someone keeps on attacking you, over and over, or has the law enforcement, military, and intelligence friends that keep illegal bugs, taps, tabs on you, then is it that person's fault they are deliberately forced out of anything good.

It's illegal. Because first of all, we're not talking about plain harassment.

They are using torture. Of all of us. it my brother's fault he has a suspended license when he's robbed and tortured? I don't think so. Is it my fault my college was delayed because I had people trying to entrap me, drugging me, and medicating me as well as torturing me? No.

And do I trust my parents? I have to write these things because they can't.

And I'm being tortured and have been for the last several days.

Someone must have paid off the UN. I mean, I'm wondering because at first the torture came to an abrupt and complete stop and then someone from the U.S. threatens to cut off 22 billion of aid to the poor and also probably sent an under-the-table message as well, and they clearly felt free to torture again. At least after the U.S. forced my mom to get rid of the knife slash on her face. No knife slash, no evidence? What about the burn on my mom's left arm? I said to her, "Someone did that to you" and she lied and said no. She said it happened while she was cooking. I said, "No it didn't." She said it did. I said, "You can't get a burn like that from cooking, when it's on the top of your arm and not the side or underside where you'd rub against a pan." She said, "Well, that's nonsense" and said, as I had blogged as well, about her grabbing the pan...and I said "And also, the burn is on your left arm and you're not left-handed." So she had just said she grabbed the pan and then I said no, she didn't.

My mom has a "I grabbed the pan and burned myself" burn that's not even true. She's not left-handed and I've watched her my entire life. She was burned by someone.

In more than one way, my mom was burned.

My whole family is lying about being tortured because they think no one will help.

So, when I'm writing about this kind of thing, it's kind of a test of justice and our system in the United States isn't it?

Test: I publicize torture and evidence of torture. I write to organizations about our torture. People in the community hear about it and can see too if they choose to look. The test is in the response. Who leaves us to be tortured and poisoned and beat further? Who leaves us to be robbed and takes all of our money and then tries to entrap us for crimes we never even committed? Who has made money off of our gifts and then tried to profit their own families with what is not theirs? And who is willing to stand up for justice?

Where is the FBI if they're supposedly not "in on it". They're not part of the problem? I might believe it if I saw them offering protection and investigating instead of blocking investigations. Where is the morality of the U.S. Army and CIA? Who are the "real christians"? So you say you say you're religious. Really? then why torture and hate us to the point of forcing everything to go your way. What kind of religion? Which church steps forward to put an end to a torture situation in THIS country.

We have been putting out a test and we're waiting to see who responds. It should be, if this is the United States, GOOD U.S. law enforcement and investigators. And it SHOULD be the UN or some governing body and they shouldn't take bribes or threats from the U.S.

What does the UN want? the "imperialist" United State that has created much of the poverty in the first place, to necessitate 22 billion dollars of aid, to continue to oppress and TORTURE even their own citizens?

Instead of enabling a country, like the United States, to abuse and torture their own citizens, and then make threats about cutting off aid to other countries, why don't they inquire about why our family is THAT important, that they would make such threats to begin with? and then it's important for an international group to consider why the U.S. wants to keep other countries poor and then hand out little allowances while they beat some of their own children. And you don't think even worse is done to these so-called "political prisoners"? in the detention centers, who are used for human experimentation? IF it's true they are torturing my family when we are citizens, and then threaten anyone with huge bribes, or claims of cut-off, then it must be true that every law regarding Geneva Convention which the U.S. signed to uphold in their own treatment of prisoners of war is being violated.

Where are the jews?

Anyone see jews standing up for them or standing up for my family? what about the catholics? atheist? agnostic? protestants? hindi? muslim?

Who ARE the righteous then.

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