Friday, September 9, 2011

9-11 v.s.Child Hypnotism

I woke up for the 5th or 4th day in a row, with a bad feeling. And I know it's my son. Someone is getting him up and doing something to him before he ever goes to school...whether it's coaching in some way, or spanking him, or maybe it's just that HE DOESN"T LIKE HIS UGLY TEACHER.

My son has been passed over in this backwoods hoe-down of a town, and told he's not special or not gifted mainly because he's half-Mexican. This school administration is prejudiced and they're almost all white. My aunt's kids went there and got straight A's, almost all of them, and not one of them was ever selected as gifted, when some of them were. Why?

Because they're prejudiced.

Not only that, my son doesn't even have some of his same abilities he used to have because of what they've done to him, but he still thinks smart, even if he doesn't articulate in the same way anymore. You can't torture and HYPNOTIZE a child to be a mind control victim and expect them to have the same chance at success.

This school is rotten and I woke up this morning realizing someone was making fun of my son because of the dead tooth that he got in WASHINGTON STATE's "guardianship." It wasn't accidental. My son was hit on purpose and told to lie for an abusive adult and it wasn't the Avilas.

Every single morning I've woken up and had the same bad and sad feeling, that something is happening to my son. And then it leaves around 8 a.m. or so.

I walked into my parents house and the 700 club was on. It was all about 9-11 and how some guy goes in to save them, who works for The Pentagon. Then, another story. And they go on about how 9-11 is about defending the country from people who "hate freedom" and hate "our flag" and whatever.

I remember watching this kind of thing before I was tortured, and it had an impact on me. Of course.

Now, the U.S. tortures their own citizens.

They let people who were my enemies even try to legitimize their torture.

And they've stolen my son.

Do you even know what they were doing with the "ponies" I referred to in my last post? The U.S. had someone who works at that Wenatchee state office "borrow" the same horses that were there for my son to play with, and they were using them to hypnotize my son.

I witnessed, with my own eyes, what his reaction was, and the hateful and disgusting Anne Crane sat there and documented and observed.

I noticed something was wrong...and by the way, HYPNOSIS is not something mafia does. It's something the U.S. government does.

I noticed that one day, everything is fine with the horses, and no big deal and then the next time, I show them to my son and he began to go into a trance, in front of my own eyes.

He almost fell asleep and I saw, with my own eyes, that as he told me to do something repeatedly to him using the horses, that someone else had done something repeatedly to him with those same horses, and they had been practicing HYPNOSIS on my son.

My SON almost got hypnotized by ME, even though I wasn't trying to, just by my bringing the horses up to him to see and then having them kiss him "on the cheek" as he kept saying to do. He went into a trance in front of me.

That's at the Wenatchee visitation, where they BLOCKED me from documenting what they did to my son. They BLOCKED everything and got an illegal order from the bribed and butt-ugly Judge Hotchkiss, who doesn't have a moral bone in his entire body unless he's high. And the very next visit after they made an order to block me from being able to document what was happening to my son, he showed up with his face cut up. And Washington lied about it.

Hypnosis and the trance my son was trained to go into, is not the forte of your basic gangster. Most teens, or gangsters, or even adults in the mob, do not know how to train a child to go into a trance and why would they even care to do it? I don't know anyone in the mob who even wants their people to go into trances, because they want someone all there and reliable.

Not the CIA and U.S. government. They want kids they can hypnotize.

They've allowed my son to be tortured by them and then beat up and abused by gangsters too. And then the more sophisticated stuff, they left to the CIA.

And they have done everything in their power to bribe, blackmail, and desensitize people to not care what is happening to my son and have profitted those who comply. My son is guarded in Dryden by bad cops. I saw one of the bad cops driving down the hill when I was going up with my fiance Alvaro Pardo. And Alvaro nodded to him and knew who he was. They were both working for the government.

And what happened, is that if I didn't marry Alvaro, someone decided to call it a marriage blanc, or marriage to save me and my son (which was really a lie and an attempt by someone else to get me to NY where someone wanted to kill me), and if I didn't go through with what the CIA wanted, they got to torture us and call everyone "crazy". I had a bad feeling that even if there were good people in NY, there was something that someone was setting up for me and it might have been a murder. Something behind the scenes was being watched and planned, and someone in the U.S.. tried to entrap me or find a way to kill me and when I didn't give them what they wanted, they tortured me and my son again.

Just because someone out there was calling it marriage blanc, doesn't mean it wasn't a real relationship, and it was, on my end it was, which is what someone didn't like because they wanted me to go to prison. So since they knew I wasn't doing anything wrong

The 700 Club has people in the government just like every other media.

How about you guys do a show on fraud and hypnotism and abuse of a child?

Why stretch back a decade for memories from 9-11 when you have a terrorism story right here in the U.S.? Or do you also support home-grown U.S. CIA style terrorism.

The U.S. ALLOWED gangsters to abuse and beat up my son. They wanted my son's personality split and to traumatize him, not only for their sick project, but to torment me and my family and try to get us to do what they want. But they saved their "special guys", men and women, for the hypnosis and mind control methodology.

I woke up this morning, to torture. I slept most of the night, and woke up to being tortured by the U.S. with someone pulsing my NECK where the titanium is. That's how I woke up. I didn't wake up from an alarm or because I was naturally waking up. They tortured me awake.

They do NOT GIVE UP.

This is the U.S.?

Explain to me why anyone should care about "9-11". Why am I told to "stop" what I'm doing? Because what I write confirms what outside countries already know? That they have NO Reason to respect a "flag" that doesn't even have the same meaning anymore.

You lead by example.

Not by torturing and blasting people away.

What's the argument the U.S. gives for invading other countries? "We're helping some of the people there who are oppressed!"

Guess what others are saying about the U.S.

They see the same argument. What a switcharoo if you ask me. Other countries looking at the U.S. and knowing there are groups of people being tortured, forced to work for the government, kids with their fingers dipped in acid, hypnosis, kidnapping from the innocent mother...They hear about the U.S. betraying their own citizens and think, "Maybe we have a moral responsibility to do something about it."

Someone will invade the U.S. with the exact same arguments the U.S. gives for helping "Libya" or "Iraq" or whomever.


Do you get it? Work on kicking out the corrupt people who are already in the U.S., fix the problems you allowed to get out of hand, return the child mind control victims to the mothers you've tortured and intimidated, and work on domestic security.

You need to oust more than half of your FBI personnel. And there are other people who need jobs.

And the entire time I was writing this, someone started using infrared or whatever, to then heat my computer and ME with technology.

When I was on Bainbridge Island, there were FBI there. And they did nothing. I lost my voice and ability to sing with full FBI collusion. Which is part of the reason they tried to block me from reporting being poisoned and tortured later. They've watched and been involved. They were not just out on their own somewhere else. They have been literally supporting criminal activity. I guess it's because some of them were "mad" that I didn't do what they wanted me to do. Or it was revenge or to cover for the fact they are guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

I love it. They torture me and my son and then call the next international project "The Odyssey". Like I'm supposed to cheer. I was nothing more than a pawn. Nothing more. Ever. Who loved me? No one. Who loves my son? No one except his own mother. I saw people who wanted to use me and nothing more.

GIVE MY SON back to me. How many times do I have to say this?

I read from scriptures today about the blind man going to Jesus and yelling out "Son of Mercy! save me!" over and over, yelling at the top of his voice. Everyone told him to be quiet and shut up. So, it says, HE YELLED EVEN LOUDER.

And Jesus told the others who were telling him to shut up to shut up themselves and he went over and healed the man, causing him to see when he had been blind.

I don't need "mercy" from anyone in this country. I need Justice and I will not stop yelling about what this country is doing, until you return my son.

I can prove U.S. government involvement in sponsoring torture and mind control research within my family. If someone out there is interested in helping me prove this and has information or documentation, verbal or not, let me know.

I will tell you about one thing I am 100% positive about. I had "ideas" that the U.S. literally might be involved, but I still couldn't totally believe it. I could not accept that idea. I wrote that I thought the military and mob or CIA were working together against me and my son. But I sort of wrote it half-hearted or with just a feeling about it. I had a lawyer tell me it didn't matter if I had a U.S. federal lawyer from another state because my problem was federal. I was so shocked he said this, and actually, God BLESS him for even saying that much. I thought, he's just blowing me off and I didn't believe him. But the federal people were supposed to be smarter than the state people! But the federal people were my friends! the federal people knew me in D.C.! and here I am told it's federal, so it's no use looking for a U.S. federal kind of lawyer. I did not believe it.

Now that I am not as drugged and totally tortured every single day and running away from CIA and gangsters, and FBI, and international dopes, and Middleton FANATICS, my eyes are opened and I see clearly: Yes, this is the federal U.S.

The State has had the rotten weasles. Just the grody scum suckers, but they are taking money from the suits. Instead of helping me and my son, there are federal loyalists to ______? who have paid to trash us and use us even more.

I saw a man with brown hair last night when I was writing about how I thought there might be someone who was planning to kill me in NY. Funny. Because he acted shocked that the idea had crossed my mind then. Did you guys house it around the table and confirm, "yes, there was a plan to assassinate her at this juncture by ____?"

I trust my intuition and that's why I'm alive.

My feeling was that if I had a bad feeling when my fiance said we'd go to NY for the honeymoon or after we were married, there was a man or woman or some group, my feeling was, somewhere over there that wanted to get me into a dark corner and kill me. If I couldn't be entrapped first. And, I felt I was being coerced by some to get married because they didn't want me to be available, as a normal person, for someone else. I didn't have anyone else in mind at all, but I had this feeling about it.

And sure enough...what happens? the state and govt. who are involved decide to keep torturing me? and use my son too?

So it's kind of like if I didn't die off the way they planned, they'd torture me to death.

I have 100% proof and knowledge that what has happened to my son is because of corrupt personnel within the U.S. and there is no one interested in hypnotising children aside from the U.S.

I didn't just have a small bad feeling about something "off" in NY. It was a big bad feeling. So whether the NY person was with the FBI or some govt. group, or just one of Middleton's photography fans, I have no clue. Later, I read about things that broadened the possibilities, like, for example, I later read that Kate had been offered support by some NY group.

I don't know what someone had planned. Old school rope and gag and murder in a house to be dumped out in the fields somewhere, or poisoning, or a murder to look like a suicide? like that Madam with the list who died of supposed suicide by hanging. I think I'd love parts of NY, definitely. I did in the past and I like the idea in general. But someone or some group over there would have had it too easy.

I didn't fall for trap A, B, C, D, and I didn't die of assassination attempt E,F,G,H,I, J,K,L, M, N, so I get called crazy because no one wants me talking about the failed assassination attempts that involved the FBI. They didn't want me talking about what happened to me or was happening to my son and they didn't want my truthful testimony hurting any church or religious group either, when they hired corrupt govt. officials to harm my whole family.

The FBI sure had no problem protecting me and my son when I was with Alvaro.

They knew my parents were against hypnosis and to punish them, they did this to both me and my son. And worse.

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