Friday, September 23, 2011

Washington State Tries To Take Son From Avilas

Not only is Washington state trying to take my son from me, they are now trying to take my son from the Avilas too. They told my Aunt to place him in a different daycare and it's one they picked out. They have my son staying at this place all day one day and then in kindergarten only part of the time. But the rest of the time, they want him with some total stranger the entire day.

I can list the U.S. military as responsible for my torture and my son's torture. It was Pentagon.
100% pure Pentagon. And they've forced my parents to work for them so long, they forced them not to tell or say anything, knowing they already knew it was them.

The problem here, is that the U.S. military has been used more recently, for religious persecution and hate crimes. You can throw in anyone else that was worried I would file a lawsuit for something, but it comes down to religious people in the Pentagon that signed off on torture of me and my son, and approved it.

They have all the information and they know everything. Who cares if there's a mafia, because when a mafia has the U.S. military backing them and protecting them and others who commit crime, it really doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if it's a mafia that's able to buy favor from some local level cops and big city people, the responsibility resides solely, primarily, and only with the U.S. Pentagon.

The Pentagon is responsible for allowing torture of me and my son in this country.

I don't care who gave the order. Religious hatred has been used as a personal reason to torture a baby (now a child), his mother, and my parents. Obviously, some of this has been political. Clearly.

However, when it's all up for grabs, it's the Pentagon that's to blame. It goes higher than that and guess who the President and Biden get daily briefings with? The Pentagon. But it is the Pentagon and it's their fault for allowing these things to happen to us, and using us and stirring up political and religious hate just to get mafia and regular people to help them with what their own project and operations are.

When the Pentagon is involved, and thinks they are "special" and that they can torture kids they've followed and know by name, they have a huge liability lawsuit headed their way with the potential of stripped absolute immunity. They know this, and that's why they need the mafia, to help them keep thing down for them, and to tell all their buddies to let everyone know not to hire us (for normal work), not to pay us, not to let us live wherever we want, not to let us speak freely, and to stir up animosity.

The Pentagon needs a major cover when they're torturing their own citizens.

And even more than that, other religious and political groups need a cover, and if they can tap into their friends at the Pentagon, the coast is clear for them.

I don't accept the "mafia" story. Mafia is the middle man. Pentagon is the buyer and they're the ones paying for the torture of my entire family.

I know someone is trying to have my son removed from even the Avilas because they've stalled all this time ordering the Avilas around, ordering my parents around, me around, and trying to say I'm nuts when the U.S. Pentagon is the organization that has a responsibility to state the truth.

Anything I ever said that bothered me or I didn't want to have happen, I had people deliberately then plot and plan to have it happen. Whatever they thought would drive me over the edge, they did. And anything good I wanted for myself, they tortured me if I even tried to pursue it and they've tortured my parents if they supported us.

To them, it was good enough for them to use us and keep us as low as possible. But then when I had my son and said I wanted him with me, they stole him from me. Who stole my son?

The Pentagon stole my son and they know exactly how they did that, and which Washington state persons and mafias participated. It's the Pentagon that knows for a fact we were tortured, and that really wasn't our fault. And it's the Pentagon that is liable for the fact that because of torture, done for some horrible person in the Pentagon's "friends", I was being called crazy then when I wasn't.

I told The Willamette Week I didn't want my face on the front page. What did they do? They put my face on the front page. In fact, they asked me ahead of time, "What is the worst imaginable thing that could be done? what is your biggest fear and we'll try to avoid that." So I told them and then they deliberately did every single thing I said would be the worst thing. I literally listed a few specific things and they made sure to do every single thing I said would harm me the most. It wasn't negligence, it was intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Christa then asked me, "How would you least like to die? what would be the worst way to die for you?" I told her it wouldn't be death, but torture. I said torture would be worse. And what did she do? She told someone and they began their torture regime, and USED the Pentagon to do it.

She asked what would drive me over the edge and I said, I knew that if anyone took my son from me, I would probably go crazy. I said, "After all of the things that have been done to me, I can't believe I'm not crazy. They wanted me to be, but I'm not. But I know if they took my son from me, I'm sure I would--I know that I would probably end up in a mental institution."

So what did they do? They tortured me first. Which is what they already knew would be the worst imaginable thing for me, "worse than death" and they tortured my son along with me. And now, I'm realizing they probably tortured my parents and maybe my brother too (I don't know, but possibly my parents. Probably not my brother while he was with the spy wife Carmen). They tortured me first and then they took my son from me.

And they waited for me to go crazy or end up in a mental institution. Expecting that I'd have a nervous breakdown.

I never had the nervous breakdown they hoped for. In fact, I stayed out of Wenatchee and worked PT and was told my blog was sounding "normal" again. I wrote back, "Yeah, it's because I'm not being tortured. So of course it sounds normal."

They took my only son away, whom I had prepared myself for raising since I was 11 years old. I prepared better than any of the CPS workers and I can say without doubt, better than any of the Pentagon wives. I invested my time and talent into figuring out how to be a world-class, first rate mother. THAT is what I chose for myself.

The Pentagon didn't like my choice. Or I should say, my enemies didn't like my choice and it worried my enemies so they got ahold of THEIR friends in the Pentagon, to torture us and keep me down even before that.

I didn't go crazy like they wanted so then what?

What was the other thing I told her? I said I didn't want my son raised in a Catholic family after what I had been through, being persecuted so long by so many members of the Catholic church. I would add to that, I don't want my son raised by any other religion than mine, and any other parent besides me.

So what do they do? They continue to find ways to take my son from me and make it look like they care about my son. Who they never cared about, because THEY are the ones who tortured him. Not my aunt or the Avilas. I saw with my own eyes who was responsible. It was Washington state and the Pentagon (military). They allowed horrible people, mafias, to torture my son even and then want to say there's something wrong with the innocent people.

So my son has a bond with the Avilas and how do they try to find an excuse to break it? Order the Avilas to put him in a daycare for half the week and kindergarden only half-time when he should be in school all day. And they know it. THEY picked out the daycare provider.

And so far, while my mother is being tortured and who knows what's happening in Washington, while these Coquille people parade around and contact their friends in Washington state to plot and plan, they try to find excuses for taking my son from the Avilas too. Why? Maybe because they know too much. maybe because they just want to punish my family. My family is so afraid of the Pentagon and the mafia friends that are accessing the Pentagon, they can't even write back to tell me which daycare my son goes to or if the provider is even a christian. All I asked was, "Is she a christian?" And no one can respond to that?

"Hi, I heard Oliver is in a new daycare and I was just wondering if she's a christian? Also, how is he doing?"

No one came out and told me he was in a new daycare. I kept asking about it. If no one can even answer this question, when the State of washington (little 'w') has tortured my son, and when THEY are the ones who are giving directions and who are calling themselves "guardian", there is something wrong. CPS was doing so many bad things to my son, that I witnessed with my own eyes, it would not surprise me if they drove up to the Avilas, tortured my son, and then sent him to daycare or school looking tortured or with suspicious "marks" to report to someone about.

They're hoping to cut me off from justice with the courts, which was never there to begin with because this entire case is a FRAUD to protect the mafia that accessed friends in The Pentagon.

When The Pentagon is responsible for what has occured, it is the responsibility of The Pentagon to correct what they've allowed. And this will never occur under Panetta's command, which is why these same enemies wanted him in the position he's in now, with The Vatican and Swiss Army backing him.

It's the Pentagon. And the CIA has been involved, but it's mainly the Pentagon and they have allowed gangsters to act as their own cover for crimes against children. washington State is liable and they know it.

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