Saturday, September 17, 2011

CIA Mocks Osama Bin Ladin (before they assassinated him)

Not only did this country allow my enemies to use their friends in high positions to torture all of us, they lied to us to try to entrap us.

The CIA used Osama. I thought, intuitively, they were using him for mind control and research. I also knew they had helped all these guys and trained them and then suddenly, with Panetta in charge of the Pentagon, they wanted to take out a hit on all these guys, to make U.S. assassination artists a little extra with contract money.

They were surveilling Osama at his compound and we don't have any evidence that he was not being used there. Someone let someone else in who tapped and bugged the whole place and most likely they put in hidden cameras too.

Then, after they assassinated him, what does the CIA and White House release? They released a few clips from videotapes, showing Osama bin ladin watching t.v., eating, doing normal things...watching coverage about himself on T.V. They showed one in particular of him, with a brown blanket draped around his shoulders, sniffling, like with a cold.

And all I'm going to say is, that I believe Panetta used and tortured my entire family. And Barak Obama knew about it. And then they treated me like I had done something wrong, as if I was connected to Pakistan or to Russians, or some kind of spy circle when I never was.

It obviously doesn't matter that I never was, because they still torture me. And why would they do that to me, my son, my parents and brother, unless someone is using "research" as a cover for just trashing me because I spoke up about some corruption, or because they want to firmly cement me as sounding nuts so that what they wanted with Middletons (I guess) is secure forever.

I don't know what their plan is at this point. They took my son and use him for research but that was later. As for me, they used me and then tortured me, just as they've done to any other group that they, at one point, maybe used for themselves or helped. Now, I can't imagine what they expect. It's looking like: A. "keep her sounding crazy so torture them all" (and for what motive?) or B. "maybe she'll be forced out of the country and we can use her further overseas." With C. as: "make sure we limit her choices to block her from ever succeeding at anything."

It's hard to imagine people hate you that much that they block you from going to college with a federal order to halt all processing of all consolidations of loans. And then they try to squeeze into a niche of 2 of 2 bad alternatives. Or 3! (maybe she'll go to London and we'll make it so the deadline isn't until October and she'll have financing by then and we'll give her her passport. London, for Winter. So I can be made fun of there and used for more mind control and to be humiliated.) Or even better, someone tries to ban me from something there to smear me further, or puts me under another false arrest. Something to really look forward to, while the U.S. steals my son and continues to hold him hostage and tortures him.

There are 2 "black sites" that are illegal which I am able to expose as operating illegally in the U.S. One is in Coquille, Oregon, where my parents and I are, and the other one is in Dryden, Wa, where my son is. And they have a ton of U.S. military and CIA there, retired, semi-retired, and not. Guess what they do to good ones? They end up maybe having to have operations that take out their entire intestinal system maybe. Not that I know whether or not one is good, but maybe a few don't like the torture business. I can give a list of those who do and they are operating with help of mafia and the U.S. government. By every definition of the word, they are true "black sites". And then, sometimes it's not always one small defined "site" but the use of many people who are all involved with the same Operation, which is a "black site" style operation.

Oh, and I found out today, that yes, it's my Uncle Jay who was killed recently. The same one who reviewed the letter of threat that was sent to him in a manilla envelope with no return address, and inside carrying a definite threat to do something about me, written on formal Bullivant Houser Bailey letterhead and signed by John Kaempf. He works with Whittemore, but it was Kaempf's signature on the threatening letter. That's why I addressed him in my email, specifically, and not Whittemore, as having crossed the line to threaten my family over a lawsuit that had nothing to do with them at all. They sent the letter by mistake to my Uncle Jay, who read it and handed it to me.

And Jay was just recently killed, having the unfortunate position of living closest to the road others can drive by with ease and out in the open, I guess, for whatever the U.S. federal government wanted to do for their buddies.

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