Friday, September 23, 2011

New Torture Evidence Of My Dad

This information about torture is accurate, and is made as a declaration, along with any and all information I've disclosed in other posts, I'm not exaggerating...these are the facts and my parents and I, and my son and brother need help from someone outside of this country, that works with humanitarian groups, immediately. My parents are about to die because of what the U.S. is doing to them and allowing:

Description of the torture evidence on my Dad's back:

I don't know how it was done but it was obviously painful. They were small red marks over his entire back but mainly on top, on his shoulder blades. I saw it today and he didn't show me, he was trying to have me leave but I looked. And I think a woman is involved in trying to humiliate and torture him as well.

It's not from some kind of affair or the marks you'd have from normal work or being with some other woman. My Dad was tortured and tortured badly.

(And in the distance, as I write this, about serious torture in the U.S., the announcer for the baseball game playing right now, who knows it carries to our property, is yelling about "WOW. Royal!" and then he yelled something into the megaphone about "RING OF FIRE!" this is the Coquille high school playing field announcer doing this. So you can see, the people here are really "normal" for Americans. Oh, totally normal. I mean, I'll bet he's still playing Atari, but totally normal.)

In this setting, my parents are being tortured and poisoned.

These marks are not just a few red marks. Whoever did this to him, repeatedly took aim after aim after aim and I would estimate, if you counted them all, there might be over 200 marks. I'm not exaggerating. They are all bright red and defined and none broke the skin and they're not transparent or the kind to disappear overnight. They are bright red and penetated the skin. They are round some of them and then a lot of them are round but with jagged edges. Some are small and more rectangular shaped, like they could have been round but whatever it was was moved to the side quickly to make it more like a tiny jagged streak. But some are totally round. The ones on the lower back are larger and round, about the size of a thumb imprint, and just a few, but then whoever did this, specifically targeted the entire area of the left and right shoulder blades. Basically, they gave my Dad a red and white polka dotted back, out of malice and spite.

It's military. Pentagon. Joe Biden is in on it and knows all about it. They didn't tell me this, I figured it out on my own.

The entire surface of my Dad's back is covered, covered, with specks and spots that are deeper than just surface skin and are well defined.

You can tell by looking at it, just by looking, that it's not a rash.

Some form of technology was used but I have no clue what it would be that could do this. It's serious and it's bad.

And before they did this, I had gone over to check on my Dad yesterday, in the morning, after seeing his legs and knees and I found out there is no roof to cause what happened to him there. I already described this in a different post. So I went out and then sat down on this 2x4 while they worked and I was sitting across from one that had a little broken off angel's wing. The other side had a dead green dragonfly or a toy lying down that way. So the next thing I know, after torturing my Dad by making fun of how I set down powdered milk for the cat and then pour water on the round plate and stir it and set it out, on the day I had two plates out, guess what they mocked my Dad over? That. And they had him kneel on 2 round hard surfaces with some kind of white toxin and then kneeling to them. My Dad didn't tell me that, I figured it out by what was on his knees and my intuition. Then, I sat across from an angel's wing and I guess that gave someone driving by who saw (a couple of cars passed and looked) this thought it would then be funny to mock my Dad by doing whatever caused the black-brown eyes to my Mom.

Some things are white torture, and it doesn't leave marks, and it's the worst form. They can do things that will make you bleed out into the toilet and no one would be able to tell. That happened to me and it's happening to my mom and dad and worse.

And the Pentagon knows.

One of my Dad's thumbnails started to turn yellowish today. But my Dad's nails have changed and show signs of severe torture (the white kind, that's not noticeable until it's so bad it changes the color under the nails permanently from trying to create near heart failure. It affects the heart and blood circulation. And it shows in the nails. My mom and I both have disappearing moons in our nails and for me this is only in the last week, as for my mother as well I believe. I noticed her nails only 1 month ago, and there were still moons. Now they are almost completely white. From what I've read, this is an indication of almost complete heart failure. The nails turn completely cloudy white. My mother's nails are fully white

Guess who called after my Dad got home? Patty. As if nothing was wrong.

I'm filing a complaint in writing against Patty.

My Mom talked to her, keeping a business chat and upbeat tone and at one point she was trying not to cry. I guess if she cries they do worse. She cried when she said she didn't think she could go walking that day because of a bad headache and for she was feeling shaky and didn't know why. My Mom blew it off like no big deal.

I believe my parents passports, if they have any, are being withheld. I don't know they even have them but if they do, they're being held by someone else. They are not being allowed to leave this country.

Pentagon and CIA. And they've let mobsters in on it to help.

My mom and dad need help. They need help immediately and it's not going to come from the Red Cross.

Basically, it's like someone lasered out a sign of the cross on my Dad's back. And then Patty calls to chirp away and harass my parents. She doesn't sound like she's harassing at all...there are several groups involved, even over here.

That's why the U.S. and police blocked me from getting over to my parent's house when they needed me.

I looked at my mothers' business cards and not only did her eyes change, with her being photographed with one eye wide and the other one droopy, the address for her real estate company that she works for changed. They were at 31 and now the number is 9 for the same street.

My mom's photo for the first one, has her looking out of it, and not happy. Like clearly something is wrong. And then the next one has her updated and not looking as pale, but one of her eyes is normal and the other one is droopy. Like what had been happening to me. I compared the two photos and the eyes are open the same, but the lid is totally different on one side, like what used to happen to me. And there she is, smiling anyway.

We need help out of this country.

No, I am not kidding.

The FBI has had a hand in this, the CIA is involved because it's their research forte, and the Pentagon is the one using military technology and passing it around. Like I said, mafia would be small and just a tool of these other groups. It's U.S. government.

In the last weeks, my parents have come home saying things completely out of character. They are not things my mom and dad would ever say and it's clear they are being told what to say.

They are told to go out on Saturdays and meet some kind of horrible group and they always come back, after their day out together, in extremely bad condition and depressed.

They've been forced to repeat things to me and try not to cry when they say these things, sounding light and cheery and lying still.

They made the sign of the cross on my Dad's back with a laser.

This is the U.S.

I don't know who is holding their passports, but they are not free to leave. And there are too many people, with weapons, and lies and threats.

I looked in my parent's car today, my mom's car, and someone wrote a title on a white tape that was new, about "This side only" Smoke, Lies (or Lice), Garlic & the Cross." (Karl Haffner ww college church). The date on it is 3/14/98 but it was made today. It smeared off even though it was permanent marker, when I barely touched it with a little water. It wasn't made in 1998. It was made today, and my mom was forced to have it in her car. I've been eating garlic, did last night, and I guess someone thought it funny to torment my parents with this. This is nothing my mother would ever, ever, choose to listen to.

Coos Bay knows their resident "Josh" raped me and they are holding a special event in honor of a "Josh", "from the couch to the run". That's Coos Bay.

The area is corrupt and the FBI is especially corrupt. They forced my parents to move here and then they isolated them from me and my son and had them training their own people and doing whatever they wanted, and torturing them. Now it looks like they're killing them.

We need an international group to come over and make sure they have their passports in hand and are not being restricted by the U.S. from leaving or selling their property. It needs to happen right away. If no one can stop what's happening, in this whole country, something is wrong and they need to be free to get out. They're not free. They're forced to work for the U.S.

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