Friday, September 16, 2011

Tortured After Edward Howard Post

Not that it's related, but I just had someone torture me again after adding to my last post. They did something with technology that caused the titanium or pins in my neck to react.

And if you guys keep this up and keep allowing this, you're in deep water. YOU are in deep water.

I had never looked up "Edward Howard" in my life at the time I was being told to tell the monastery I'd take a "polygraph".

Did he tell the truth? I don't know. I'm not going to say based off an idea that came to mind after seeing how the dog reacted today.

It was like this inside thing, and I didn't know why. And it kept coming up and that was back in 2001. Before Edward Howard was bumped off. My passport was stolen in 2002. There were things going on before then.

Like, I guess 1982 or 1983 was when he was fired.

Why would all these people tell me to use the polygraph line (and it worked) with the monastery and then E. Howard was killed and then I remember the FBI was trying to date me. And then, I used the line with them, later, about the polygraph thing, and it was like they laughed in my face.

So what's the funny joke?

Wanna fill me in?

"Here, we'll help you...let's pretend none of this ever happened...just say you were never tortured and your son was never tortured..."

They were taking genetic samples from me when I moved to Washington state from Oregon. The dentist, where all my dental records disappeared, wanted to send me to some lab where they were going to take a sample of my "saliva". He said it was because some people's saliva is "bubbly" and indicates higher risk of acquiring cavities.

A saliva test at a lab?

That was before my son was even born. They wanted a saliva test.

I think I need to meet Lee Howard or have the U.S. tell me what they're doing by exacting revenge on me.

I was 9 when I had my arm operated on. Then I was 11 when a woman opened the door of her house to let a large dog run into my bicycle when she knew I always took the same route for the paper route. She gave me "tea" when I had to go into her house, crying. I don't think it was an accident. It was made to look like an accident because I remember how she was when my mother showed up. I was lucky because for some reason that day, without anyone telling me to, I put on extra leggings and pants under my jeans. So it tore through my jeans but barely scraped the skin. However, the fall was so hard, that's probably where I got the stress fracture that later kept me out of a running scholarship. It at least could have contributed.

Anyway. I remember work for me was never the same after I worked for the Rose family and the Lewises. The Lewises were the Rose's daughter's son's last name and he was from the Schnitzer family. The first time I babysat for them, or maybe it was at a Passover preparation at Lorraine's house, he offered me a bunch of kumquats, which I hadn't had since "Katie" took them with her to recess. The lovely UK-Jewish connection that almost killed me.

I had a great employment history until I worked for Lorraine. I didn't like what was done by Thebault's really, but I still got a good job after that, and had positive work experiences. But after the Lorraine work, they blacklisted me. (Okay,someone just tortured me again by triggering the metal in my neck and it's no thanks to Chris Rozollo...everytime they do something, the computer starts up and hums louder when it's happening...just did it again. They did something that made my laptop run harder and louder so it made a louder noise and pulsed something again that affected my neck, and just did it again. It's either satellite or someone in the neighborhood because I backed away and it's still being done and without the computer humming louder now. )

If you want to keep it up, I can always go play "Absolute Power". I haven't watched it yet.

So anyway, I worked for a Jewish guy before and it was a great job (though I remember his wife didn't like me at all, but I didn't meet her until almost 1998 to babysit). There were others who were of other religions there as well. I enjoyed my work there. Then I did a lot of volunteer and church work and went to college. Lorraine fired me because I was going to college. I didn't have a problem getting references and being treated like crap until after I worked for Lorraine Rose. And that was in 1997. Then, it got worse after I had a problem with the monastery but now I realize one party maybe had an interest in stirring things up against me with another party. That combination, made it so that everytime I tried to get work, someone was hiring me after tracking where I was.

It was always my enemy hiring me. And then I was being fired or mistreated...or someone would make excuses about how things didn't work out. Someone didn't want me to have a good employee record. All my references were excellent. But then I was always being followed and whenever I was looking for work, it was an enemy snapping me up to work for them before I got a good job with a normal employer. And then they were doing this quick turnover thing on me.

It was 100% political but I didn't know it until now. I had an idea but I thought it was just to keep me out of stable work when I had litigation...but no, someone wanted to mess with me starting after I worked for the Roses with their UK connection. I'm serious. And I didn't know why. I seriously did not think about it except to notice how cold the feeling was and how I was being mocked or pushed out of things.

Someone must have had an idea and known a little, and whoever you are, you were right.

I just want to move on. I have never been "out for revenge". I have wanted justice with regard to having my son returned to me and that is my right. I also want the blackmailing-blacklisting to stop and I want those who hate me to find something else to do with their time.

It's all coming back to me though. I was offered the $40,000 after they overheard me crying about my Dad. I guess someone, at one time, actually had a heart and felt guilty and knew what they had done was wrong. I held out for $60,000. They had a problem with that. What, exactly, was the problem?

Hello FBI, let me know since you're the ones with the dirty surveillance.

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