Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Sure I'm Wrong, But...The Middletons

I was lying on a blanket and since I've never really tried to pick up on anything about Carole Goldsmith or Michael Middleton, I thought I'd give it a lazy go. But really, it wasn't with a lot of prayer, just asking God, and it wasn't super focused and didn't take a long time. I personally think that it was probably imagination because I'm sure they both can't be hired assassins.

I focused on Carole first and what I saw was a flight attendent, very polite, and not reaching all the way over chairs, but sort of bending slightly and giving them things and then out of the blue I saw a cup and got the word "cyanide". So I guess I wondered if anything has ever happened to any passenger on one of her flights. She had this mean look on her face when I saw the cup. It was a paper cup.

Maybe I mixed it up with something else, don't know.

Then I saw her spreading pennies across the water, in an arc, with a lot of pennies going into the water at once. When I thought about what I'd seen, I realized it was done with the left hand and made in a movement from the right to the left.

Then I saw her with a needle and thread a lot. And with some women who I wanted to say were middle eastern since she lived in Jordan, but they looked more like Eastern Indians. They were giving her something. 2 women, at the same time. They went together and it was in support of their business or putting something together to make out for a marriage. It looked like folded up fans or something. Long, rectangular, but seemed to be more Eastern Indian saris than anything.

With Michael, I saw a lot of hard back slapping but I think that was my imagination. I've never seen footage of him but in my imagination at least, he was slapping a lot of backs, and jovial.

For some reason, I thought I saw him in a bagpiper's uniform, but I had thought he was more into the Irish than the Scottish.

And then I saw something that looked like it was out of a mobster movie. I wondered if he had ever been in the military or what because I couldn't figure out how he himself would pull something like this off, but I saw some guy getting shot in the back while lying down on the floor or bed, on his back. What was weird was that the entry of the bullets were going through the back, and out the front and it seemed to be more than one. And then the other weird part was that the man that was shot was lying down or something. So I was trying to figure out how this was even possible and then I thought, maybe if someone was down one floor and shooting up at the ceiling. What's weird is that I could see his back, so how could I see it if he was lying down? I don't know.

I didn't see him specifically pulling a trigger, it was more like it involved him, but I'm not sure.

And then I was asking to see Caroles body and health. I believe, since I didn't put any time into it, that it's most likely wrong. I saw her heart, or a heart, and I couldn't see anything really wrong with it, and then I moved through intestines (again, I don't think I was "on") and didn't really see anything and then somewhere from mid-section to the pelvis, on one side something was darker. But I don't know what it means and just thought there was maybe something lower stomach organ or pelvic-women's related, and it seemed to be just one side.

So, since I saw 2 very violent things with both of them and I've never thought this about them in real life (if I considered spy stuff, not killing), it might be about someone else. But I got it while thinking specifically of them.

There was something else but I can't think of it now.

Well, I just did a laptop check on some of the things that came to mind, and the ones I was able to confirm, checked out about right, or close. Most of this stuff I can't check or confirm on my own. I did look at this photo of Carole, and it looked like the mean woman with the paper cup. I had thought Carole was blond bc I saw one photo or two and her hair looked blondish, but the one of her with bangs and brown hair looked about right. But I couldn't tell that well, it just went from seeing her posture as an airline attendent, to a mean expression and having a paper cup in her hand and something to do with cyanide in it, like she'd poisoned someone with cyanide.

I thought that was shocking enough. Then, to see some kind of a mob scene with a guy's back shot up, was weirder. They suddenly went from looking so normal to looking like assassins.

I don't know if it was from his days in Jordan, or if it was more recent, but it was one thing that came up vividly and associated with him. And, sometimes I'm wrong, sometimes I'm not.

Sometimes, people who torture and make fun of others find out it's not a good idea. ;)

And no, no one told me anything or sent me anything. I saw all these flashes of things within a few minutes and it's not possible for anything other than GOD or my imagination to do that. No one can grab flash cards that fast or summon ideas. It's what I got, right or wrong. Right, eh? right?

(where's miranda)

The other thing I got, which I just now remembered when I was looking up miranda, and saw something about computer-programmer, I remembered what else came to me for Michael. He's a programmer. A programmer of some kind. I initially thought like a computer-programmer. But maybe it's referring to something else.
I feel some of the stuff I saw could very well be more recent. The Carole with the cyanide didn't look that young. I typed in a search for "assassinations, Jordan" and wiki brought up "Black September" in light blue (ah, the color Carole wore. sigh). Something about a 7 point something or other.

Niiice. So that was the 70s. I wonder what was going on in the 80s. The man killed, back then or more recently, I think he had brown hair. It was darker. I didn't see blond, but then again, all I really saw were the bullet holes going into his back.

I guess I'm really not a big deal at all. So of course, please, don't listen to me.

Just torture me as you have been and have paid and encouraged others to do for years now.

I got all of this while lying on a blanket by a stream, in the sun, and getting eaten up by mosquitos. I thought, "Carole's skeeters, here they are." Just as I'm asking about Carole. Did anyone ever make predictions about me that caused them to worry?

Because that would certaintly help me to make sense of what has happened to me, my son, and my family. I mean, it might then make sense why someone would be trying to head me off one way or the other, even when I'm NOT a spy and I'm not even very good at getting the right impressions all the time.

All that I've been is a pawn, and I'm tired of it and all I've asked for is a normal life for me and my relatives and my son. That's it. That is what I want.
By the way, some people are trying to not only torture, but poison my parents. I think it's because the deep slash and gash crap, and the torture, is more obvious, so they are trying to go for the slow kill, by forcing them to take poisons and giving things to them without their knowledge, beginning in about 2002 for sure, and possibly trying to narrow things down all the way back in 1990...tracking my family.

Get off of our backs.

And no, I'm not confusing what's happening with my family with what I got about the Goldsmith and Middleton people.

As to the shot in the back guy, I don't know what kind of gun it was. I don't know the difference between semi-automatic and automatic. It didn't really seem to be the kind of gun where you shoot and then you have to reload or twist something or do something, it was sort of like several bullets at the same time, or rapid succession, in his back. And they came out through the front and I didn't really see blood and gore, more like holes and then knowing which direction, but not seeing splattered parts or anything like that. It was his back, and it was more than one bullet hole. When I saw it, the body was moving from the bullets. It wasn't a stationary thing. The body jerked and moved up (forward) as it was being hit in the back.

I guess I'll add, since it just came to mind now as I read something about an assassination of a guy on stairs, I got the impression of the man being shot, right after I had an impression of Michael Middleton walking up stairs from a basement. By NO means am I making a connection to that particular assassination and Middleton, but I remember the stair scene I saw of him after reading this other thing. He was walking up stairs, Middleton, and I was looking down and could see his head as he was walking up. His head was bent down, not face up looking at me so I don't know if he knew I was there or if I was just seeing him and then it went from that flash to a man being shot in the back.

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