Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fired Law Firm Refuses To Quit

This law firm that has done nothing but harm (I guess that's what the screw was for, was about screwing me and my son over) proceeded in a hearing without me.

I had already made a motion asking for a hearing to proceed pro se ahead of time and it was ignored. It wasn't even addressed at all and the only reason I did this was because I saw that costs are covered in Appeal if you go Pro Se, and I also knew this firm was intentionally harming my case rather than helping it.

Sure enough, they "lost" on a point that no one should lose over. The very fact they even "lost", on top of the other things they did and didn't do, is proof they had a conflict of interest from the very start.

Oh yeah, and by the way, the people THEY know had people that know my Mom and Dad, torture all of us. ALL of us. And no, I'm not exaggerating.

They forced my parents to not help with money even, and my parents weren't allowed to let me print anything out or use their paper. Why? My parents would want to help me. But you know what? No one likes being physically tortured. No one. When people are beat up by gangsters, raped, and targeted by the U.S. military, there is a problem.

It harms things like being able to defend oneself in cases that involve the same child the U.S. government is already using for their experiments and research.

I knew the Koch firm knew Justin Titus because of how they covered up for him and made him look good actually, instead of intentionally negligent. David Koch is Jewish. Justin Titus is Jewish. Patty Otterbach is Jewish. They "united" with a lot of others (some catholics) who don't like us. And it's not like the Jewish community doesn't keep tabs on people. Chris Rozollo said he was catholic but guess what? He's Jewish. Why would a "nice jewish boy" sleep with me, hope I go to jail, and then torture me with U.S. military technology and tell me he's "Catholic"? Could it be that some of the rotten Jews want the Catholic church to take ALL the blame, when some of them have done really bizarre things to my family? I wonder what the UK Jews-US Jew grapevine is like.

My family here is surrounded by Jews too. I mean, tons of Catholics and that's typical, esp. when you're dealing with CIA and FBI involvement and they're united...but you start wondering about the whole jewish aspect of things when the jews are hiding behind covers of "Spirit-filled christian" and "Catholic". Because then, you bring in Mossad or jewish alliances and you start to wonder, since they are such a powerful group even if they're small, you start to wonder what motive they have for intentionally torturing others, even when they cry "Holocaust!" or "Discrimination!" if you say anything about THEM.

So whoever was just in my house today, by the way, Justin Titus, the "jewish" lawyer I had who deliberately fouled up my case to prove I was innocent, and who worked an Irish Catholic firm, he (Justin) had all of these pink and yellow symbolism ideas, for whatever reason. It was like, pink and yellow were turning into his family colors.

Whoever tied the strings on my door today, tied them into a sling shot. And yesterday, while my mother was being tortured, all these jewish and Catholic (and a few atheist but not many) people were driving by mocking what was happening. One woman had plates that said Davene. It was like some kind of celebration over David Koch and what his totally corrupt law firm did.

Predominantly, it's U.S. military and CIA because they run the programs. But the people wanting to be in position around my family and giving orders to harm and try to ruin us, or carrying out those orders, have acted a lot more like Mossad.

At least their synogogues knew there was a "conflict of interest" and had the decency not to respond or to discourage me from going to their place of worship. I had no idea. I had no idea such animosity and fear existed among them. It's the Jews who would rely on programs like The 700 Club to harass us as well. The 700 Club is so zionist-minded they are celebrating Rosh Hashana. ?! I guess they like getting the money more than they care about representing what christianity is about.

This law firm was not good and I was thrown into psych wards and injected with Haldol so I had no way to protest. Every dirty trick and illegal form of crime and torture has been done to keep my son from me so the U.S. military and CIA can use him for research, and keep using me as well.

They are hurting our entire family for money. They use US to make themselves money.

Wasson and the other 3 Judges at Washington State are all in on it. All of them.

A LOT of people knew how Wasson was going to rule and a lot of people warned me about the law firm too but I had no way to keep up when they refused to communicate.

To lose on something so obvious, the right to attorney at Termination and for at least the entire year I was without one and asked for one, is political.

They could say I don't like the Koch firm and that's what they wanted, to make it look like I wouldn't get along with any of them and it's not true. The points made have to be legal and paper ones, not just opinions about a certain person.

If they thought I wasn't getting along and needed mental help, why did they never do a competency review? It was the State's idea to say I had the worst possible mental illness anyone could have.

They slipped in their argument deliberately and I'm not going to make positive stupid assumptions and expect them to fix it in 30 days and get the evidence out there that needs to be out there.

I'm doing it myself and arguing the fact that yeah, if I had known I would have been paid, I could have done it myself, but being poor and kept out of work so the U.S. gets to experiment on you, doesn't help.

It's the U.S. military.

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