Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Retaliation, Edward Howard & Sanctions

I'm remembering more. I was also looking up Anti-SLAPP lawsuits and considering filing for this because the lawyers in Oregon kept persecuting me and trying to intimidate all my family members. Including the FBI. I mean, the FBI was in on it and has been.

And in Wenatchee, they were trying to ban me from the courthouse and the hospital. Before they got their friends to start tortuing all of us, they used a very strong tactic in trying to intimidate me and my right to free speech or to oppose what was being done to smear me.

I thought about it, because there is case law about, which includes Fraser v. Saanich (1999) from B.C. I had proposed I would file my own anti-SLAPP case for what was being done to intimidate me and smear my name and people didn't like it.

I guess I thought of it because I just called my mother and she has these so-called "friends" that are not friends at all and they want to take my mom and dad to a place called Frasers all the time for coffee. My Dad came home once, from there, looking ill in the gills and I asked where he had been and what he'd done and he said they were at Frasers/Frasiers.

I guess it's interesting since I just looked up torture clips about people forcing others to self-harm or self-poison or go places where they know that might happen. It might be interesting since this is where my parents were probably forced to be around the time that Bujanda and Garza were here (FBI).

I thought about it because of the game Slap, where someone takes your hand and hits you with your own hand and says, "Why are you hitting yourself? why are you hurting yourself?" There's one game where you try to outrace the person to not get slapped, but the one that came to my mind, knowing these people are torturing and poisoning my family, was the one where someone has taken your own hand and then causes you to harm yourself and then blames it on you.

"You're hurting yourself! Why are you hitting yourself? why are you drinking your own poison? why are you cutting yourself? why are you out of work? why are you in jail? why are you being tortured? why are you putting yourself out of work? why are you putting yourself into jail? why are you torturing yourself? why are you ordering things for yourself that will harm you if you already know it will harm you? why are living where you're tortured? why are you choosing to go with torture transporters? why are friends with that person if they hurt you? why are you laughing with that person if they harm your whole family and take you to be tortured and poisoned at the same time? Why are you living in the U.S. if it's so bad? why are you lying to defend those who torture and rape you? why don't you help your family? why are you not helping your daughter if you love her?"

Slap. "Don't call your daughter. Don't pay for a private attorney or we'll do _________. If she hates you, say it's her fault. This is the position we're going to put your daughter in, without any family help, so we have force her the same way we force you."

There is some seriously sick and aggregious history in Wenatchee too. And people who hated my Dad and my family, trapped my son there. People in Washington state who used my Grandpa Garrett and Grandpa Baird and Granny, trapped my own son in the state where they have been habitually controlling and torturing my family.

I thought about sanctions last night.

Where are the sanctions against the U.S. and trade embargos, for punishing and torturing their own citizens?

Don't blame ME or anyone else, for an "International problem" someone suggests I created. You can look to the "Slap" people who attempted to force a situation to begin with. What I want to know is how long my parents have been tortured.

It's not like a social worker just said one day that what I wrote about my parents was awful. It's more like, someone didn't want me figuring out why they were being forced to act so "awful." They were tortured if they didn't.

So now my mother has black eyes after 1 day out with Patty Otterbach. Don't we want to know why?

I mean, does anyone even care about this or is everyone that sadistic they don't care or are glad?

I want to know why there is hardly any information about Edward Howard online. The U.S. FBI hated him with a passion. They didn't just dislike him, they hated him. The U.S. FBI not only hated his guts, the CIA hated his guts. And then maybe the Russians didn't like him so much either, I don't know. It was FBI counter-intelligence that went after him. So actually, even though the FBI is domestic they go international like the CIA, in order to entrap Americans they despise. They didn't even have anything on this guy Howard. They had nothing but they hated him for escaping.

If I'm related to him, I have instant grounds for political asylum and for my son as well.

I don't see how the U.S. can keep my son from me, when I have all this dirt on them.

I had one woman telling me, in Wenatchee, that I had almost caused " international incident" and then another man in Seattle saying " don't want to know.." and then saying the magnitude was "World War III" level.

How can GOOD people in the U.S. allow all these horrible things to happen to their neighbors? by other U.S.?

If I find even the smallest connection to Edward Howard, I have an incredible claim against my own country, for torturing and terrorizing my entire family.

Oh, and the knife in my Grandpa Bairds' rear end? I'm supposed to still think that's an accident?

One of the reasons why they try to control my parents and torture them and my family, is because they know they're gifted and could probably figure out a way to put any and every one of them in jail. People are afraid of them and what my parents could do to them, so they used a massive amount of money and resources to try to counter the God-given abilities they have. They may have been used for a long time, but they were born naturally gifted, with inherited abilities their enemies do not possess. And because others were so afraid of this, and of their genealogy, they've tried to oppress all of us. If my mom and dad wanted to, they could put the entire nation and several groups at a huge and significant risk. So to get at them, and keep them under U.S. control, they use extraordinary methods to torture all of us, and force them to lie and then try to call me crazy.

I don't know why I get impression of Christopher Hitchens acting suprised.

My parents are able to solve crimes others don't want solved. And most likely, there were some people back in the 50s or even earlier, who made astounding predictions about the future regarding my family and when others figured out it might come to pass, or got worried about the family abilities, they went after us.

I can call my Dad up and he knows exactly what I'm doing. Most of the time, but now people are poisoning them maybe because they're worried that someone might start talking.

My Dad was asked to give him a list of those I thought were responsible. Like I'm going to do that and then be killed like Diana. I gave one out a long time ago and I know some things now but I'm not giving my Dad a list so he's forced to turn it over to our enemies.

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