Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Evidence Of Torture on My Mom

My mom left to "work late" and she never does. She came back and I am not sure but the skin around her eyes looked even darker than before.

I need to clarify something. I'm not talking about "dark circles" under the eyes, like you see from lack of sleep. This is a specific outline, on the inner skin and by the nose. It is the same color of brown as the laser mark that I photographed which occured on my arm and has permanently damaged my skin.

It never went away and it's still there, on my arm right now. Part of my skin is pinkish white and lighter than normal and the other part is darker brown, from the laser mark. It wasn't "the lime juice".

Not only that, from what I can tell, as my mother's face has been swollen a few times, it has also looked like someone has done something to her nose but I don't think recently.

Her nose is different than it was though.

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