Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tortured Tonight (my parents)

They're being assaulted and tortured tonight. I went to the house after they were asleep to check and even from the outside I could tell.

It's the same kind of technology that caused the ink in my pen to burst and it's surrounding their house. I walked around the whole outside and I could feel it, the same thing, and affecting my heart.

My mom has been saying she's had a horrible headache, migraine severity, for the last 3 days or this week, which is about the same time her eyes turned up black and brown, though not on my Dad until later. For my Dad, it was mainly one day. For my mom, every single time she left the house with Patty Otterbach.

And the AOL ads on my mom's computer kept refering to businesses owned by Patty's relatives. Like AOL supports torture and assault or something or the violation of the right to freedom of religion.

My parents don't do voodoo stuff for themselves or me or anyone. It's something recent, very recent, and they were ordered to allow it or have all of us tortured to death. This is why I ended up on Haldol at psych wards. If my parents didn't do what they wanted, they did something horrible to ME to put pressure on them.

I just posted this whole paragraph describing what's being done to my parents house and someone deleted it.

The technology being used is the same kind that burst the ink in my pen. It's all the way around the house, from what I can tell, though at some points you feel it only if you're up against the wall, and other points you can feel it extending out a couple of feet from the house. It feels like a humming-buzzing-vibrating technology and it affects your heart so that your heart is erratic and doesn't act normal. It causes the ink inside of a pen to burst within 1 minute of the exposure.

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