Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Evidence of Torture to Bob Garrett

My Dad left at 6 a.m. this morning before I could see him. When I saw him at about 10 a.m. or earlier, he had new evidence of torture on his hands and body. And it is and was clearly torture.

His hands were the same color except for at the top joint of knuckles, not the middle part but top part and this was all red. His knees were also covered in a new substance. The top part of the knuckles looked broken.

They all appear to be fractured, and are swollen.

I stayed there to see what else I noticed, because the police and FBI here are, so far, in on it.

They were still red by the time I saw him and then after an hour, they were no longer red and I then noticed his thumbs and entire hands were completely distorted out of shape and gnarled--both of his hands were so swollen he was hardly able to handle the tools for working on the place.

I see my Dad's hands every single night, and today is the day they are ruined. He no longer has the same shape and strength to his hands. They are completely warped and it appears to be from a form of torture and might be a combination of more than one. His hands have changed overnight, and yesterday was the day I made the report to the local police.

The officer on duty was Coquille police officer Ray McNeilly, supposedly.

He also had a hard time seeing, and I noticed some form of military technology being used at the site, though not as much as before.

When he was getting off the ladder and trying to climb it, his back and knees were almost giving out on him and his other worker was fine. It seemed like nothing was wrong with him at all.

He's also been forced to drink something bad and was forced to eat something when Patty Otterbach came over last night. He might have been forced to drink something toxic this morning as well and couldn't stomach drinking anything.

I don't believe Patty Otterbach would have had the nerve to go back to my parent's place unless she already knew something had happened to my Dad.

I could not even check email about the case for my son, for a hearing yesterday, because my parents are in the middle of being violently assaulted and having the police and FBI cover up for it, and getting in on it. I am not joking. I am not lying. I am not exaggerating. I am not delusional.

They are being tortured, and tortured worse than I was personally tortured.

My son has also been tortured, but right now I have no ability to report what is happening and with my parents next to me, I am able to report the progression of their condition and how the United States government is either allowing others to slowly kill us, or are in on it.

That movie Spy Games, is what is happening to my parents, and no one is supposed to believe it's happening.

This woman just got up from her computer after watching me and looking happy about what is going on. She said she goes to the St. James episcopal church and that she's lived in Coquille only one year. Then she walked out giving the other woman next to me a sideways look and smirk.

Whoever has moved into this town, has moved in as back up to cover for those harming my family.

Not only is it possible my Dad was forced to drink something very toxic, someone had spilled gasoline all over the entire back of his truck. His entire truck, the whole bed, reeks of gasoline.

My Dad has also been forced to keep a generator running if he's out working on a place, and keep it running next to him the whole time, and why I'm not sure unless it's helping someone else facilitate a form of torture or line for it.

I found out things people were insulting me with, with Chris Rozollo, they are doing over here, and not only that, they are indicating they have connections with some of the people at the youth hostel I stayed at in Seattle, where I was tortured and poisoned under FBI watch. I went to the local station to pick up records, and this woman's entire desk was decorated with things from photos of me with my Ex, and things from the hostel where I was tortured and poisoned and visited by people from out of the country. They even brought people from Tennessee who harmed me, over here to then harm my Dad. No one would share information in this way except for mafia or gangs and the federal government. Or a church. It's easy to spread information through churches. The FBI accuses Muslims of doing this in their mosques and yet the FBI does the same thing in their own churches. I have seen this done in churches that are connected. It's like any other business or organization...if you have "cells" from one town to the next, it's easy to transmit information, whether it's a church or a synogogue.

My Dad's hands are completely ruined and this is what the U.S. has allowed.

Now I know that the sudden "arthritis" in one of his hands, which you couldn't see from the outside at all, was not caused by arthritis. Even though he had it in one hand, if you looked at his hands, you couldn't tell.

Today, there is no way he got arthritis or something that warped his hands overnight without torture.

My Dad was tortured again, yesterday, while I was making my report of torture, after I filed my report, and then again this morning.

My Dad was not the only person who was still tortured after I filed reports--my mother was, by Patty Otterbach, who felt confident in coming back and that the U.S. would protect her and whatever she did to my mom and dad.

Not only that, there was a full-on breaking down of a door at my parents house and nothing has been done about that either.

I put my report in writing and the liability is on The United States of America.

I will be sure to send copies to every agency I can think of, in this state and outside of this state, and keep records of the mailings and what information has been sent. And if this continues to happen to my parents, the U.S. has a wrongful death lawsuit on their hands. They are trying to have my parents killed. And the U.S. is allowing the same people they used all this time, to be tortured.

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