Monday, September 19, 2011

Dad Throwing Up

My mom and dad don't have illnesses, they have people poisoning them and torturing them. I just overheard my dad throwing up in the middle of the night.

The man whose wife is a nurse is named Pam and her husband is Keith. He was the one making veiled threats and he's been the one in the background doing some bad things. He and his daughters didn't want to eat anything my mom brought to the potluck tonight, I noticed.

They might have a contact through the FBI and I believe the woman who works as a librarian is possibly FBI.

I was tortured after I reported the FBI.

So I think someone went in and smeared me in a file when I made a report of misconduct, and then my enemies had marriage blanc? no, carte blanche to do whatever they wanted to all of us and the assurance that the FBI wouldn't interfere...rather, they had some of their people in on it.

FBI doesn't do psychic research but they do choose to either investigate crime and protect others or they can turn into the worst nightmares. I'm putting my post about Barb and Tim Greenman up again.

They are FBI. I might consider what my parents have to say first, but they are FBI.

Not only that, the FBI that was going to where my parents lived, in the Coos Bay area, at the time they tried to date me, they were FBI and working in my parent's jurisdiction. Canada said it was the FBI that smeared me. I believe the FBI has been torturing and manipulating my family, to do what they want and they have allowed mafias to harm under their watch. So the point has been, "We don't care about you." They enable other groups to go after my mom and dad. The man in church today who had his daughter with bare feet is, I believe, FBI. He was there to notice the nurse's husband.

The FBI is being used like a gang or mafia, against my family. They've done the same things mafia do but they threaten to lie and take others to jail. These FBI have used extortion, bribery, and torture. They've known other agencies are involved and cover for them.

CIA and Pentagon are involved. I went to D.C. and the military hospitals were afraid of me; they wanted nothing to do with me and shirked from helping me prove torture with their diagnostics. They were no good. I started to get a law firm lined up in D.C. re. human rights. They were interested. They said, send your info and I was going to send everything.

What do you know but Alvaro Pardo pops up to save the FBI day. I personally think he was CIA before FBI, but if he was trying to entrap me, that's more like FBI now isn't it? It's the FBI that does stings or plots schemes. The CIA doesn't usually set people up to catch them...they're busy getting assets and taking in spies and workers. The FBI likes to do their little traps up real pretty-like.

It was that agency that had the most incentive and motive to lie, because they knew if I got records, their name was on the kidnapping of my son.

ooooHHHH...and now I get it...Alvaro had my hair cut for them. It was the FBI that defamed me as drug seeking perhaps, or drug using, because they accused me of using weed or marijuana when their guys were molesting me at my own house. Julia Thornton's tactic was to lie and say I must have been doing drugs when I never did in my life. So FBI writes this into a file and maybe defames me to Canada and then they have their man Alvaro go in and use me.

"Here's your job. Have sex with Cameo and then we're going to try to entrap her. Have sex with everyone, but pretend like you care about her. Oh, and get her hair cut."

If the FBI got caught red-handed at not only illegally kidnapping my son but bypassing laws to hunt him down, and if the FBI was the "RCMP" in Canada, pretending to be Canadian but actually FBI counter-whatever, then he tried to entrap me too, to prostitute and I refused. I never did drugs ever and they knew it.

Then I'm in Washington D.C. and on the phone with a civil rights high powered law firm and I'm ready to talk about everything, including my torture, and suddenly, someone jumps Pardo in. That's why he was going to Seattle too. Someone tried to mislead me and say CIA is in Seattle. Sure, but Alvaro was not only having sex with me, he was trying to screw over my entire family and son too. And for the FBI he was willing to destroy evidence they knew I could use against THEM.

HE was setting me up. HE had me DESTROY evidence to benefit the FBI and their relatives and friends at Bullivant Houser Bailey. He worked for the FBI in Colombia and then he was in the U.S. and they wanted him to work for them here.

When I ditched him, the FBI and their mafia went crazy on us. They allowed then, creation of black sites with their blessing because they didn't want anyone to believe me when I started talking about what they'd tried to do to me. And it was in their best interests to allow the military and CIA to use us, and they were the bodyguards and used their mafias against us. The FBI didn't want anyone to believe this poor single mother who loves her son, and how they tried to get revenge and ruin my whole family before I could complain about what they'd done to me and my son. The FBI didn't want anyone to think, with shock, that they would actually hire a man to have sex with me, pretend to love me, lie and be unsafe while with other women, and then try on multiple occasions to entrap me. Not only that, it doesn't look good when the public finds out the FBI was destroying evidence.

That's obstruction of justice and they're supposed to be the upholders of the right. FBI instructs man to have girlfriend with potential lawsuit against them, destroy all her evidence.

The FBI worked with others too, but this was their game. Not only did they sneak around trying to entrap me, they helped others to harm us. All of us. Then they got mad I didn't get married. Why?

After that, they had all the tests done in order to set me up for torture and they planned it ahead of time. It was also to make me look inferior to someone else, and I gathered that much.

I was clearly not worth a penny to them. They hated my guts. They were the enemy I was marrying into and how odd because I never thought the FBI is ones "enemy". However, when you're telling your man to destroy evidence that could be used against you in a court of law...hmm. Enemy. Worse than an enemy. Traitor and coward.

What were they going to try to do? get me to marry and then lie and make some kind of marriage fraud case? and then they couldn't because I never married him? Where was this marriage fraud case to take place? NYC?

Who was in the FBI in NY? Karin's dad. Although, if we had married in Washington state I could have had someone try to lie about me there. I could have been held captive by the FBI in WA. Instead, they tortured my whole family to try to cover for themselves and get rid of those who talked. Maybe someone didn't want anyone figuring out who was linked with whom.

Mueller needs to lose his job. I can prove collusion to permit torture in defiance of all laws and obstruction of justice, and one party my entire family can name is the FBI.

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