Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mafia & Police Tortured Me, My Mother, and Dad

. Today I saw more mafia than government.

I went to check on my Dad and some people came over and tortured, totally tortured my mother again.

This time they lasered her eyes so badly, the cornea is turning yellow and thickened and there is a visible stripe on the whites. They are trying to blind my parents.

The Coquille police are part of it. They are working with mafia and they're corrupt. One officer stopped me while I was trying to go back to my mother's house and I had a feeling after I left that I should but I didn't. I was wrong not to listen to my instinct.

My other instinct is just as strong--the cops in this town are completely corrupt. They allowed men and women to go into my mother's house and try to make it look like a break in. The door doesn't open properly but they already had keys.

They damaged the door to make it look like they were just thugs. They knew I'd come home and see what condition my mom was in and that I'd know it was someone my mom knew if she let them in. So they tried to make it look like someone broke their way in and they didn't.

They smeared stuff all over the door, went over to my place and cut a string that I had around my door, and they broke into my mom and dad's house.

It was hispanic mafia looking men in town today, which is not usual. Even the Virginia plate people looked like mafia, not government. But it was most likely Kathy Hathaway again, or Patty.

Patty is the one who has done all these things to my mom's eyes. Every time my mom goes out with Patty, she comes back in worse condition. It's the exact same thing but this time, Patty, or whoever Patty takes my mother to, did enough to ruin my mom's eyes permanently. And then after they turned the whites of my mom's eyes yellow, they smeared yellowish dirt at the bottom of the door that they made look like they'd broken in.

The cop that stopped me today is fully corrupt. His badge said S. Sanborn and I asked how long he'd been in the town and he said his entire life. I asked how long he'd been a cop and he said 4 years and I said, "What did you do before that?" and he said he was in the Army.

He was standing right next to me with some kind of technology that is being used where my Dad is working today, and it caused my pen to burst again, and leak ink all over my hands. It's strong enough that there is no doubt it

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