Friday, September 30, 2011

Right To Reasonable Representation

right to reasonable representation

Friday, December 19, 2008

Cassel and Wellbaum Refused To Mail Me Court File

I still have not received any discovery from either Cassel or Wellbaum, even though I asked BOTH of them to mail me my case file and copies of everything they had for my case.

I got a box from CPS, and nothing, absolutely nothing, to this day, from Cassel and Wellbaum, even though I sent each of them multiple emails.

I didn't have copies of my case file prior to any Contested Sheltercare hearing and I didn't have copies of my case file prior to Fact Finding, even after I repeatedly asked them to mail me the records. I have a right to copies of the case file, and neither Cassel OR Wellbaum gave me my file.

It was never mailed to me at any address, and I never got an email from Cassel or Wellbaum, indicating they HAD mailed me my case file.

They didn't even make an attempt to let me know one way or the other, if they were trying to send me the file.

I was told to go pro se, last minute, and I was without discovery from CPS and I was without my own case file from Cassel and Wellbaum. I had no idea what the allegations and medical records contained because I didn't get copies. Long after the case was decided in favor of the state, I finally got a box from CPS, but nothing from the public defenders.

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