Saturday, September 17, 2011


I'm not vegan.

I also wouldn't want my son to be vegan when I think some dairy and beef and fish is important.

But I've been fully vegan for about 1 week.

The part I think is unnecessary is that I like milk and eggs and cheese and wasn't able to eat meat, so having something with cheese was great.

Then I decided, I would try vegan to save money until next month. It's not a religious thing. I just did it. I didn't buy any eggs, dairy, or anything. The part I like the most, is thinking about hows not having to be hooked up to machines and in slaved cow labor, or forced to milk every since they were pregnant (happy cow kicks up its heels).

This is the part I get the most satisfaction out of. To me, it's a somewhat grim diet. No cheese is horrible. No eggs, when I sometimes eat 6 hardboiled ones a day. But when I think about cows locked into machines and forced to produce every so many hours, I do feel really good about it. And with chickens, I think some chickens have the lay of the land, but some of even the organic or free range ones might not be treated well. I don't know. Free range means what? free range up to the fence? How large is the range? where do they lay the eggs? forced or natural?

In general, probably chicken eggs from free chickens, is not a burden on any animal.

And as much as I love milk, the part that gets me through, is thinking about how I am not contributing to slave labor or mistreatment of animals.

and I do feel that even though I'm not saying I'm a vegan permanently, I think anyone who claims to be pro-animal rights also must be pro-unborn child rights. It's all about your view of how to treat life and thinking of the condition of suffering in life and how to make it better for others.

So in the last week, I've had to come up with new ideas of things to eat. It hasn't been too bad. I have no cookbooks right now and not a lot of ingredients so I'm experimenting with food. That would be a great thing for these scientists to get into, that have nothing better to do than torment others. Why don't they experiment with food.

I've made more soybeans, black beans, 17 variety beans, brown rice, and other dishes. I got to the corn tortillas and thought, "What do I know when there's no cheese?!" but I made it stuffed with lots of veggies and instead of cheese, grilled mushrooms or fried cabbage for something a little heavier to add to in place of cheese.

I've tried different seasonings including jalapenos, serranos, tumeric, garlic, and onions. And last night I wanted onion rings so I had to figure out a way to make onions rings and found a way to make a candy or cookie instead.

I don't know how to make onion rings. But I figured it's a gooey batter and then roll it in a flour of some kind and drop in oil. So I filled pan with oil and had nothing gooey like eggs. I didn't use milk. So I ended up using molasses. I had no flour and only wheat bran, steel cut oats and beans and pasta. I tried dipping them in heavy molasses with honey and rolled them in bran and dropped them. But the bran and molasses didn't stay on the onions and spread across the pan. So I ate a few carmelized onions and then I scraped up the bran and molasses/honey and it was a candy like sesame candy made with seeds and honey, but this was wheat bran and molasses and a little honey. It's a really good vegan candy. More candy than cookie, but it looked like a 5 minute munchie or no-bake cookie. Then I tried grinding up the oats and made a flour with it and the oats stayed on the onions better. But still, it wasn't a thick enough crispy coating or breading and I didn't have any bread. So I then made onion soup. I used all the onions and 1 full root of garlic (with several cloves), serrano pepper fresh, and added mushrooms and then let it steep in water that also had some of the honey/molasses residue and I had this for breakfast this morning. I topped it with a little fresh finely minced tomato and minced onion sort of as a garnish.

It has not been too bad.

I read that only 5% or so of the population in the U.S. and UK is vegetarian and only 1% claims to be vegan. I can understand why. The only pro really, is if you suddenly realize how it feels to be tortured, enslaved, or suffer, and then think about what might be done to animals to get what someone wants to buy. And wants everyone else to buy as well.

But I love milk. I used to drink almost a quart a day. After realizing how cows trapped to provide milk, I thought about it more and felt sorry for them. And as for eggs, I think there is probably a way to get eggs from free chickens.

I had faux cow pattern covers on the seats of my car that was going to Nashville in 1995. My car's name was "Nelly". I think it's the only car I ever named. Nelly. Anyway, thinking of my cow connections.

That's all.

Anyway, last night while I was cooking, I took a break to blog about things people have done and how my work prospects all were downhill after working for the UK jewish connected Rose and Lewis family. I had just finished writing about kumquats and went indoors and a large skeeter was lying on my plate. It had died in the sticky molasses. And I saw this right after I looked up Uzzi and the Uzi and blood spatter. Or no, I looked it up later maybe. I was first writing about the blacklisting of me to keep me out of any normal work and the UK connection. And then the skeeter (which made me think of Carol Middleton) was caught in the sticky.

After that, I was thinking about blood spatter patterns or why I didn't see blood from the back of this man who was somehow connected with something Middleton was connected with. So I looked up Uzi and it's an Israeli made gun, but it's used by every nationality and country in the world. And it didn't stand out to me for any reason. I just thought I would then look up blood spatter because why did I see bullet holes going through the back and through clothing, large enough to rend the clothing or make holes, and not see blood in that flash of thought? and then I read that if a bullet makes an exit, the spatter is worse where the exit is. So, for example, if a bullet only goes partway, it might back spatter to the gun. But if it goes all the way through a person, the spatter moves forward with the bullet in a forward projectile. So then it made sense to me.

I've never heard of Michael Middleton being in the military so it must have been extradition. Or whatever that word is you use for something outside of normal military channels and operations.

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