Thursday, September 29, 2011

Other Evidence Of Torture & Most Wanted

I just noticed my Dad's eyes are altered too. I didn't think they were, on the insides, because I only noticed the dark skin pattern outline that my Mom had first. But now his eyes are also thickened and lined on the inside, in the whites of the eye. There is a visible line and it curves with the eye.

They never had this before and I noticed it on my Mom after it happened because it was so drastic and her eyes are larger and it's easier to tell. But on my Dad, I just noticed it today. The inside whites of his eyes are altered.

I am noticing a lot of things about "Whitey" and Irish stuff lately too. It's like someone thinks my parents were in on reporting him or had something to do with something. I know they didn't. I was the one who wrote something after 9-11, because after that time, I was so afraid of what could happen to the country, I read all the most wanted posters, for everything from Top 10 Most Wanted to all the stuff about kids, about missing persons, and smaller crimes. I went to the website every single day and read all of them.

That was in 2002-2004.

Every single day, while I was filing my lawsuits on my own and going to college and working a PT job I started for myself, and socializing, I also squeezed in time to read all the Most Wanted profiles, every single day. I clicked on each one and read all the info.

Then, because I read the top 10 everyday, I one day saw a man who looked very much like Mr. Whitey. He was overweight, this other man, but had the same face. I didn't have anything against anyone and wasn't looking for anything in particular. I just thought, "That looks like..." and guess what? I wasn't going for a reward either.

You get it? I a "gold digger"?

If I was, I would have latched onto one of many rich men who dated or wanted to date me. I didn't latch on because I like my independence and wanted to be financially secure in my own right. This has been an obstacle because it doesn't "fit the plan" that my enemies have for me.

If I was a gold digger, I might have written or called about "information and I want a reward.." and I didn't.

I just randomly called or wrote the Portland FBI and said, "I think there is a man in the neighborhood right now and he looks a lot like __________." They said really, and what location.

And then nothing ever happened and I thought it's probably the wrong person. He looked so overweight, and was wearing a white t-shirt, just like my Dad has been forced to wear for the last several weeks while he and my mother are tortured.

What do you think about that?

Do you know who would remember the white t-shirt thing?

The Portland FBI.

The location was Portland, Oregon and the people who went out to check it out were FBI agents and what they would have seen, is a tall man in a long plain white t-shirt and sweat pants, jogging. Sort of balding, about the same age, and with the same kind of face. Right there, across from my house in a wooded neighborhood by the park. Just a hop-skip away from Bujanda's house even (come to find out later). I don't know what field agents went out to spy on the "Most Wanted Man", but it was probably more than 2.

Little did I know...the FBI worked WITH him. Which just made me a target of the FBI and of Bulger's Mafia wherever it was. Nice, huh? Yeah, that was in, um...2004, before Bujanda and Garza visited me and before my son and I were ever tortured, even if I was harassed with my property vandalized.

As it turns out, Mr. Whitey wasn't just working with Irish or doing whatever he did (and I didn't know what that was exactly and had nothing against him personally at all--at that time in life I just believed police if they said this is a bad man, and now I don't believe everything.). He was on the Most Wanted list but he was actually sort of working for the FBI and most didn't know it.

I guess one man IN the FBI went to jail for like 10 years for tipping him off about what was happening and telling him to scram. Honestly, if Mr. Whitey was working with the FBI for a short time, I don't blame the FBI person who was trying to keep him from going to jail when he'd been trying to do a lot of good in some way (so we would hope).

Meanwhile, here I am, sitting out in Portland, with problems already starting in 1997. I will go back to that later because I remembered some things...

So yeah, I made a phone call and didn't ask for money either. Which I could have done, since it was something like a million to turn him in or something. But I don't remember ever asking for that, I just thought I was being a good neighbor and a good citizen, and called to say, "I don't know, but there's this man and I read the Most Wanted's and he looks a lot like this guy you have on there named Whitey."

I'm trying to recall whether I said something about Whitey first or I was asked on a date by Bujanda first. I think...yeah, okay, I remember. I called about Whitey first. I lived near the wooded park at that time and then I met Bujanda when I had moved to a different apartment.

But sure, I maybe got put on some FBI man or woman's hit list right then and there, more than I already was. If there are people working in the FBI on something, they're also working on the outside with people who are not FBI and guess what. If someone working with a mafia doesn't like you, isn't it possible for the FBI guy to try to stir up the mafia to attack you? And then what they'll do is be your back up.

Same thing with military. You're FBI and you need someone to sound crazy? Got a high ranking friend in military? Or, if you're military and you need coverage so you don't get in trouble for torturing people, you're going to seek out the most corrupt FBI there are and the ones you trust the most. Probably someone who goes to the same church or is connected to the family by marriage in some way. You're not going to trust a friend as much as you'd trust someone in your own family or connected to your family.

All someone needs, who doesn't like your family, is an excuse and back-up.

So I never found out if it was him, but I always thought probably not because what would he be doing in our neighborhood anyway? and that was it. It was the last I heard of it. No one contacted me and I don't remember calling again either. If I did, to try to find out, I don't remember but I don't think I did. I think I went on about my own business and thought I'd done my duty.

I remember though, that Mt. Angel Abbey people thought I'd reported on one of them for something. And I never did, but I knew they thought I'd reported on Whittemore or Kaempf or one of the monks or something. I know because I told Christa Schneider over the phone that I had reported something to FBI but couldn't comment on it. And I never told her what it was and she sounded panicked. The only thing going on at that time was my litigation stuff, so reasonably she might have assumed, and told others, I had reported one of them or someone who had been following me around vandalizing my things. Or maybe a Rabbi thought I'd reported him and his family...I have no idea. But no, I didn't.

The only things I reported were:
something about a shell company for the Oregon attorneys liability fund (which is great when you realize later that the FBI lawyers belong to that fund themselves). I thought it was fraud to the public to say it was for one thing when really it was for another thing. And I called once about Whitey, not having any special interest at all, and then I reported the FBI agents who said they were considering hiring me and it turned out to be a scam to get into my house, to wrongly defame me as having illegal prescription drugs in my house, and to sexually assault me.

I didn't tell anyone other than FBI that I'd reported anything until I was living in Wenatchee, WA already and I told Christa Schneider over the telephone but wouldn't reveal what it was.

For my good citizenship, my entire family gets tortured and used by the U.S. military and CIA and the FBI thereafter defamed me to all police everywhere and set me up, and my family up, to be harmed.

I wasn't a drug user. I didn't commit any crime or misdemeanor. I did...OHhhh....ah, but now I see why they wanted to have Alvaro tell me to cut my hair? because they wanted still make it sound like I used weed and stuff? when I didn't? I don't know.

But yeah, I started getting, on the record, ticket after ticket after ticket from police after I reported the 2 FBI guys.

After my son and I were tortured, Chris Dabney, in Washington D.C., said, "Don't go after the need someone on your side." He was really trying to persuade me to drop any complaint against the FBI and try to make them my friends. As if it had been MY fault some of them were my enemies and I didn't even know it. He didn't say be friends, he just said, when I was talking about all the things done to me and how Canada thought it was the FBI, he said, well you don't want to be against everyone.

Yeah. Right. Like, look who is helping my Mom and Dad right now. FBI? I mean, yeah, if you guys think you can manage to do something, and get rid of the ones who are already in on torturing us, that would be great.

No one in my family is FBI or police or a spy, even if we've been used for research or experimentation. I do think the military and CIA forced my parents to be part of something maybe at some time, like, for research, because they're still all over us and not helping us, invading our privacy and allowing others to harm us.

After that though, the FBI in Portland, Oregon really did defame me huge. I don't even know how badly yet because they always refused to let me have records, and when I last sent my money and paid for fingerprints, they stalled and then said no, I had to send my request in all over again.

Why would the FBI be the ones acting like "the bad guy"?

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