Monday, September 12, 2011

Evidence of Non-Consensual Medication and Drugging

I said something about how I have people in the U.S. preventing me from getting anything done on my case or defending myself, or even looking normal, because of repeated drugging, medications, and poisonings, all which were non-consensual and some intended to be without my knowledge.

I am told I can't prove it so I said today, "Do you want to see my butt? because I can show you the marks on my butt from it." And they of course said no, and I said maybe I would just go ahead and photograph my butt. For evidence.

And then I checked to see if it was still visible and it's not. Just a few days ago, it was visible, and I was about to do it and then stopped, because of the indignity of having to even photograph my own rear end to prove I'm being drugged and doped.

It was on my butt, the marks and evidence of it, for at least 2 full weeks and maybe longer. And some of the stuff I've been given, doesn't "leave marks".

I had this patch on my lower back, where they last gave me Haldol and I had the same reaction. Some idiots did it again. And not only that, they've jerked me up and down on different drugs, and then some of the time, I guess gangsters who know what's going on, thought they could get away with poisoning me for real.

I think the game was to have the "secret medication" happen and then not let me know about it and let others know. Then, they could get in their paid gangsters to literally add poison on top of the medications and then when I showed up to the hospital, someone would claim to anyone decent in the U.S. government: "She's just having a side effect from the medications."

After the patch on my lower backside, I then had a scaling of my skin (not psoraisis or eczema) that happened in the exact same spots as it did in the TN psych ward where they "evaluated" me. It's funny when someone "evaluates" you by drugging you for a bunch of U.S. federal scientists. It was supposed to be another assassination attempt.

They lied in their records about how much they gave me.

I figured, even if I show someone photos of my butt, and there are marks, I'm sure they would say it's just a reaction to something else. They might blame it on something else. But I know exactly what it was.

I had foreigners joining in on the fun, or at least, U.S. paid people with British and other accents.

The U.S. allowed people to drug me this entire time, and poison me too, knowing this directly interfered with any kind of process.

I was certaintly doing just fine before others started drugging me. I was getting a 3.6 in college, handling 2 lawsuits and a PT job as well. And, I was still creative.

Do you know what they like to call productive people they're jealous of? "manic".

If I was doing well and organized my time, I was "manic". If I was creative I was "manic" or "psychotic".

They didn't like the fact that I was doing so well for myself in 2004 and found a way to "shut her down". Torture works, as does drugging.

Yes, I was very recently drugged repeatedly again, even over here in Coquille, OR. And before that, it was TN, and before that, it was WA.
I am remember this strategy of putting me at a disadvantage was first noted in Oregon.

My enemies remembered what ended my lawsuits against them in Oregon and used it in Washington.

The reason I gave for having to drop my lawsuits, as I told Christa Schneider over the phone, and the courts, was medical reasons.

I told the court and friends, by phone, that what got to me was my knee injury and having to recover after I was in severe pain for so long because the lawyers held up my treatment and surgery.

So I suffered first, and then I was healing, and during that time I was on heavy medications. This is what set me back. After this, I started having odd viruses repeatedly. It was a very strange reoccuring bronchitis virus and I only got it when I was in one state, before I commuted to the next one. I asked for a medical abatement because of it, it was so odd and severe. That request was denied.

However, this pattern of obstructing me from justice is all-too-familiar.

My enemies discovered what held me down in Oregon, and then they applied this, through torture and unlawful medication and drugs, to me in Washington.

They were worried I would try to revive my lawsuits in Oregon, worried I would get money from a P.I. claim for doing it, and knew I was the one with evidence to be successful.

What is crazy, is that they first started this kind of thing in 1996 or 1997, with "migraines." I had them very rarely and then someone started triggering them to occur in the middle of the night, 15 times in one month, after I was raped in 1998. It wasn't stress. I later found out that when I lied and altered when I said I was having my menstrual cycle, someone started triggering them to coincide with the time they thought I was pre-period and post-period.

It was structured, and deliberate. And the lawyers I was involved with, dealt with friends in high places, including the U.S. federal government. They began setting hearings, from 2002-2004, for the dates when they believed I would be having a migraine.

My migraines were so severe, they lasted 3 days and were excruciating. Almost nothing helped them. I never had any migraines when I was working in NJ as a nanny in 1993. And I didn't have them right after my auto accident either.

I thought it was natural, and figured it was from the car accident. Maybe some of them were natural. But it was when I noticed the law firms setting all their hearings for my migraine days that I knew something was wrong.

So I started to lie. Women's periods can shift and change, and I started telling Christa Schneider I was having them at a time I was not having them. For some reason, and I can't think why, she knew my cycle. So I started lying about my cycle and she and whoever she told and whoever listened in, believed my periods were happening at a different time.

It was real clever.

I noted how this group began triggering the migraine exactly one or two days or so, before the time they thought my period was starting, and then afterwards. And then on top of that, they were scheduling hearings to fit these dates.

I was supposed to be "out of comission with migraine" several times.

I WAS having them, and they were extremely severe. Sometimes I could get in and do my best after taking a handful of over-the-counter meds, and sometimes I couldn't even show up. It affected my classes at college too, esp, the month where someone maliciously triggered over 15 migraines (lasting more than 1 day each) in 1 month. I thought I was going to die.

I remember the strange shock that Christa expressed, to hear I had still managed to pass my classes, all of them, with good grades. And I remember I hadn't told her how bad the migraines were so I wondered how she knew to be shocked at all.

So, yes, the migraines were triggered to coincide with my lawsuits. Probably, this is highly illegal. I don't know if there was any "official U.S. excuse" at that time.

So I beat them at their game, by somehow, miraculously thinking one day, "I wonder if I'm even having these naturally or someone is deliberately causing them."

I found out the truth. Someone was deliberately triggering the worst level of migraine that is probably known to mankind. It wasn't an accident. I subtly changed my "period" from supposedly happening on one date, to gradually being altered by 2 weeks. So I got it to the point where my periods seemingly shifted (perhaps because of being around other 'dominant' women in college, or who knows). I made the change gradual. And then I made it great enough so there was a 2 week disaparity from when I really had my period and when I said I was having my period.

Suddenly, I was no longer having "menstrual migraines". I was having migraines in the middle of the month where there was no reason to have them. I still had an occasional natural migraine, and tension headache, but nothing like before. So I realized someone had actually been torturing me, all the way back to 1998 or possibly earlier. There could have been a natural migraine thing that someone played off of, to be discreet in their methods of torture.

I actually think that the 15 migraines all at once, happened closer to 2002 though, like in 2001 or so, because I am thinking of when I was in college. It stopped, and then things started up again.

Really nice, huh?

So, then I had someone try to kill or maim me through a deliberate hit-and-run where the guy steered into my car at higher speed than normal. My knee was injured.

While my knee was broken, and cartilage swelling and then blistering over, I could hardly walk to classes or to lawsuits. My knee began unexpectedly giving out from under me. It wasn't that I had pain and then it gave out. It was just flat out and then I would have this horrible pain because I couldn't control my leg.

So I had a natural injury then, or rather, caused from an assassination attempt. I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep at night. I had a Japanese roommate at the time and saw her and her boyfriend going through my desk drawers. I had things missing but I didn't know who was taking my things. I didn't suspect her until I saw them going through my drawers through the window when I came home unexpectedly one day. She was probably connected to the law firms in some way. If she was a little snoopy, I didn't think she was that bad. I think others were far worse.

I was in such incredible pain.

Ah. I sense a good energy. Like someone somewhere is confirming, yes, yes. I mean, right now, as I wrote this about my roommate, it came forth like this light of truth and I never thought about motives then.

So then, I was just dying with pain. I was not lying to anyone about how much pain I was in. I was in very severe pain and it got so bad, I was unable to sleep at night and I cried all night. I wasn't exaggerating to anyone. I couldn't sleep at all, and it just worsened. I finally got the surgery, 7 months after I needed it. And then, I couldn't recover for 1 full year and I had to have narcotics and a narcotic pain pump and it slowed me down. I withdrew from classes and everything went slower. And then I had someone, I think, using some kind of virus or microbacterial thing to cause bronchitis and cold because I only got it one state and then I'd drive back and nothing, I'd recover, and while commuting, I would go back, and get it again, and then drive back to WA and recover. But then I started having migraines when in Wenatchee and they started saying I was just "drug seeking" and "delusional" and claimed I didn't have real migraines.

So they let me suffer. I suffered more than anyone will ever know. They knew they were real, or they wouldn't have been triggering them (actually, I think I figured out the triggering part when I was in Wenatchee, not before, but maybe wondered).

And then, while I suffered and was refused treatment, I had more attacks, and they were more frequent and this is what forced me to resign from my lawsuits in Oregon. I gave up on them anyway, but I did try to make a medical abatement claim first.

I was forced out, by torture.

Only it was more discreet then and I didn't realize I was being tortured. It was after I figured out someone had deliberately triggered my migraines that I was then later really tortured.

Since Christa Schneider's boyfriend then, Wall St. man, was fluent in Japanese and had a lot of contracts, and since Schneider knew the Whittemore's, is it possible they pointed out my ad for a room for rent to their Japanese friend? I told her where I had placed an ad. There is also a Scheider-Karin link that goes back to NY FBI. I was defamed in Oregon by FBI, in WA,, and then, wow, maybe NY took an interest in not only tracking me, but trying to isolate friends from me.

Then, I guess, since torture worked the first time and someone got worried I was onto their schemes, I was asked how I might least like to die. And I and my son then were being tortured, full force, and then later at least, it was passed off as some top secret research excuse.

Little did I know they would go after everyone in my family, including my parents, to pressure them to influence me to drop my lawsuits. And it all escalated from there, and U.S. federal contacts used and other internationals definitely, to find excuses for torturing all of us.

I guess someone had some idea that I might meet or know about the royals at some time. Maybe this was how I would become interested but it was probably supposed to be some other way, or could have been foreseen and natural. They decided to pursue their "hostile takeover" in 2002. I guess to punish me for being a thinking woman. Someone who was independent enough to stand on her own two feet without mommy and daddy and the government telling her what to do. Probably starting much earlier than this (1998?) someone shifted their support of one group to another. My Dad worked in the paper industry, with paper boxes and paper bags, and all of a sudden, Carol "Skeeters" UK is selling party bags. I think that was about...that was earlier, about the time photographs of me started disappearing from our house. Anything to support the MiddleTNs.

I am not kidding. This has been totally crazy, and it's big enough and involved enough people they want ME to sound crazy and I'm not. My whole family has been tortured.

When I wrote to the U.S. military to volunteer myself for top secret research for meds for migraine, it was not to be incapacitated to defend my case with my own son. But I think, since I had enemies already torturing me, they jumped at an excuse to legitimize making it impossible for me to get on my feet.

And I didn't volunteer to die or be tortured.

Now, the people who jumped at some kind of chance to do research, want to cover things as much as the criminals who loved having a cover for torturing us and trying to ruin our lives.

My parents are Christians and they've been forced to do things against their own faith.

I found out a little more about my Grandpa Garrett tonight. He went AWOL. He was with the military in WWII. And then the U.S. did something really crappy to his only brother, Howard Garrett.

Howard Garrett was stationed in Seattle, Washington and flew as a test pilot for the military. My Grandfather was back in the Virginia area. He found out his brother had been killed and I do not think my Grandpa would be the type to leave unless he knew something was really wrong with it. He would grieve, but he wouldn't just take off to investigate, unless he knew something was off. The U.S. didn't want him to "investigate". I guess they thought my Grandpa was too good at what he did and he smelled a rat. Very likely, they were worried he'd find out it had been their fault, that they put him on a malfunctioning plane or something, intentionally, or one filled with radioactive materials in the fuselage. After the plane went down, a very large space was cleared and no one allowed on the site for days, weeks, I don't know, maybe longer. Probably someone said to my Grandpa "prove it" and he wanted to, but was stopped. So then, my Nana flew out to Washington to plead with his military superior (there or wherever) to not put my Grandpa in jail.

My Grandpa was going to be thrown in jail for going AWOL. They forced him to re-enlist and put him back out to war, on a ship, and that ship was crashed by kamikazes and many died. Maybe he was put in a line of fire that was bad intentionally. We don't know.

But even though family asked questions about Howard Garrett, the U.S. refused to respond. To this day, his sisters and the rest of the family want answers.

Maybe part of the deal, for not going to jail, was to then take his kids away from their own mother to be forced to be part of more U.S. government research. My father was 2 years old when it happened. This is the timeframe they want for deliberately traumatizing a child to groom and then use. My Grandpa's eardrums were burst in the crash. He was unable to then serve in the military, in at least, the regular sense.

I guess the U.S. has a "thing" for kidnapping children.

Kind of like, forced child labor for the government.

Quite possibly, they forced my Grandpa to do this or go to jail and threatened his family. And if he knew the U.S. was using his kids, he might know what he was talking about by saying "I don't want a flag if they're not going to give my kids a flag."

All I've had with my son, is obstruction of justice and torture.

No one was complaining to me today. I asked questions and no one was trashing anyone or saying anything that's not public knowledge. They said, well, no mother, and how does that feel to be torn from your own mother, but they try to do what they can and it's not what they wanted or expected but it's been out of their control and what do you do in this case? try to hope God will use their lives for something that will honor him or that something will be made right.

And I think about my son and while it was nice to have a little family history and hear someone feels they turned out okay or that things can be righted or hopefully benefit others, I feel better in the moment.

But then, all I have to do, is click on the screen and replay what happened to my son. The screen in my mind, that sees all of his suffering and anguish, and I can't let it go and to forget would be to say it's okay when it's not. It's not okay what has happened. I am told it's fine now, nothing bad is happening. And because I can't see or hear him I want to believe this.

But I know everyone was forced to lie before, some lied willingly, and I don't believe my son is safe until he is with me.

I think part of the reason I'm still tortured, is to make excuses for why he shouldn't be with me, so they can use him more.

I think they're using my whole family. How many generations?

I found out today I probably have brothers and sisters that are Howards and related to me. I don't want to say the possible connection, and actually,there may be more than one. But I'm related to the Howards.

We're. We're related to the Howard family. In more than one way, it looks like, which I didn't know until tonight. That's on my Dad's side. My Mom's side, and their story is just as interesting.
No impressions. I had one fleeting idea, maybe movie-style, probably someone watching a movie. Of a man in a fedora hat and a long trenchcoat of wool or lighter material, 3/4 length, lighter colors, and walking with a briefcase in his left hand. Running with a briefcase or type of similiar bag, in his left hand and his right arm crooked for running. And he was running along a fence, like a clear one or barbed wire. He was on the left side of the fence and I didn't see what was on the other side. I saw him from the back, and it was daylight and looked like flat ground. I don't know where he was going and had no feeling of why or where he was headed. So it was probably from a movie. I thought about it and the only movie that came to mind was Run Rabbit Run. Which is about girls and kids who are being abused by the State trying to escape. But probably, I just saw what someone was watching somewhere in a movie, bc that's the type of feel I had with it, that it was like an old movie of some kind.

I was asking God to please show me what agency was responsible. What main group or parties. Too many people have been involved. So I don't know. And all I saw was this man, running with a briefcase in his left hand.
I was told you cannot run away from the Army, like my Grandpa did, or they didn't let you because if you did, they put you in jail. If you signed up with the Army, they tell you where to go, when to go, how far to go, and you have to do exactly what they say or end up in jail. Sometimes with a dishonorable discharge, but then, for some, and maybe now, it's jail. I said, "What if someone doesn't want to be in the Army?" and I was told, "You are required to serve out your contract. You have to sign a contract and for that time, you have to do what they want."

I said, "I thought Grandpa was in the Marines" but the point was, "army", military, whatever. Army as in military in general.

And that's I guess what was going to happen to my Grandpa, for wanting to investigate his brother's suspicious death, until his mother (my Nana) intervened.

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