Friday, September 23, 2011

Threatened to Not Report Crime (attempted manslaughter)

I was just threatened to be thrown out if I dare report the crimes that are occuring to my parents and me.

Someone is instructing my parents to do these things...and doesn't like the fact that I am figuring out who is involved.

From what I can tell, they're taking it out on my son as well. I guess it was something to do with his getting a regular haircut yesterday and now they're saying to buzz it. They're torturing my son and doing horrible things to my son and my son is innocent of everything. It's U.S. military and CIA and they have violated the 1994 Torture Act from the U.S. and the Geneva Convention.

They are forcing my parents to drink poison. They had them put it in their containers and they go over to the window and drink to show someone who either spies or has a camera that they are drinking what they've been told to drink. They weren't doing this when I first got here, but now they are. They've been told not to buy bottled water for themselves even though they had it when I first got here. The excuse is supposed to be that something is wrong with their tap water when really, these so-called "friends" are trying to kill them slowly and forcing them to drink poison. Their alibi is that it's "the tap water."

It's not.

Not only that, this woman Patty is a criminal. SHE IS A CRIMINAL and an accessory to crime. He said how do you know and no she's not and I said, "Yes she is. She is the ONLY person that was with mom all day, and I was there when she got back after being with PATTY all day and I am a witness."

He said, "Mom says nothing happened." I said, "Yeah. And Mom lies because she's tortured."

No one else lies better than my parents. They've never once let me guess otherwise, and they were so good at lying, the best actors and actresses to me at least, to cover for people who possibly harmed them and now, they're being tortured and they still lie and it's not that they're filling me in on things or letting me know, it's that I know the U.S. is involved, because I would be an idiot to believe THEM after they've lied about ME.

They spent how much money lying about me and defaming me to others?

How much money did the U.S. spend on trying to discredit me and making me sound crazy so that when the inevitable happened and I found out what my parents were going through...

They wanted to say I was crazy.

For what?

To cover up for crimes committed by their friends who had friends in high places.

Now, since they feel they discredited me well enough with a false allegation of schitzophrenia, they've gone after my parents. And my parents come home just like my son came to visits with me, with evidence of torture on their bodies, and throwing up.

I see, firsthand, how Patty is a criminal. I witnessed how she brought my mother home, in what condition. If she's not a criminal, she's an accessory. And she's getting away with it because the our enemies in the U.S. used me first, and called me schitzophrenic and forced my parents to say the same.

They have forced my parents to do this and I know the U.S. has been lying because I am the one who witnessed, firsthand, how they allowed so many people to lie about ME.

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