Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Nail Changes On My Nails

By the way, I thought I would add that my nails have changed color again and show new signs of poisoning or torture. My feeling is that it's evidence of torture but I don't know.

It's new and started showing up about 1 week ago, that's when I noticed.

I've been tortured at night with technology and tortured during the day. And my nails show the signs of torture from technology.

The first time I noticed the changes in my own nails was after the house meeting at "Peggy's" because I noticed my Dad's nails and then looked at my own nails on that night and they had changed.

Maybe it changed before that but I didn't notice until then and usually I'd notice.

I just had some scalloped potatoes and felt different after I ate them. I wasn't drinking anything with it, just had some of this with cayenne pepper and broccoli. I felt something go to my head sort of, right away and then had tingling in my feet and now they feel warm. I had water after that, from a new container, but it was with the potatoes that I felt the difference.

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