Sunday, September 18, 2011

U.S. Military & Police Break Into Our Houses

They broke into our houses today.

It's U.S. military, police, and gangsters.

They went into my parents house and they also went into my house and they stole a pair of my shoes.

Not only that, there was a man at church today who lifted up his daughter and carried her up higher for me to see so that I could see she had no shoes. He was approached by the sign language husband first. I'm going to get all of their names and publish them. Basically, the world needs to know who they are.

They broke the string that I had tied to be able to tell if someone went into my house and stole my shoes, looked around and reported to the military, and I don't know what else they did.

They also went into my parents house and tied an electrical cord to a toy puppy that was sitting on a shelf and hung it around it's ear like a noose. I had told my parents I was going to the store after church and when I did, there were a bunch of teenagers who have stood in my path before, asking me if I wanted a puppy, and there was one left. I said, not touching it, "No, I can't have one." And then I got to my parents house and someone had tied a cord up around it like a noose, like it was being hanged and it was an electrical cord. It was not my Dad or Mom. They didn't do it and that wasn't there yesterday. It's the people who have stolen keys from my parents and gone into our house when we're at church to inspect and see if the military research is going as planned. They have left total strangers into my house, to look around, drug my food, and basically report back to the military about whether this remote viewer and psychic or that one, correctly guessed how my house was arranged.

This is the CIA and the U.S. military. If there are other mafias involved, they get their cover from the military.

My parents were forced to give them the extra key to my place and they also have a key to my parents place.

They have been torturing and using my entire family for years, and they've allowed people from mafias and Mossad to be involved, as well as people from Catholic church who hated me. They have their cover through corrupt police and an excuse for U.S. Army and CIA to invade our premises, violate our privacy, and steal from us, torture, drug, and use us.

The woman who does sign language was not even afraid to see me today, and she usually is, and her husband is, because they are foul.

I can name the man and his wife from church today who took their cue from her husband to take their kid's shoes off and have her barefoot in front of me so I could see. I believe these might be the same people who are nearby in the neighborhood as well.

The sign language woman's husband was not at church until later. He is bad news. Her kids always sit by my parents and have been taught to do some horrible things.

This corrupt sign language woman wouldn't get the go-ahead unless she felt comfortable this military pastor was going to cover for her and what her husband do.

After church was out and I went to my house, a large U.S. military warfare helicopter flew over my house. It was like something out of Iraq. It wasn't a hospital or private helicopter, it was U.S. military and it was almost solid black or very dark in color.

They stole my white sandals and left my black ones, and I don't know what they've tampered with, with my food again.

They are poisoning my mom and dad and I'm not lying. Not only have these people poisoned my mom and dad, they forced them to get rid of scars from torture.

One of the military guys hangs out with the guy who was trying to use me, at Devil's Kitchen. I got his plate number today as he drove past me laughing.

They went into my house at the start of church and then got out. Or, maybe they were there longer. The puppy string with the electrical cord and noose didn't happen until these people went to my place and then they organized things around at my parents house. I had a rope hanging above one side of my couch, and it's been there for a couple of days, because I took it in to represent that these people are being caught. Not only is the U.S. losing their reputation, they are losing some of their military psychics and horrible mafia persons that have tortured my parents, me, my son, and my brother.

I can prove a relationship to the Pentagon and CIA.

Not only that, the people at this church, who are not even christians at all, had these little girls dress up and did a mock-up of me when I was a kid, and some of the others, I don't know, maybe Middleton was represented by one, I have no clue. I will go into that later.

This pastor, Kevin Boll, is a criminal. Every single pastor they interviewed for this church, who came in, was military. The CIA needs to keep their "black site" the way it is I guess. They had this man who was former military, "filling in" until they found someone decent supposedly. Then that guy scrammed before I got here to pick him apart. Then they had some military man here who was also a professor or formerly a principal and he filled in until someone else came in. Every single church service I went to, someone went into my parents and my house and snooped around and tried to medicate our food and looked to see if the predictions for psychic research were right.

They are using us in a MK-Ultra fashion, as psychic spies and mind control people for the U.S. government. They've forced my family to do things they didn't want to do, and they threatened to jail them or expose them when they set out to entrap and blackmail. They have allowed my son to be the next in line for torture and abuse. When a group started to hate me, they just got their friends in high places to go after me with the pretense of "top secret" work and they abused and tortured my parents more.

I have sat in this church before, next to my parents, and had someone using technology on all of us. Today, they lasered my parents while they sat there, to the point that their bodies were so overheated, they cooled down with chills and then someone parked this light green sedan with the plates "CHL" on it outside the road that leads to the church. The woman who visited my mom yesterday came over talking loudly about chili after my Dad came home after the same thing had happened to him. It's hot outside, and I'm wearing a t-shirt, and my Mom and Dad are warmer blooded than I am, and my Mom put on this thick fleece jacket and my Dad put a wool blanket over his entire body.

Some of the people who go to this church are not christians at all. It's like a black site for U.S. military, bad reform Jews, and Catholic. It's a church that was started awhile ago and has no affilation with any other church because it's part of the CIA. It's part of the CIA operation that they've had going over here, and they've been torturing my son in Wenatchee.

They are TORTURING my family.


They forced my mom to get rid of the scar on her face, in just the last 2 weeks. They have poisoned my parents and forced them to do other things. They have tortured me and my son and told my parents to lie so the CIA, the military, MOSSAD, and some kind of corrupt royal planner gets away with everything. It's Jewish underneath it, when you go farther back and then hatred by Catholics ended up being their own cover. The reform Jews that hated me had a motive before Catholics ever thought of it.

My Mom's printer and her office printers went dead and were tampered with when I blogged about my Mom's scar on her face. And then when she was trying to get help from HP, guess who they connected her to? "Christine pearl". Right before I got a letter from Gregoire's offices, but the only other Christine would be Christy Thebault, whose mother is Lisa Thebault, who is connected to some of these things.

My Mom and Dad were forced not to marry on Valentine's Day. They were going to be married on Valentine's Day, and instead, some group forced them to change the date and marry on Tax Day.

Guess who has been making a big stink about taxes?

The U.S. used enemies in the military and CIA to try to set me up and set up my entire family.

Now my parents have left the house, after they figured out I was looking for my white sandals, and I don't even know where they went. Oh, by the way, Carmen Wilson is related to...? And affiliated with who? U.S. Army.

The U.S. is making it look like, to me, that if I expose my parents or what THEY are doing, they're going to leave them open to be killed or poisoned or tortured further, or for this for all of us.

The church they go to is full of military and CIA and others. The Gorst wife, with the huge boobs, walks past my Dad all the time, smirking at him like she has something on him or over him. They owned a large cow dairy and anyone who sees cows hooked up to slave labor every single day, is basically the type that has daughters who marry corrupt men and laugh and mock at people like me when they're trying to sink our ship.

While I sat in the back of church today, at one point, someone was doing something to me with technology and there were a couple of men outside the door, but I don't know what it was about.

I am positive Mossad is involved in torturing my family. And they use the U.S. and the Catholic hatred thing as part of their cover for what they want to do, at least with the secular Mossad and reform Jews in the U.S.

Alvaro Pardo was never a friend. He was connected to people who HATED me. I thought he was, but he was working for my enemies. They hired him. He knew Chris Dabney and all of them had connections with CIA, U.S. military, Mossad, and the mafia. First the CIA had my twins killed. Then I was approached by people from the UK. British accents. I got a job working as a waitress after being assaulted in the back by the Nigerian diplomat. I was in extreme pain and still worked, but with Valium and Percocet.

While I was with Alvaro, he did favors for others who hated me. And then he tried to extort money from my parents with the help of the U.S. government and pretend he was a friend. None of them were. Why do you think I was tortured with my whole family? because these people were friends? No. It was because I was still alive to talk about what they had tried to pull, for the Middleton interests, for revenge, for the U.S., and with the hope of finding a way to entrap me in something.

They had nothing. So they settled for torture, cruel and degrading treatment, slander, and trying to make me as undignified as possible. The worse off I looked, the better for the reform UK jews and Canadians that hated me and wanted to be sure something good for me never happened. They then tried to use the father of my son, his DNA or identity, as a way to get at people, to try to humiliate them or me, or endanger others.

I told Alvaro I was going to file to have the changes made after the Nigerian woman assaulted me...I was going to file something to counter her claim that I had harrassed her when I hadn't. Alvaro set me up to go to prison.. They were trying to get me into prison for up to 10 years. He was reporting every single thing I did to others. They practically held me hostage and it was the CIA and they used the mafia as a cover.

They had Alvaro find out where all my medical records were and then altered whatever was still incriminating or needed to be altered or edited so I couldn't sue. Bullivant Houser Bailey people were involved, along with Washington state officials who were worried I had a lawsuit against them for torturing us and kidnapping my son.

Alvaro had me cut my hair and it was urgent. He kept saying to go shorter, and shorter, and even as I had it cut, I knew at the time it was to get rid of evidence that I'd never done drugs, like I claimed. I went against my instincts and had it cut and after that, I had no proof that I had never done any drugs before they took my son, which would have been evidence for a lawsuit for defamation of character against Wenatchee and Washington for defaming me as being "drug seeking" and a danger to my child when I never was.

He told me we were going to NYC for our honeymoon and even if there were good people there, I felt and knew, I had this bad feeling I was being set up or something else very bad was planned. Before we were married, he encouraged me to cover up and conceal anything I had ever written about being tortured.

They were telling him to persuade me to deny my son and I were ever tortured at all. So, he said, "Just say it's creative writing or your imagination."

That was the deal the U.S. and my enemies, my torturers, wanted to make. In exchange for denying I and my son were ever tortured and degraded or falsely imprisoned or defamed, in exchange for my lying and writing in my blog that people shouldn't believe everything because some things are fiction, or creative writing, or imagination, the U.S. and the real enemies behind the torture, would make it "appear" like I was getting my son back.

It was a lie.

I did write a few lies at that time, because I was trying to investigate some things and test reactions.

Why did they want me to say it was just creative writing or imagination? because #1, they didn't want anyone investigating claims of torture and having people go to jail, and #2, I think they had hoped I'd write this in my blog, denying things, and then take me out to NYC to kill me. If they couldn't put me in jail for anything or federal prison, they'd hold off and give their friends Coast to Coast a way out, and an escape and excuse...and then while I was still claiming it was imagination, I would die.

The only record behind me would be one where I had just invalidated myself.

In the meantime, these enemies who tortured my whole family, used the time I was with Alvaro, to buy time and cover their tracks. They tortured my son during this time, and I didn't know it then, but now I am positive they tortured my mom and dad and brother. And at that time, my mom and dad were in Coquille, and this is where they still live. Coquille. Some of the same people in on it then are in on the torture and poisoning now. And they are now trying to cover their tracks.

My mom and dad seem to be worried someone is going to kill them. They have been very useful to people, but now, these people are telling them to cover up all evidence of torture, like the scar on my mom's face. It is a common idea, to cover up marks or evidence of torture before killing someone, before they can speak and put a massive "Project" or "Operation" before the UN or the public eye.

The public eye is the worst. Because right now, it's the U.S. that's consented to the torture. How does the U.S. protect their friends from going to jail or being discovered and outed to the public? Cover it up. And if someone turns up dead, and there are marks of older torture, MY testimony or the testimony of someone else, is worth nothing. They could say it's an accident, natural causes, or find some other excuse to get the CIA and U.S. military and mafia's excused.

Alvaro was engaged to me and the entire time he was carefully helping me to remove every trace of evidence against his friends. Middletons? Thebault's group? or good old U.S. or Mossad.

Today my parents told me to apologize to their friend "Kathy". I said, "Kathy? that's not her real name. But if you want to tell me what her real name is, I'll apologize to that person."

I've met a few people who never used their real names.

If someone loves you and they lie about your being tortured, it's because they're being blackmailed or forced to lie. They don't want to lie about something like that, but if someone has told them they'll never prove it and instead, they'll try to get you in trouble or do it more or do worse, someone is going to lie. If you don't know what it is and who's doing it, how can you defend yourself? So people lie.

But if someone comes along and is trying to entrap you while asking you to lie and cover for torture, that person is likely to be connected to the torturers. And who is Alvaro Pardo connected to? Who hired him.

First Alvaro was thrown in with me as some kind of joke. Someone just wanted me out of the way I think. If he loved me, it was a cursory love, sort of like, "I love you and have feelings for you" but really, he's doing all the favors for my enemies. Or they're dictating what they want. "Tell her to cut her hair", "She wants to get the restraining order changed? find out when she's going to the courthouse." I had people at the courthouse trying to put me in prison for 10 years on marriage fraud that same day. Then it was a matter of telling me not to evidence for this, or documentation for that.

He knows, Alvaro knows, who has tortured me and my son. Because I think that's why the torture quit when he was with me, and then telling me to basically invalidate myself.

When he wasn't with me, it started all over again, and for my son too. It was turning from my claim against Washington State and the U.S., and mafias, of saying:

"My son and I were being tortured and then I followed this Wales car to Canada" story, into "I'm engaged and have friends and this whole torture story was just a big misunderstanding because I just have creative writing-imagination problem."

Who wants me to say there was never any torture?

When did Kate and William have their break-up over cocaine or whatever anyway. I think it was 1997, the same year my son and I were tortured and fled. Oh, oops, 2007. I didn't even know they existed really...but I knew I had legal problems and was being tortured. I wonder what the exact date was.

Who was mocking me at Alvaro's birthday party when he kissed this other woman behind my back? I remember a few of them. It was sort of the international hub-bub. There was a jewish couple there that was happy about the whole thing and hated my guts. And a lot of non-jewish. I texted something about "true blue" or whatever, and the mockery elevated to giddy. They thought it was hilarious.

So I was going to maybe get my son back if I lied and covered for torturers. My hair with evidence was cut off. My medical records were altered with the delay. I went back and said all the torture was creative writing when...

Barak Obama, Leon Panetta, Joe Biden, and James knew we'd been tortured and abused. And then, we were abused worse.

And it was a deal. Someone made a deal at the top offices, because Wenatchee and Washington state and federal FBI and everyone treated me, generally, like a darling and quit being horrible and looked like they were paving the way to return my son. The reason was going to be transfered to:

"She had a temporary psychotic break because of stress after pregnancy."

That was their lie. And they didn't even take my son from me for that reason either, it was the HOUSE supposedly and the MESS supposedly in the house, which is not legal grounds for removal.

They knew if I had a hair analysis in D.C. and proved I didn't use drugs, they were in big trouble. They refused to give me the psych eval that would have cleared me.

How do you get Washington state officials, from top to bottom, and in D.C., to do suddenly shift gears and give my son back?

They wanted me to lie and say they never tortured me. Oh, and they made a deal with a mobster CIA official who knew Panetta personally. And as long as it kept me far, far, away from being available, single, educated, and talented in my own right, I was never a threat to the plans they had for the royal throne. And yes, I know for a fact they were worried about that. It's like, "Here. Sign this to prove you're out of the game and we'll give her kid back and quit torturing all of you."

Then what. A blow out in the back of an alley in NYC from Middleton's pals?

If her brother James was really motivated to keep his sister in the game, since he and his mother and a whole UK reform jewish troupe and a catholic group were ready to go...I wonder what he and his family might do.

Who are their contacts in the U.S. Thebaults?

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