Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tortured Still and More Military

My mother and father are still being tortured.

And I have military doing stupid things with my electric appliances at my house and also witnessed what they did at my parent's house.

The U.S. Pentagon is the group responsible for the torture of a baby and his mother, and it's people who wanted personal power who ordered those in the military to torture and attack my family.

Tonight, I have the DVD being stopped at whatever place someone wants it stopped, and it's not old and has no problems. It happened this morning as well. I've had military jamming my appliances for about a month now, from stopping my space heaters to stopping my DVD at particular places. I watched one movie without a single problem and then another part of one and then nothing was quit until I tried to watch the next movie. And twice I witnessed them target a dog toy we have, a ball that makes noise and lights up when thrown. Once, I witnessed it being turned on while my mother was there, and I wasn't throwing it, and the second time, I witnessed my father entering their house and the ball started to light up and make noise.

It's not "ghosts", it's BAD U.S. military doing favors for bad people in certain groups and torturing my decent family.

Not only that, this man came over and is a pastor of another church and he has over 21 years (is how he described it) with the Air Force and while we chatted and I couldn't say what I thought one way or the other because I don't know him at all, I did notice that he has this long military history and while we talked, my mom, dad, and I were all tortured. I don't know if he was targeted at all, but I didn't notice anything. My Dad and I had to get up and use the restroom again, after it was done, and my mom's circles turned much darker around her eyes. Anyone can look at the inside corners of my mother's eyes and see she's severely and brutally being tortured. I guess it makes me wonder because he's been here 2-3 years and these haven't been good years for my parents and things have been getting worse. And I guess they used to go to that church and then they started going to this other one...I don't know. I guess the other pastor of the other church is also Air Force. I don't know what this one was, if he was military, who wasn't so great supposedly and he left.

Then, I was sitting there and nothing was harming me and then I leaned forward and there was a field of energy right over the table. I could lean back to the back of the chair and it didn't bother me, but if I leaned forward, it was like crossing into an electrical fence and it was the same thing that burst the ink out of my pen. Then, I was walking through the house and someone had just scattered pockets of this throughout the entire house. I could walk into the laundry room and it was there, then walk out a few steps and nothing and then walk to the doorway and it's there, and it kept changing. It was like the military was intentionally trying to torture and experiment with us.

No one in the neighborhood would do that. The FBI is contributing in some way, but I don't know how other than to block justice so far. They have allowed people to act like gangsters in the community.

The Pentagon is the only group that oversees all military branches and would know who is using this technology to torture us. That doesn't mean they haven't used other groups as well, but they are using people who hate us to attack and torture us and then claim it's a national security issue when it's not. How was I a national security issue, or my son? when we were both tortured? We weren't national security problems. We were attacked by people who had a vendetta against my family and they convinced others who questioned, that nothing was happening or to ignore it.

I went to my mother's workplace after it appeared she'd been assaulted or at least severely tortured, in my absence when I was looking for my Dad, and I got to her workplace and she was the one scheduled to be on duty that Saturday. The entire office had this same energy field over her office. I sat there with her and couldn't believe it. They picked a day when the other coworkers weren't around. It was my mom, and they knew her schedule and focused this on her office. After about 3 hours, someone turned it off. But it was like someone just expected her to be there, and was waiting.

I had someone once tell me there were some Jewish people who claimed they wanted revenge for something they thought my parents were involved in, with a Jewish woman. I've heard a couple of references but my parents have never had a prejudice against the group.

They are systematically torturing my entire family.

I am trying not to be down about it and to give people a chance, but if my parents thought they could trust someone, they would have people standing up for them already. Which is why I feel sad about the whole thing.

No, I haven't concentrated on anything and I've lost weight, as my parents have, because we're all being tortured. I'm taking family photos so I have some updated ones of us.

It's also not looking good from the Middleton supporters side because I said a few things and then they were being tortured even worse, by friends like Patty. It's like these people think they're Mossad or MI5. Who wanted the Middletons anyway and why such a big deal? The CIA? because why would they be doing these things to my entire family.

My parents are MK-Ultra victims. My mother has been used by the government for research since she was born. MK-Ultra began in 1950.

It was no big deal that the FBI guy I went out with, ordered several Michelobe Ultras. That's not his normal beer. He picked it out for the occasion of sitting with a victim of other victims of MK-Ultra and having knowledge of this ahead of time. The FBI knows and they have imprisoned my entire family to do whatever they want and have people trying to torture and kill them if they tell.

This guy took an opportunity to say something about the President and I said, "It's not just this President. It's been going on since 1950. That covers a lot of ground. Not only that, whoever is in power has the ability to harm my family to do favors for others."

MK-Ultra uses kids. Children, even babies. They started with babies and have used them all the way up to adulthood and used horrifying tactics to keep them in their command and control--not just the initial parents but the whole family.

I watched the movie "Absolute Power" today and I guess someone thinks I believe it's Obama personally. It's not. My mother and father have been tortured for decades. It's been decades. And the only program that would allow that and then terrify my parents and keep using the same horrific template (enhanced) to keep them up for use with the U.S., is MK-Ultra.

If my parents are used for MK-Ultra, and they were, since they were babies, they cannot be held liable for anything done while being tortured and controlled by the U.S. I'm not aware of them having done anything wrong but I know they are forced to follow orders they don't agree with and they're tortured if they don't.

The U.S. has been aware of multiple rapes, sexual assaults and molestations, use of gangs to cover for them, mutilations, hypnotism, and use of military technology to torture the entire body using extremely high level lasers, thermo-imagery, ultrasound and satellite technology and other hand held devices. The only way to control kids who turn into adults is to try to entrap them or make them feel utterly helpless and the same assaults they allowed to the children, are then performed on the adult. Sometimes, it's like they're afraid of the natural abilities and gifts God gave them and try to control their lives out of this fear that they must possess "the rights" to it.

Someone said, "The FBI thinks you're ridiculous" and I said, "No they don't. Some might mock me but if they thought I was they wouldn't have thrown me in mental hospital or tried to discredit me."

I am still hoping there is someone decent within the FBI that is going to investigate the records that are already there which prove my parents are victims of MK-Ultra.

And I witnessed the same done to my son and hypnotism of him too.

It's like someone thought they could buy a whole family from the time of their birth, against free will, to use them for the government. No one was given a choice. They separated family members and then worked on them even more and began torturing again.

They are trying to kill us. They have done things to us they knew ahead of time would turn into health problems. I don't know what's going on with my son at all because no one talks about it. I saw the ad that came onto my mom's laptop through AOL after we sat down to talk with this pastor though and it said, "Frye Boots For Fall". On my mom's personalized account.

All my mother has done is be tortured since she was a kid and she's still a successful person but would be moreso if others hadn't interferred. Same with my Dad. And then it's like they know a family is gifted or has been in the past, in a specific way naturally, and they have tried to control us from birth, and have attempted to even separate family if they thought it would be easier to use them then. They want to create attachment disorders and all kinds of problems, because that's how they later use it against the victims.

I know that whatever happened to my mom and dad starting a month ago, was an additional shock to them. It's like someone came out of the woodwork to terrorize that they didn't expect, and with a kind of cruelty they didn't expect. Even people who were tortured since they were children to the point of being numb and then just accepting everything as part of life, can find certain things psychologically, morally, and spiritually shocking. Not to mention the torture.

Certain programs and operations are even declassified but don't reveal what's really going on, and they aren't over. They claim to inquierers that they are, but they're not. These programs just evolve, and change names, and it's still the same thing. I believe "Psychic Warfare Gap" also fits, but while the general public information states this started in the 70s, it was occuring before then. I don't know what they called it, maybe they just erased all records or maybe they actually developed something branching off of the MK-Ultra programs.

They have allowed the U.S. military and CIA, NSA, whatever, to ruin my life. "They" as in, people from other countries who were jealous of us, people here who hated us and had internal connections, and then they allowed the meanest forms of abuse and torture to occur. I'm not saying everyone is bad--they're not.

I have a bad feeling tonight. My parents had to go to this group church meeting and I don't know where they really went, but I just have a very sad and down feeling, because I know something is wrong at such a great magnitude. My mom and dad have worked hard their entire lives and they're not mean spirited about anyone.

I guess I should start listing exposes of Logan's psychic warfare people--who were incredibly cruel. I don't think Logan's is into that kind of thing at all branches, but this one, they carved out a niche for research using people who just had nothing but hate in their hearts torwards me.

By the way, I'm not saying I haven't enjoyed conversations with people in this town, it's that I am more skeptical for a good reason, but it's not that I think no one is good at all or that someone couldn't help.

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