Friday, September 16, 2011

Animal Psychology

I played with the dog today and stomped around and then he was running back and forth. Threw the rope toy and tossed a sock at him. He wanted something to chew on so I gave him my mail from Nielson, Broman, and Koch. I folded it up or rolled it sort of, and it was in a small manilla envelope and he took it, and, carrying it onto the couch, started gnawing at it. I said, "Good dog!"

He took a small nap and I rubbed his back and belly and then when he woke up I said, "Scooter, are you a GOOD dog?" and he looked me in the eye. I said, "Scooter, are you a BAD dog?" and he looked down. I said, "Scooter, are you a GOOD dog?" he looked me in the eye. "Scooter, are you a BAD dog?" he looked down. I laughed and said to my mom, "He looks me in the eye if I ask him if he's a good dog and looks down when I ask him if he's a bad dog..." I then turned to Scooter and said, "Scooter, should I be an animal psychologist?" and he perked up and started barking voraciously. My mom sort of startled and stared. He hadn't been barking at all and when I said this he got really happy and barked right up at me, wagging his tail.
You know what I remember?

I remember people telling me to go tell the monastery that I'd do a "polygraph" test if they doubted what I said to them was the truth.

That was before 2002, and now, it's all looking like the U.S. owes my son and I compensation for huge damages and has to return my son to me immediately.

They went after me--and it's looking like revenge.

I need to know if I'm related to Edward Howard, because what's really weird is that people backed off when I first looked him up out of a random search. And then when, I guess, they thought I didn't know anything, they tortured me and my son again. And the U.S. government did far, far worse. Abusing me, keeping me out of income, forcing me to be homeless and torturing so many people...using my own son for mind control.

It doesn't look good.

"Hostile takeover" in 2002?

Same year Edward Howard was killed?

What's funny, is that I randomly asked the dog these questions today and noticed his response. Howard always maintained he was innocent and the CIA fired him over a POLYGRAPH.

"Are you a GOOD dog?"
"Are you a BAD dog?"
"Are you a GOOD dog?"
"Are you a BAD dog?"

I thought about our dog's response and noticed how if you ask someone something about them that's positive or with inflection, they might be compelled to look you in the eye or not trigger a false signal on a polygraph. And if you ask them something with a different inflection, or something to make them sound bad, they might accidentally trigger a false positive. I thought about this, after how the dog responded and thought, "There are variables."

It's not looking very "good" for the CIA right now. I want to know how I'm related. And I want to see my son returned to me, without delay.

No wonder I had some kind of intuitive feeling about there being money the government owes me and my son and has tried to keep that all a secret.

I want some answers.

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