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Torture Blog & Passport

I'm not going to write about anything except the failure of the U.S. to help my family and for their actions in torturing and punishing us, in violation of every domestic and international law.

My passport came in today and I didn't even look at it. They sent it priority in the last day or so and I guess they thought they were short on time torturing my whole family here without notice, so they hoped to entice me to London. London, or some other place where they could then throw out all laws and say they're not required to abide by U.S. laws. Or allow others to torture me since the U.S. knows their time is up here.

I have someone torturing me while I even write this, by laser, heating my body while I write, and when I walked over to my parents house, my neck started being affected because they had something else targeting my parent's house that affected the metal in my neck.

Then my Dad opened the door and under his eyes it's just bright red circles, like he was wearing super tight goggles for swimming. He doesn't wear goggles for any kind of work here, so either someone tortured him with a faux waterboarding, or the circles are not from actual goggles and are from torture from the U.S., the same kind of torture that sucked all the collagen out of my face and gave me these sunken in spots under my eyes, which are bright red if I don't wear make up. My Dad doesn't wear make up obviously, and he has the same thing and it's new from this morning or last night. I think it's from today.

Not only that, I know someone forced my mom to get rid of the scar that was on her face after I reported it.

They did the same thing to my son. They did this to Oliver. They cut his fingers with a knife and he had scars from it and then somehow someone got rid of it. They also burned a hole into one of his fingers and it was a deliberate hole, and then I wrote about it and someone started working at covering that up too.

When my Dad got home and my Mom was scared, it was either because someone tortured my Dad at the shop at very high levels, or that this woman came over to force my Mom to take poison and threaten her over what was going to happen to my son.

The CIA almost tortured my brains out. It was their mafia and their criminals and my fiance from Colombia was in on it.

Now I know. That's why they told him to get me to say the things I wrote about torture were just my "imagination". I did write some things then that were not true, to test others and look for reactions, but everything I wrote about me and my son being tortured is true.

And Alvaro Pardo was CIA and I know they had something worse planned for me. He even admitted to me that he had worked for the FBI in Colombia. He told everyone this. It wasn't a secret or anything. That's what he said. When he was in Colombia, "they" (some group) worked with the FBI.

So if he worked with the FBI and I was punished when I didn't marry him, it follows that the deal was to entrap me to go to prison and if that didn't work out, marry him into the country so he could work legally for the U.S. more quickly. Of course, he never showed me his passport, even though I asked to see it. And the D.C. FBI headquarters was freaking out when I asked where he was. They acted like THEY were the ones hiding him..."Why. Why do you want to know."

They all know my family is being tortured and has been tortured, and now we have people attempting to illegally destroy evidence of torture on U.S. soil, by the U.S.

I look back on that. It was like a sick joke. Alvaro showing up at the Pangborn airport to see me in Wenatchee and wearing a black leather jacket with zippers all over it, like the one the girl wears in "Desperate Measures" when the family is held hostage: "Go with your boyfriend...go far, far away..."

I didn't know that in the meantime, they were making fun of my mother after they poisoned her on the West Coast, to where she developed chromium ulcers and they mocked that and assigned her with a doctor named Susan Verruchi. Verruchi (or similiar) is what the U.S. said my mom had--some kind of wart, and it was a deliberate lie. How clever. How Italian. Reminds me of Donna Ciaramella and her antics in Portland. Does she know Panetta?

I've figured out there is strong liklihood my mother has been repeatedly raped. By U.S. officials nonetheless and other criminals. It's a lot harder to hide evidence of rape. I wouldn't doubt it if it happened to my Dad too, just to humiliate him to do what they want.

I was thinking about the book Edward Howard wrote. Suddenly, it seems so strange. I remember how my Granny looked at me when I said I was thinking of naming my child Edward if it was a boy. She jolted. Edward? She asked how I got the idea to name him Edward. I said, I just liked it for some reason and was thinking of a combination with my Dad's name, Edward, and I liked Henry too and then she said, "That was my father's name."

They rushed my passport out to me pretty quick after I asked them if they'd found the Halls cough drops, after asking if L.H. stood for Loree Howard.

If I find out there is a strong connection with me and that man, all this time, then the U.S. is guilty of severe, gross, gross, misdemeanors and torture and it's looking like they did it for revenge in part, and partly to keep the Middletons going. Because now I can see how they had her sidelined next to me all along and I had no clue.

Who did some of the killing and pay offs? her brother? her Uncle Gary? her Dad? or their mafia of choice. I feel sorry for William because I believe now that he possibly married into his mother's murderers. How horrible. And how does one get out of that? he went that far along and no one warned him or gave him information and people like me were maybe too nervous about researching a thing until it was too late. They didn't even allow me to go back to my family until after they'd married and bred them. After this, they felt good about themselves. Relaxed a little. Yes. They made it.

This country allowed torture and degradation of my entire family, and used all of us like Nazi's.

The U.S. got my parents to work for them or a mob or something, and then when they wanted to, it's looking like they just held it as blackmail for torturing them if they talked about what was happening to any of us.

By the way, for the record, I am being tortured by the U.S. as I write, and no, I'm not mentally ill and I've never been mentally ill. I've been tortured and my whole family has. They just didn't have enough blackmail on me to find a reason to get me to lie. They tried to use my son. Since they had nothing to blackmail me with, to get me to shut up or not talk about what these people have done, they used my son.

They took him from me illegally and then tortured my son and forced me to see it and then showed me they were getting protection from the FBI and U.S. on it.

They tortured my son to both use him and to try to force me to stop talking.

I guess I AM a better person than the Middletons, because I still told the truth. They'd lie if someone said they were going to publish an article about where they stash the laundered money and who processes it. Kate would probably lie to save her mother from getting a little sliver under her toenail. And she would leave the entire country and the mob to get away with what they're doing too. Wouldn't she. Wouldn't they all.

My son has been tortured before my very eyes, and I've been tortured and drugged, and I still told the truth.

The only time I wavered was to falter a little with my fiance who kept saying, "Just lie. Just say it's your 'imagination'." I thought, well, if I'll get my son faster if I do. Instead, they turned it on me and said I was even crazier.

I've told the truth to this entire country about illegal and corrupt public officials, and with my son being tortured in front of my very eyes, in this so-called "free America". What happened? They tried to shut me up, drugged me more, tortured all of us, and tried to dismiss corruption and pass it off as top secret research and experimentation.

They are the liars.

What exactly do you people want?

What kind of COUNTRY are you looking for?

Are you looking for a PANSY leader that mumbles and maraudes their way through everything, and does what their told to do, to avoid personal pain, or are you looking for someone who is willing to stand up and point and say:

"That one. And that one. That one. That one, and that one and that, and let me tell you what they did and how they are ruining the integrity of this entire country."

Instead of being rewarded for doing the RIGHT thing and the HARD thing, I've been brutally punished in AMERICA and tortured and watched my entire family practically be demolished. Used, abused, and tortured.

Because some PANSY leader can't stand up to do the right thing, and we've had PANSY after PANSY.

Sitting around, dismissing crime and corruption and punishing anyone who dares to speak about it. This country will be in the middle of the greatest war it has ever seen if it continues this way because when you disrespect your citizens and those who are trying to do the right thing, you lose God's favor and people begin to sniff it out and sense the weakness. It's a matter of time before you have the same corrupt officials who are influenced by greed by other Americans, doing the same kind of favors for officials from other countries and what happens when the U.S. gets blackmailed by the UN. Or blackmailed by any other country.

Do you think that's not possible? If you don't treat people according to the Geneva Convention in your own country on your own land, and allow corrupt public officials to run the show and excuse them, you are opening door after door after door and have already invited in the same people who will then turn around and take you for all your worth. That means the whole country. Not just a few people, positions, or bucks. They will own and manipulate the entire country.

So if you want PANSIES, then that's what you got. These soldiers and CIA and scientists who imagine they are strong and bold and courageous and willing to do "the hard thing" or who get off on it, are pansies. When have they looked their tortured child in the eye and still not backed down from the truth.

The CIA is a company of liars. "The Truth Shall Set You Free". It's like the inside joke, just like the license plates in D.C. that say "Taxation without Representation".

It is Panetta. He got into his position at the exact same time we started being tortured. It wasn't getting better before then, but after he was in, those who hated us took all liberties. And if any side group that works with the U.S., like Mossad, wanted something, they did the same thing. They used blackmail to get what they wanted and used all their reform Jewish connections to do it. Some of the Jewish are pious and then others are not.

Edward Howard wrote a book called "Safe House" right before he died. I thought about it tonight. There is Safe House, like going someplace or finding someplace safe, and I think he was sending a message, which is partly why they killed him. Spies do not write books without trying to send a message to someone somewhere about an important matter and he may have been trying to send a message to someone that they needed to move to a safe house. Relocate. Get out of there. And if not, I thought about it and who I have been around in my own personal life, and if I'm related to him or not. If I am, I thought about the only house that had "safes" that I was around and it was the McGraw house when I went to the East Coast to be a nanny. They had safes built into the walls of their house, and since I've had so many odd problems and the IRS hiding things from me even, I am thinking this as well. The house with safes. Vaults, but safes. Maybe someone was trying to point something out about the UNSAFE house or how someone needed to relocate, and what happens? He published and he died.

And then I have critters coming out of the woodwork to abuse me. A lot of them Jewish and with a tie to the UK, which I later realize, lands on the Goldsmith and Middleton doorstep.

So basically, the U.S. enjoys torturing and trying to scare off, bump off, and intimidate the decent people who have a stronger moral backbone and have proven it by standing up for something. Maybe some stand up for something by having to lie, but I've proven my worth by standing up to tell the truth and taking a BEATING for it, in the

United States of America.

The rest of you are just glad it's not you.

You won't be so glad when your sons and daughters lose their lives to corrupt officials in the U.S. and the internationals who have already bribed their way in to wreck havoc.

So does this mean I don't love my son? No. Do you think I'd take all the extremes I've taken if I didn't love my son? But what I refused to do, was be pressured to LIE for CORRUPT government officials.

Pansies look great in a vase on the table--What's their purpose in any kind of office?

By the way, I don't consider blowing people away with drones and guns and biochemical warfare to be a very good show of courage.

I said to this woman today, who was sitting next to my mom:

"So why do you use tap if you have Smart water?"

Is there any reason why you idiots can't use your brains instead of illegal surveillance and torture techniques? WHAT is WRONG with you.

The U.S. is going to return my son to me or have a serious problem on their hands from another group that might investigate the torture of my entire family. The fact that the U.S. has even tried to conceal and cover up evidence of the forms of torture, puts them into the same class as any kind of war criminal.

Since someone wants to keep torturing us, how about someone checking out the Alvaro-Panetta connection. Start there. And then ask Panetta why he allows this to happen to my family from both his CIA top position and then his Pentagon position. Who are they covering for? The King of England? or rather, who have they chosen to blackmail?

It's funny, getting sold into slavery. It's like when your brothers and sisters start to hate you and get jealous so they put your entire family into forced labor and torture. They try to make something look better than it is, and pressure people to accept their idea after holding them hostage, and then you find out it was always to keep them out of the way so someone else could continue to move their way in and give back dues.

Israel wanted the Middletons and Israel and the CIA both probably bumped off Diana. And William goes marrying into it. MI5 and MI6 were more like sidekicks for the Vatican, Mossad, and the CIA.

I always thought, nah, it can't be that many groups that are involved. It's easier to think of it coming from just one group or agency or country. And then you realize, it was more than one and that's why it's so hard to untangle.

Who was following me the most in D.C.? Catholic military & mobsters and reform Jews. I flew back to Wenatchee without Alvaro, being seated next to a Catholic Army man who wanted to drink Bloody Mary's. I can also see Canada has had a weird issue for a long time--some of the Canadians. Not all, I'm sure, but I look at the movies they've produced and some other things, and people who have been involved in trying to make me look bad, and some of them, quite a few are Canadian so it must be revenge for having to live with my Grandpa Garrett so close to their border right? Or if I'm related to Edward Howard, I read once that he did a hop-skip there at some point and some Canadians didn't like him.

Later, they're trying to entrap his kid and send a child and mother back to torture? oh, and block the decent Canadians from knowing what's going on. I think half the people I met there must have been CIA for the U.S.

My parents had someone stealing from them when we lived in Sherwood, Oregon still. Then they moved and I think they were told to move to a place where others had already been moved in to create another "black site" for more use. My parents have been in this area for almost 10 years, which was when things got really bad for me. I had thought they had no problems and found out I was wrong...they just have to lie about it more.

The people who bought the house from my parents got it at a bargain, let's just say. They stole it. And then they whined and complained about a roof problem when there wasn't one, they just wanted more money. I walked over one day to say hello and they were the meanest, most suspicious and mistrusting people I'd ever met and they supposedly didn't know me but they did. I wondered why in the world they were so hateful torwards me. The "hostile takeover" included them. They got bottom dollar on it and I had this weird feeling they were either corporate or government and I didn't know which. The woman was the one I met and then her husband around the corner and they were horrible. I was polite and nice and she told me to never come on their property again. It was this huge deal and I was just being nice. They were so rotten and I'd love to know their names.

My parents felt horrible to sell and I had always said I wanted the house after they had it. It had a pond and later we put swans on the pond. Someone killed one of the swans. And swans mate for life so it was a big deal. I think maybe there was a black swan and a white swan but I can't remember. I just remember when one of them was killed and then I never knew what happened to the other one. I used to love looking out the window, reading with my legs across the arm of a chair, and look out at the swans.

Someone was always killing my cats. I had kittens and cats and someone always ran them over in Moses Lake. And then we were in Sherwood, on Baker Rd., and we saw ducks, blue herons and other wildlife, and we later had swans, with one of them being killed or disappearing. I noticed the disappearance but I didn't see the killed swan. My mom cried. It was sometime after our swan was killed that I was raped. And people began to steal from us, and they were especially interested in photos and items and information about me.

My parents moved from that pond that I loved, and they did a great job of revamping the whole had plants of every kind, to a house on the river and I believe they were being set up ahead of time.

By the time Alvaro visited, they looked scared and I didn't know why. Bad things were happening to them I guess and I had really believed they didn't believe me about my own torture.

When Alvaro came to visit me in Wenatchee, Washington, he already knew who my cousin Valente was. And he nodded at some police officer who was probably bad news and undercover, but backing down because of Alvaro. And then Alvaro was trying to get info about who the father of my son was. First it was taxes, taxes, taxes, and then he wanted to know who the Dad was and was smirking over at some hispanic guy driving by who looked like the Devil himself. After he left, the FBI did a little parade drive-by underneath my window with a guy wobbling around on a motorbike in the lead. It looked like Alvaro. And this, under my nose while I sat at the window in the same hotel with Canadian connections, that then banned me by telling me all the Wenatchee police officers told them I solicited sex there and they couldn't have prostitutes on their property. This, after they put a hidden camera in a bathroom to watch me shower. I never prostituted for anyone, ever, in my life. Ever. Even when I was being pushed to offer something just for medicine for my son in Canada, by a Canadian COP.

And you know what...come to think of it...I always wondered why this guy who visited said "Ciao". Ciao is what they say in Colombia. So what's the deal? Edward Howard, who worked in the Peace Corp in Colombia is related to me and these guys all made fun of what I didn't know? "Ciao". "Tell them you're willing to take a polygraph." If that's true, Edward Howard was Catholic. He was an altar boy. So what happened? Someone got nervous they'd just blasted the brains out of his relatives? so they said "Let's make a deal and pretend this never happened!"

Is that the play on things? that I'm related to some infamous guy and some mobsters realized it later and felt sorry for me and my son? My son looks just like Edward Howard too. The first photo I put up of my's uncanny. So was it this: "Uh-oh. We just tortured our Catholic friend's relative" or was it this: "She's sounding too interesting and we have the Middleton's lined up for the hand-off", or was it this: "She knows too much and I don't care who she is, we're going to use her for torture and call it research."

And then what? well, maybe she doesn't know anything so let's get out of here and leave her to the Leons. Let's do some DNA analysis and check her out while she's with Alvaro because maybe she's even related to ...(drumrolll)...Anastacia!

Suddenly, they "rule out" a survivor theory in April and I'm tortured again. I mean, which one was it, because my son and I have a right to know.
Now, I just checked to see if my mom was home because she went for a walk and when I knocked she was there and I said I was just checking on her and after saying she'd been there, and I asked when did she get there, I said "I'm just checking" and she said, "Okay. Bye."

What is "Bye" about. They never say "Bye" to me because I'm not leaving.

If I left this country now, it would be giving the U.S. a chance to work on me at a black site somewhere else or allowing me to be used with their permission. I haven't had an offer of safe haven from anyone at this point. And even if I did, why would I leave my son?

I'm not leaving my son and I'm demanding that an investigation takes place in this country. The U.S. tortured me and used me, raped me and withheld evidence from me for over 10 years, and then tortures my own son and tries to train him for mind control, and they think that they can drug me until it's impossible to clear up my name through courts, and then go off to some other country where they hope to use me more, in an exotic setting. They didn't torture me for nothing. They covered up corruption of their friends and made it look official or like a project to senior officials, and then they handprinted me and thought they were going to torture me out of the country.

So they can USE me in another country.

I'm not leaving my son and I will continue to talk about all the things the U.S. has done to us, if he is not returned to me. I want my son.

And any kind of "idea" that tripping up my college plans or handing me my passport, is some kind of way to placate me, is a wrong idea. Oh, if they don't give my son back to me, what will she do? they already have it figured out, just like they tried to force what happened with the last hearing by laying out plans ahead of time, and already planned to either keep me out of money for basic living costs and college, or force me to apply for an online trade school so they can mock me some more.

The CIA negotiated with Mossad mobsters to ruin my life and torture the hell out of my son and keep people quiet about it. And then they even get my mom and son to have scars removed so there is no evidence of bodily harm. They use other nationalities and people from Australia, and the UK and Ireland, along with a few Muslims and Indians and let total gangsters chase me around in the cities.

They are corrupt and they've used corrupt FBI to stand guard as crime occurs. That's the only way they are able to intimidate, is to use FBI to scare people enough into thinking they'll go to jail if they don't do everything. Which explains why the FBI was interested in trashing me.

So they forced my parents to move to another "black site". They wanted my parents to move away from me when they started to dig their nails into my neck. They were trying to alienate family and separate us so they could torture and use all of us individually.

I know this is a black site, because I'm here now, and I've seen evidence of it. I also know some of this stuff and these people have been here about as long as my parents have. It's not like they moved in yesterday--the others that they've used to torture all of us. These other people have been here about as long as my parents and then a few left for California, I guess because they didn't want to cross paths with me.
Every single thing that this country has done to me and my son has been a mobster run at a collosal joke. These people chased me around while making fun of me after putting me at my lowest. There is no amount of money that the U.S. federal government could compensate me and my child with.

They made me into the biggest joke and used me while they mocked me.

They have been covering up gruesome crimes against my family as well. I mean, gruesome and cruel torture.

Alvaro is CIA and friends with Panetta. Want to know something interesting? Let me tell you about a little mockery of Osama bin ladin.

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