Friday, September 16, 2011

Hexavalent Chromium and Cholesterol of 320

I just found out my mom has cholesterol of 320. Which is not something so personal I can't share. But what's sad, is that no U.S. doctor has even tried to help my mom (or dad) for something like this.

My mom also has all the symptoms of hexavalent chromium poisoning and I think she's been poisoned with radioactive waste at some point too.

Her cholesterol was 320 in Moses Lake at the Samaritan hospital she said, but then it was up again, even more, when she got tested 7 years ago by Susan Verruchi, who said, "You are a walking time bomb!," let's do a C-reactive test." Then she said this was low, so she was fine.

However, I don't even know if this is how it really happened.

Most people are put on drugs to lower cholesterol if their cholesterol is 320. But they didn't even check to see what my mom's HDL vs the other kind was, and see what the ratio was. I don't think a "C-reactive test" checks the ratio and determines good vs bad cholesterol and whether someone should be on lowering drugs or have more testing.

My mom was told and has been told, that ratios are only checked up to 100 and she was up to 320. She was told other tests could be done, through another panel, but somewhere else, and I think this is what Samaritan told her, in M.L. So why they didn't do that is beyond me.

According to the research, hexavalent chromium poisoning damages the liver and kidneys, and it's the liver that processes and regulates normal cholesterol function. So if her liver got damaged by this or some other thing, I don't know. I would think a responsible doctor would do more than check the "C-reactor".

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