Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get Out Of There! (my Dad says)

My Dad came through and I was able to print something last minute and I was so rushed. He kept saying "get out of there" or "hurry up and get out of here" because he had people waiting on him and he had to go.

I am telling the truth about my being drugged and medicated and what's bad is I think someone has been doing this to my parents too. I've seen some signs.

So I went as fast as I could, and printed out a few emails and wrote a really crappy motion, asking for continuance to add supplemental or additional materials, to go over the case to verify facts with my lawyers since we haven't done this, or to proceed pro se if with state costs paid for my expenses if there is no other way.

I prefer to proceed with counsel. 100%. But I need a continuance and while I was worried about having my case look like I fire everyone, they have certain responsibilities they are accountable to as well. It makes me look picky but I'm not being picky. I am trying to be fair and I think, if this firm has their clients best interests in mind, they will agree to continue to allow for my verification of the facts and other things.

I want to win, and I think I can, and if they are an enemy, they will refuse to help. If they are a friend, they will agree to continue to verify facts of the record and consider other materials that they didn't even allow me to bring to their attention.

If the State tries to use it against me, I will file all emails from lawyers, showing insufficient defense and make the argument about the requirement, per State law, of "reasonable defense". Not any kind of defense, but that which is at least bare minimum and reasonable.

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