Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Extraordinary Rendition of Oliver Garrett & His Mother

I found it. Well, another part of it.

I am firing the law firm by tomorrow and demanding to represent myself or be appointed (preferred) new counsel and I'm including all emails with the lawyers I've had who refused to do even minimal work with me.

They have been working for my enemies, for the State that doesn't want to be sued, and the federal govt.

I am told I'll be called crazy if I talk about torture.

Well then, I up the ante and raise you (the U.S. govt.) to systematic torture, black sites operating within the U.S., and treason. I had thought my son's kidnapping was maybe just a kidnapping under color of law. However, I find it fits many elements of "extraordinary rendition".

I'm not backing down. It's all true.

I'm working on my motion to fire the law firm (with all the emails and other lawyers email attached) and was trying to find what grounds I have, by proving I am a victim of U.S. corruption (gangs and corporate) and "operations". I am making note of both this in a complaint and then about undisclosed black sites to the UN but figuring out how to apply this to my Appeal is what I was looking for. A law that's not federal that can be used in State, however, I think it's federal law I might need.

I may have to file for a preliminary injunction.

Which is pointless, since this involves the U.S. and I saw what they did with my last preliminary injunction. They just ignored me as if there is no such thing as U.S. law.

At least I'm doing what I can, and I am not going to keep quiet about being drugged.

Not only that, the 13th ammendment (along with others) are violated.

I have been forced to work for the U.S. for free, as has my son. My parents as well, and this is involuntary servitude. It says a method of forcing this is obstructing financial security or independence to be free from the servitude. It includes forced labor of any kind, under threat or by harming someone, under coercion.

(and what's funny, is that someone from the U.S. is still using technology against me even as I write this)

It then follows the 14th is violated as well. Which is hilarious, that I have a court hearing for a case that's a sham, when some of the people are...

---I got a phone call, after a couple of days of no call, from someone else who wants a reward. This man called me from the college I was going to this Fall, with financial aid, and right about the time I wrote I have been forced to work for the U.S., he called me and said I couldn't go to their college.

I had been told, by their college personnel, that I could register and send in my FAFSA and everything up until the day of September 27th, and they lied to me. After lying to me, they told me at the last minute, what the truth was. I had been talking to people from their college for months and depended upon their honest information and help.

So this guy, who I hope is not related to the man I was in an auto accident with (because they have the same name and it sounded familiar to me). Sort of like, he doesn't call to get back to me and first acted like he might help and then, just now, he called up like he couldn't have been happier. He was bursting with joy at being the one to give me the news, which was delivered as bad news. If he is related to this man from my past, it would make me seriously wonder why.

I think, the goal has been to squeeze me out of any ability to sustain myself. To lie up until the end, and lock me out of money.

Which means I am going forward with firing the firm.

They call up to shut me out of any money or ability to sustain myself or do anything productive at all and why? to prevent me from even being able to defend this case and my own son.

Not only did the U.S. threaten to blackmail the UN on Sept 6th, the U.S. Dept. of Education did the same thing on the 6th. They claimed they quit processing on the 1st. but they were supposed to still do some things up until the 6th and then they stalled the entire consolidation processing.

I had a note from one man, who I had talked to, and he's connected to the U.S. federal government.. They wanted me to think, I guess, that the two departments of this college were not connected when they are.

First, in anticipation that I might guess, I got an email saying there was no connection with the other school. Then, this man who delivered the news just now said they were not connected. I said "That doesn't mean you didn't talk."

They're punishing me for talking about what is happening to me and my son. And they lied to me, first, and then they decided to lock me out of money again.

I'm firing the firm.

Pressure to not fire the firm backfires.

Someone got worried I would have money from college financial aid distribution and that I might try to fight what is happening, so they kept the door open to the last minute, and then they happily slammed it in my face and wanted me to be forced to go along with a law firm that has been ROTTEN.

Do you know what else is funny?

The topic of extraordinary rendition and mind control. The U.S. gets so excited, the CIA gets so overjoyed, when their little projects are working out so well. They just high five and slap backs and think, "We are not letting these guinea pigs go. This operation is far too special. Look at all the cool things we've done by destroying their lives and how we can play mind games and anctipaate their moves and use others for psychic research."

They are torturing my only son and they have tortured me.

Daniel Amos works for the CIA. He was the one supposedly helping me with this college application process. And he talked to Tom Nicolls and they shut me out. Amos just got back from Japan and has done all this Chinese work and I am sure he has some connection to the federal government. Amos didn't want me to think he was talking to anyone at the other college, or had an influence with what he knew was going down, so he anticipated I would wonder and tried to head it off by saying he's not connected. And Nicholls tried to head me off when I said, "Di d you talk to Amos?" Nicholls ssaid, "He has a totally different department and we're not connected in any way." I said, "That doesn't mean you didn't talk...I will talk to you later. Goodbye."

So by the way, if anyone thinks I'm an idiot, you can keep your check.

They are fighting tooth and nail to keep my son in their grip.

They thought they could do an extraordinary rendition of me, of sorts, by trying to entice me to go to London. I guess that way they figured I would be out of the U.S. when they try to close my case down about my son, or maybe they figured their time was getting short in the U.S. to torture me, so they could send me to an exchange partner in the UK for more torture. I got the email about how London is still available for registration early this morning and I didn't take the bait.

I'm the fish.

Billy the fish is Billy the rooter and I'm the fish. And this fish doesn't fly and this fish wants her son back.

Which is really funny, because my Ex left me with a guide on "How to Catch Fish" fishing guide and left it on my table upside down after I asked him to leave. As if I had been the one to lose something.

Wrong. They lost ME. They weren't able to use me, entrap me, or keep me or my son and then they all tried to push me to get back together with him and forced me into groveling and drugged and tortured me. Was that like, Middleton's Man? How does this work? Kate Middleton's family is CIA but they wanted to do me a favor? There is no possible way the U.S. was not involved in torturing me and my family on her behalf and if they would allow torture to that degree, they have someone from that family working for them and vice versa.

So what did someone think I was going to do? They thought they'd entice me out of the country to France when I had my 2 lawsuits about to be filed. Now, they try to entice me over to London. Like I would go there where they would mock me over any kind of announcements, and use me for their own research.

Do you know what someone did when I wrote I was not going to London and that I wanted the UN and my son, not "Middletons' Land of Oz?" He pounded his fists on the table and he has brown hair and he looks a lot like the man who took my fucking handprints. You asshole. I couldn't figure out if it was Michael Middleton, pissed that I wouldn't be within his grasp, or the Knoxville jerk who handprinted me in anticipation to throw me to more wolves and lions.

I have nothing against London. In fact, I've often said I think I would really like it, as a big city and with the bookstores and punks and different kinds of people. But I am not going to London to allow others to escape with crime.

And no, I do not think everyone is "FBI" or "CIA" or intelligence. It's just that quite a few of the people who like to get near me, are. I don't find them. They find me and try to make it look like coincidence.

I wouldn't leave my parents anyway. I have too much to report about what is happening to them by the U.S. I am this great, accidental tourist of a black site operation. Why would I leave now? Now is the time they need me. They drug me with Haldol because they're trapped to do thing s for the U.S. Does anyone think I would allow the U.S. to get away with using my own parents as tools for THEM, against ME? and my son?

Just imagine. I don't think that anyone believed I would leave for London. For some weird reason, they just wanted to put it out there. Who knows why. I guess it shows who they're working with at the moment, London. I wonder who their contacts are over there.

I'm filing my motion tomorrow. I don't have time to do it today and I'm too pissed and just recently coming off of more drugs and meds. I think that was part of the motive in phoning me up to upset me.

To derail me.

And, I think to stop me from firing this firm that I asked to withdraw themselves a long time ago and they refused.

They already knew they were going to keep me from going to college and out of money for 3 months after an Appeal that is going to lose. They didn't give me any opportunity to have input at any time and snuck in all these motions to the court. So if they already knew they were going to keep me out of college and anything productive to do, because they wanted to continue using me and my son, why wait until this last day to tell me?

They waited until they realized I really might fire this firm and then as an extra incentive to not fire them, by forcing me to realize I would have zero money to fight with on my own, they try to keep me from filing a motion to fire this crappy god-forsaken #2 group of people. Or, maybe they think, good, she'll fire them and then she'll have no money to do anything.

They want me sitting around talking about 4 fucking birds that their psychic summoned up for them. They wanted me working for the fucking Devil's kitchen, or some other business where they had a U.S. government employee there to use me. They want me following their blueprints for what they predict and plan. They got reeaaally excited about things, most recently, giving these books to my Mom and Dad to take home and show me and then they fucking sit around and hope that I look something up online, like extraordinary rendition and give them another peg in their ship.

It would take a long time to explain what I'm talking about there (see above paragraph) but all I have to let the UN know, is a little more about black sites and how they have tortured my parents and need to speak to them privately in a safe place, and then I need to describe what the U.S. has done to my son.

My guess? Nicholls is Catholic.

Just a hunch.

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