Saturday, September 24, 2011

Torture & Violation of Freedom of Religion

This post is true and made in the same manner as a declaration, which is sworn to and could be made for use as evidence in a court of law. I swear that the following statement and everything in it is factual:

My Dad was tortured with technology so badly he can hardly walk. His lower back. He denies it and I witness it. I've had someone targeting me on my head, a side of my head before, and they did this to him today at the house, and it must have been severe because he threw his arm up to counter what happened and the pain. It was done to me tonight as well and it's been done before.

I think we all might die.

My parents are still lying and saying if someone wanted to kill us they would, and I know this is true. But this is the U.S. and the responsiblity is with the FBI to safeguard human rights. If we don't have an FBI that stands for what it's supposed to stand for, and if they are not willing to just let it go and call it even, allow us to have our passports and travel freely, they'll kill us and allow others to do it.

My Mom was tortured when I left to check on my Dad. I got back and she tried not to cry. The whole night before she tried not to cry. I don't know what happened, but her eyes were lasered badly or shot with an air pressure gun repeatedly to cause the corneas. I don't know if something else happened too, that maybe she was raped or molested because all day men implied this and then she and my Dad tried not to cry. I saw on her computer that after this, after this morning when some women and possibly men came over, AOL news had a line up of Putin, something about violence, and then an ad of someone pouring a yellow fluid out of a pitcher.

For me, I had an ad about oral mouth cancer come up over and over. Someone from msn had all these ads come up with my hotmail account, about oral cancer and I had no problems but I had just bought a toothpaste and had my bottled water and that's it. I'm not sure if it was the toothpaste or the bottled water or if someone tampered with other food because I had nothing to eat from strangers, no tap water, and nothing from my parents. And for no reason, I got this enormous blister-boil on the roof of my mouth after using the new paste. It was huge and then popped and was filled with water. And I thought, why did someone put up ads about oral cancer if no one knew something I ate or drank was toxic?

I had to throw out almost all of my produce sitting out because the day the 3 surveyors came over, I literally think they biochemically poisoned my food and possibly my place. When they parked next to my place, after awhile, I started smelling this horrible sulferous smell and it was strong enough to get into my place right away. And then the next day my mom went out with Patty, and Patty ordered a clubhouse wrap and sweet potato fries. No one was in my place that day and it's only been a couple days since. The last time someone was in my place, it was the 3 surveyors. Today I looked at the potatoes and someone had drizzled some kind of wet solution over them--there were spots outlined with it. They were't that way before. The wetness had dried, but the spots were on the potatoes. Not only that, I had garlic and overnight, while I was away today, the outside turned purple and it wasn't yesterday, and there was the same odd pink tinge to the garlic on the inside as there was on the Idaho potatoes I had to throw out which smelled like poison and were turning pinkish inside. Other things were also affected but nothing from the fridge.

I don't know what happened with the bottled water and I got the same kind I had before, but I was using this for brushing my teeth even. Just the bottled water and the toothpaste and then this odd boil happened at the same time someone from msn was putting ads next to my mail about mouth cancer (which I don't have but might if I continued to use some things). So what's weird is that I used this same water for trying to sprout alfalfa seeds and they kept dying in that water. After the 3 surveyors came out after my Dad said something about poisoned water, it quit and now the sprouts grow. Like they switched something out almost.

My Mom could hardly see tonight. Her eyes are damaged and now I'm realizing where my Granny got the dark odd circles around her eyes--I've suspected Granny was being used for research and tortured but I wasn't sure until much later.

Not only that, she speaks in tongues in a normal way and I've heard her my entire life and its the exact same thing. It doesn't change and most people who have this, doesn't alternate. And tonight, she was praying in tongues and adding in things that someone forced her to do, in total violation of her religion.

They are desecrating my parents and violating their freedom of religion, by forcing them to participate with others who are into voodoo which they are not into, and making fun of their christian beliefs.

It's not just torture and forced labor, to the point we all believe we are going to die. They have disrespected the most fundamental of U.S. rights, and that is the Freedom of Religion. This is when my parents try not to cry. They try not to cry when they are repeating things they don't want to repeat and are told to do things in violation of their religious beliefs and they do believe in God and they care deeply. They care more than most people I've been around, and the U.S. has allowed others to even violate their Freedom of Religion and to practice according to their beliefs. My mother was muttering things repeatedly that are not part of her speaking in tongues language at all, and this is her religious beliefs. They had her saying something about "dickies" over and over and over. That's not my mother. If my mother is doing this in prayer, she's being tortured and violated beyond belief. This is probably one reason she was crying the night before and this week. They have attacked her belief in God. Not only that, some kid wearing a "dickies" sweatshirt was walking past me with a bike both directions on the day I first went to see where my Dad was working, after my my mother's day with Patty. Someone has made fun of their christian beliefs and has been forcing them to say things, and now my parents are trying to say these things without crying. Not only that, "Irene" is the one who escorted my Dad to New Orleans and then over here it's like the U.S. said, "We don't care what your religious beliefs are. You are going to learn this for our research and do whatever we tell you to do." And they completely violated their right to freedom of religion. I know my parents and they were never, ever, doing this kind of thing before we were all forcibly separated from eachother. If my parents don't do the voodoo stuff the FBI and military-CIA want, they get the military to torture them. And then people like Patty are looking less like bad FBI and more like bad CIA and the FBI so far, allows all of it. They don't care about our rights. It's more important to them to play their games and do their research. They are severely harming at this point, to where we feel we are going to die.

They've even picked out books for my parents to read which are not things my parents would ever choose for themselves. I can describe exactly what they're doing with that. And this Theo Keys who did such horrible things to me in Wenatchee, looks exactly like this other man, who could be his father, who lives here, and is named Keith. I was told his Dad has been with the Army for over 20 years.

The fact they can't turn to the FBI, suggests without a doubt, they are in on it. If the FBI wants to call it good, and just act the way they're supposed to, and safeguard the rights of others and enforce laws, when we're tortured and this is violated, that would be in the best interests of all.

Both my mom and dad cannot hardly see the television anymore. Their vision has been targeted, and this by normal looking professional people. Their religion has been targeted and dishonored, by even those claiming to be "christians" (and they're NOT. These other people are NOT christians).

Today all they did was torture my Dad with "white torture" but at the highest levels, to where his mind is affected, and speech slurred later tonight after he took some pills I guess he's being forced to take. He could hardly walk. I actually think a few people came in to check on him but they are not allowed close to him.

I am starting to wonder if my Ex fiance is violent or would do harm to my family. I don't know about this pastor with his military background. I am worried, because since he's been here, things haven't gotten better for my family--it's been worse.

I feel afraid for what tomorrow holds for my mom and dad. And for me. But more, I feel afraid for them because a lot of people have ganged up against them for no good reason. They are sincere, caring people who worship in spirit and truth. They have never said a bad word to me about anyone or encouraged hatred or raised me with any preference for one political party over another, or one country over another, or religious group, other than to say they were rebulicans and christians. Not once did they show any sign of wanting to acheive any kind of glory or power or connection to anyone. They have been humble people. And now they're being humiliated and degraded and tortured.

The U.S. has even allowed people to use thermal imaging on our homes. I'm not joking.

It's not the whole U.S., because if most of the people knew what was going on, they'd be horrified. But it's a controlling group in the U.S.

I feel the FBI needs to show a good presence, not a bad one, but a sincerity and just say, "Okay, you won't sue us or make complaints and we'll give you your passports, peace in your own country as well, and end this war."

It would be a positive step and anyone arguing against it is fueled by malice.

I talked to my parents about all of us speaking out at the same time and they said, "They'd lock us up". (maybe they meant jokingly) I said "They're not going to put you in a mental institution if you speak up, especially if we all do it at once. Too many public people would notice and it would look like the U.S. really was trying to cover something up. Even if they put people in jail, it would be too many and raise questions about what they're doing."

I said, rather than having things escalate it might be better to just go together. And right as I said this to them, my Dad and I were both targeted at the same time by military technology. My Dad quit moving and quit talking and had to get up and go to the bathroom and I was right after him, dizzy and unable to breathe and needing to use the bathroom.

I guess he had this done to him all day at work, even while working on a roof when he could have fallen. That's what I heard him tell my mom in overhearing while I was outside.

But the point was that as soon as I talked about speaking up, we were assaulted by military.

They bug our house, listen to our conversations, and then assault us if we say anything they don't like.

My mom was forced to paint both her fingernails and toenails today so I couldn't first photograph them for evidence. I never said I was going to do that, but I should have. And now they're painted over so no one can see, just like they got rid of the long knife scar on her cheek so no one could see.

Tomorrow is church. That church is not a safe place. There are some decent people there, but many of them are not. Not only that, I am afraid of what others will attempt later.

For the last several weeks my parents have been hit with horrible military technology assault all night long.

I don't know why someone is not doing it to me as much, but instead all they do is take my attention away from my legal case with my son (which is a fraud, the whole thing) and college. They have me afraid for my parents lives to the point that I cannot focus on anything else.

We have been trapped here and trapped to be tortured, have our right to religious beliefs violated, and to see eachother suffer. We are completely trapped because they are utilizing the military and gangs to assault us and use violence if we try to be free.

Also, I think they are being directed to say things to make them unattractive to others who might hear about, and it's in violation of their right to religious liberty. They also have made comments that could be offensive to others and it's not what they really think either. I feel this is to alienate them from having a large group surround them with support and protection from those who commit battery and assault every single day. How would you like that? How would you like to be assaulted every day, every single day, and no one helps you and police laugh? How would you like to be mocked over religion and told to practice something else that is against your beliefs and have someone forcing you to change the way you pray to insult you and mock God?

This entire post is sworn to, and I swear with God as my witness, that I am telling the truth and that this is what is happening to my family.

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