Friday, September 23, 2011

New Evidence of Torture of My Dad: Suing Biden and President of the United States

I'm suing them.

My Dad just got home and he was tortured all day. No, I'm not lying. Now, the inside skin of my Dad's eyes is black, brown, and blue, like my Moms.

This, after he was either tortured with something, or it was after he drank the poison they told him to drink this morning. This morning his eyes were fine. Now they're not.

Not only that, he told me to take the dog for awhile because he was going to take a nap.

I refused to let him shut the door on me when I saw his eyes and saw what had been done, just today.

He lied and said nothing happened and I saw his eyes with my own eyes.

These people are criminals. It's the United States and they are criminals and I'm suing the government and exposing Obama for wanting nothing more than a piece of ___.

After I saw his eyes and he tried to get me to leave, I refused to leave and pulled up his t-shirt to see for myself what they'd done to him and his entire back was marked with visible laser or some kind of weird torture marks. It's all over his back.



FUCK YOU For allowing CRIMINALS to poison and torture my family. And doing NOTHING but laugh and trying to discredit the only person who will talk about it.

My father's entire back is COVERED with torture marks.

There are bizarre fragmented marks across his entire shoulder blade area.

The RED CROSS does nothing but blow jobs for the CIA.

I saw this, on my Dad's back and on his eyes, and I took the "igloo" that sits out here as a doghouse which always made me think of the CIA and their fucking igloo. And I hurled it out and it crushed the yellow roses and then I threw it out farther and it landed, with 2 round circles on the lawn, just like the ones the fucking Pentagon and CIA had my Dad kneel on for hours with some kind of toxic white substance under it.

This is WAR.

Why did my Dad give me the dog for right now? Because the other day, they even gave me a part of the porch to their house, because the United States Vice President Biden wants them killed.

"Execute them"

The orders are to do it slowly. It's Biden. Joe Biden. Joe Biden and Panetta. The Catholics who think they rule the world and got their buddies to torture my parents. For the Middletons too, no less. For the Middletons too. As if this is not even the U.S. and is some kind of Catholic Crusader plot. And throw in Mossad. Weren't they raping me first?

I guess we could further back than that. After I threw out the igloo, I hurled out two sticks along with it. Two cylinder sticks made of wood.

This country is going to go into a major debt, the rich will get richer and more corrupt, and they are trying to kill some of the few remaining decent people.

All this, after I said..I'm sure I could back up and figure out when the DOD and CIA really started to go after my parents and let the FBI target in.

And the United States of America tried to say I was mentally ill. And they tortured me over it and allowed mafia to torture me and my son and family. And then they try to call MY parents traitors as if they are not the ones who are sick in the head and heart.

I looked up statutes and provisions for suing the President of the United States of America. There is no "sovereign immunity". NONE. NO SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY YOU BASTARD. And Joe Biden is 10 times worse and if the President has no sovereign immunity, Biden definitely doesn't.

I can get Biden on illegal torture of an entire family, along with Panetta (CIA and then Pentagon), along with corruption and hate crime. These crimes were fueled by hatred. They are hate crimes, not just illegal under the Constitution.

I don't care if some in the U.S. have used me and tried to call me crazy, I'm going to get help from some other countries who think the U.S. IS CRAZY and that JOE BIDEN doesn't deserve to have a foot on this soil. And neither do any of his children. Hateful, loathing, corrupt, and let's throw in some "reform jews" who are no better than the dirt under my heel. "Reform" for what. Reform from being good and speaking up about crimes and torture to reforming into playmates for Sarah Fergusen and Chelsey Davies? Dipping their bread into the communion wine? While saying NOTHING about torture of others in their own country.

I am suing the United States and I'm going after the ones at the top who know who I am, and knew who I was, and who kept silent about torture of a whole family. Not to mention a bunch of people in Seattle who were walking around looking like their faces had been targeted with lasers.

This woman who was at the entrance of the place my Dad works, on his own property, was Army, so she said. But she could have been a liar. I asked if she lived there and she said no. But she just happened to be hanging around, with a whole bunch of other U.S. assholes from the Pentagon, from FBI to local police to CIA, when I was walking up.

Not only did they torture my Dad in ways that are hard to prove, with white torture, they tortured him badly enough to leave marks all over as well. And they aimed high, probably thinking I would never see because if he bent over, it would only be his lower back that I saw, not his upper back.

All across his entire upper back, were marks from torture. And his eyes are blackened on the insides like my Mom's now.

People throwing up.

Some country's have laws that they even put into writing, about not torturing their own citizens with military technology. Russia is one. They put laws into writing in 2005, right before the U.S. began showing what kind of low lifes they are. What's low life? It's a country that thinks it's superior to all other countries and then tortures it's own citizens right in front of everyone. It doesn't matter if it's the U.S. anymore, you can't depend upon and lean on an old currency that has nothing to back it up but criminals, frauds, and Pentagon mafia.

Russia, this whole country, maybe somehow knew what was coming up for unsuspecting people in the U.S.


And they at least made a point of showing they don't approve of any kind of ultrasound, laser, non-lethal torture or experimentation on CITIZENS. In 2005 they put that into law for their own country.

Meanwhile, the U.S. has corrupt officials devising plans for how to harm women and children.

Their own citizens.

And they're using people like "Patty".

I'm turning her in. I'm not calling up or going over for a chat. I'm writing out a report of what I witnessed and how I believe she is an accessory to crime. And I'm suing the U.S. when I can for damaging done to my entire family.

And since I started writing about how at least some country's actually put laws into writing about not torturing their own citizens with technology, someone from the Pentagon thought it would be fine to keep up this torture and started using my laptop to do it again. Last night they did something too, that caused extreme abdominal pain which had a currant that went up and down. It was satellite. There was nothing else around to cause it.

My Dad got home at 4.

4 p.m. Symbolic for the 4 mafias within the Pentagon.

Patty is the least of concerns, but she's one local person I can nail for what kind of condition she brought my mother back in. And I can write something up about Kathy Hathaway and what I overheard her saying when I was listening at the door and then what I saw her doing.

And what's funny, is that their crimes are coming full circle on them because one connection is being linked to another connection. They are working together, not separately. So that's collusion to commit manslaughter. Collusion is not something you want to deal with in a criminal or civil case and especially not when you can implicate other government workers as well.

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