Friday, September 23, 2011

Red Cross Defends Nazis and Torturers

I read something about the Red Cross last night that helped me understand why I've been attacked in their own offices and why they've been unresponsive.

The history of the International Red Cross is Swiss.

The Vatican's guards are all Swiss.

Panetta is now at the head of the Pentagon and if they decide to allow others to inflict torture on a family, esp. one connected in military ways, Panetta would be the one giving the go ahead. Panetta also knows that the only group coming in to observe if he decided to torture and interrogate my parents, would be Red Cross.

And what's the Red Cross going to do when they're funded by the same company that funds guards for the Vatican?

If the Vatican hates me, as they clearly do, they basically use their own guards to allow and not prevent torture.

Here's the other caveat,

During World War II, The Red Cross was the group responsible for investigating torture or torturous interrogation. They were asked to investigate the POWS who were disabled, twins, gypsy's, polish, or jewish, and they refused. They said it might hinder the war so they refused to investigate.

This was the same group that was in the same country as the Swiss guards the Vatican used at a time when the Vatican was approving the extermination of all these people.

And really, it's not all about the jews. They made a huge error in taking this holocaust idea for just themselves when it wasn't just about was about a huge group of different kinds of people used for experimentation during the war and this has been done by numerous countries, around the world, to different ethnic or other kinds of designated population. If we wanted, we could have a huge memorial museum for twins, and for some reason we don't. Where's the Gypsy Museum in D.C.? We don't have one. However, a lot of Jews WERE singled out, and who approved it? The Vatican and The International Red Cross.

So when I have had very serious lawsuits naming the Catholic Church, and then my family gets tortured and used with CIA and Pentagon approval, don't look to the International Red Cross, I guess, for support.

Because instead of caring, they're driving around in long vans and parked next to the location where my Dad is being tortured. They either like to mock my family by showing how close they get and yet won't help, or they have been part of showing approval and consent to abuse and torture against my entire family.

Where's the ICRC in Dryden? Did they check in on my son? The answer is: No.

So while the International Red Cross sometimes does their job and makes reports about gruesome or horrific conditions, my guess is that they actually downplay what they see. When I read a report about Taliban being hung by hands or waterboarded or sexually molested or held naked, now, after knowing what the response has been for my own family, and how they've actually supported torture, I can reasonably assume their reports shy away from disclosing how bad it is.

For example, they say that the interrogation techniques are bad, but they shy away from disclosing the information that proves they're used for experimentation. Medical experimentation. They make their reports sound they're doing their job, kind of like some slick reporters like Amy Roe and The Willamette Week, and yet while it sound like they might be trying to be fair or impartial, they're covering up the real truth of how bad it is and exactly what's being done.

The history of the ICRC is, from what I read, self-serving.

Which is why I am probably correct in my guess that Diana's work with them does not exclude them from liability over being involved with what happened to her. They protect monied industries and countries.

They do some work and write reports that make it sound like they're really doing a service, but they're going in and writing about things everyone knows anyway, if they even go in at all, and then they cover up the medical experimentation taking place.

Here's the other thing...

If the history of the Red Cross is linked to the Swiss guards and The Vatican, and if the history is that they've been against certain groups of people or anyone they thought, whose member was a threat to their political power and plans, or groups they traditionally hated, can we expect them to run to their aid?

Or instead, do we find them mocking and laughing as they drive past a "black site" where I've already notified them of torture?

One van passed me and the other one I approached and asked for business card. They said they didn't have any. The driver didn't look very happy that I was approaching at all, and why would she care? She supposedly doesn't know who I am, so why would she look upset?

She said they were from Roseburg.

And a lot of good they do there too, don't they.

Roseburg. Home of the Hellions.

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