Sunday, September 18, 2011

False Psychics for World Manipulation and Torture of My Family

I wondered today if "They did this in 'Bible' times." They asked what. And I said, "I've always understood how military people and political people or lawyers, anticipate their opponents next move, and how they might make a plan or change a plan based on this. It's something everyone can understand--and if someone does one thing or says, "this is what's going to happen" there are all these "analysts" who try to interpret what that might mean...But," I said, "I never understood that some people do this on another level until tonight."

They said, "What do you mean?" and I said, "Well, I've always known what a false prophet is supposed to mean, but there is more than that. There are people who organize ahead of time, to try to counter or scramble what a trusted person has said will happen. So, a lot of false interpretation, in order to scramble the signal and make people think oh, it must have been this and means this, when that's not true at all. Or, groups of people work ahead to try to counter what direction a psychic or prophet foresees history taking. And they'll do anything to misinterpret the dream or sign or prophesy, to try to rearrange it to fit what they want."

"I just never realized that it was a full-on kind of warfare and that they have people using strategy and tactics to have one thing take the place of another thing. Like, for example, if someone trusted says, "..and they will do a lot of reading,..." then someone with a political motive might come in to try to change the meaning and say, "It's not about reading books, it's about reading palm leaves, or someone who is able to get a good reading from a seismologist."

Or, sometimes groups are so paranoid about what someone sees into the future, a trusted and devout person, and they don't like it, so they might even plan way ahead, for example..."..and this person is going to Omaha" so the other group thinks, "Okay, we're moving. He has to be born in Omaha to have it look like it fits. Omaha."

It sounds ridiculous. To normal people, this sounds so "out there" and far-fetched but tonight was the night I realized there are groups plotting and making strategies ahead of time, to literally counter a prophesy into the future that is accurate. And I realized, if they are worried, there is no effort to be spared, no amount of money, no amount of crooked dealings and extrajudicial steps...they will prepare ahead of time and then exact revenge on anyone who does not attempt to help structure their plan to work out to look like it's working out.

Usually, I would think, the person that the prophesy is supposed to fit then, might be the one that's been persecuted.

Not that it matters. Because when these people organize, they organize with everything from senior officials to seers and psychics to voodoo and witchcraft consultants, to P.I.s, to Sheriffs, to mafias...nothing is spared if they have the money. If they have the money and don't like what they see in the future or get worried and want it to look like it's meant for someone else, they'll kill for it. And tonight was the first night I realized that they will try to restructure the lives of all those they hope will be involved to create the appearance of matching the prophesy.

If the political group thinks, "No, they're right, and this person will cause another group to succeed over ours," they will get in on it.

NOTHING is spared. And if they found the person they want out of their way, they will go fully out of their way, to type, personality type and identify, test in a dozen different batteries, and push and force into narrow and extreme options, in order to force that person through a seive that's completely different than the one that would have occured if nature was left to itself, and God's will and free will had not been tampered with.

I know I've thought before about psychics making false predictions or interpretations, but today was the day I realized, they will attempt to combat, counter, derail, re-organize...anything and everything to meet their goals, with very large groups and include intelligence, and religions, whatever. Like a battle plan and war strategy.

This was the night I realized, they do this in the very same way a military battle plan over several years is plotted and analsysed.

There could be some extremely trusted and gifted, Godly prophets and psychics and they could say, "It's this one" or "It's someone who does this this and looks like this and there is something about a major _____ and they will know so and so..." If they are good enough, it will scare the heck out of another group that feels they are supposed to be lining up. Oh no. And from another country?! We don't WANT someone from another country. We want someone from our country or who is going to vouch for OUR interests."

I am not kidding. And it really doesn't even matter now. It's just that I know now. There is nothing for me to acheive or obtain by writing this other than to say, as diana may have said once to camilla, "Stop lying to me and everyone else. I know."

What's sad is that even very serious topics that should be taken seriously, are thrown out and tossed to the side as "Oh yes, it means this and yes, have we got a suprise for you because it's going to be this..."

I seriously think that if someone is sort of creeping up unexpectedly and looking like they might get noticed, that's when the group gets nervous. As long as this person is hidden or is occupied doing something small, fine. No big deal. Leave her alone. Make her parents suggest things that they know are not even suited, but get them to do what we want and keep her on the low. It's when someone gets noticed for some reason, or begins to look like they are fulfilling a prophesy, that they bring out the arsenals of defamation by newspapers and online articles, false imprisonments, character issues, drug accusations, mental illness allegations, any dirt possibe, violation of chastity, attempts to disrupt charitable works by this person, and then finally, torture.

They set up their own pick( the person they want) the way they want. Now DON'T you DARE interfere.

As if that person even knew what was going on around them or cared, until they were tortured and started wondering why. I don't know. Is anyone else being tortured the way I am and my son and family has been tortured?

Doesn't it follow that the person they've done an inexplicable amount of damage to is maybe the person they were worried about all along, not because they were bad, but good, and simply because they were not the one they wanted.

By the way, I found confirmation of poisoning of my Dad today.

They're doing this to my entire family now. They maybe were before too, or maybe not, as long as my family did what they wanted them to do or before they were worried about me. My Dad never says a word, and always lies, just like my Mom and they're good actors/actresses. However, I saw his fingernails tonight just by sitting next to him and it's evidence of poisoning and torture. I also repeat, they forced my mother to remove evidence of a long knife scar from her cheek and they've done the same kind of thing to my son.

Tonight this guy, the one who is promoting his daughter for things or who has control in some way, he and the others looked at me and just laughed at me, like I was the stupidest funniest person...and like I had matched THEIR prediction and they wanted it to fit something other than the seriousness of what it meant. After seeing my Dad's fingernail, I was looking through the Bible and turned randomly, to Esther. Underlined it said, "Do you not think you will escape if you remain silent..." All about the danger of being silent when people are being tortured and destroyed.

And that was it for me. "I'm not backing down on this torture claim because it's the TRUTH."

And they brought up some book and said they had 7 copies from England and it was about trusting God's people and I said what's it about and she read 12 biblical chapters and I had to use the opportunity to confront them and I said, "Is there anything from Esther about remaining silent at such a time as this?" How do you trust a group of people that are torturing your family to lie for THEM and to cover THEIR own motives?

A couple startled but then a lot of them just laughed the whole thig off and tried to make it into their own thing, like I had said something that was so right, because it's really about such-and-such and haha.

I sat there while a few of them got off on it and sitting next to my Dad, after I had prayed to God that night, while seated with these people, who have betrayed everyone--their own country, their own faith, and they won't even stand up for saving someone's life and preventing torture.

They made it into this huge joke, like how funny this sad, worn down, ruined, damaged, raped, asaulted, criminalized on false accusations, would even speak up at all. How cute. How funny. And yes, how fitting that you should mention this because we have something in mind. These people are making life and death and torture something to toss to the side as they pursue their grand agenda. I have a SERIOUS situation and they laugh it off? "haaha, how cute, oh yeah, and _____predicted she'd say that, remember? look at her now. what a hag."

I just kept thinking, after seeing my Dad pour tea from a pitcher, and no one else wanting tea or having tea, after I left the room and went back in, it later occured to me, "Someone switched out the tea." Everyone else had coffee or hot tea or soda from a can, and then my Dad looked like he was obediently pouring his tea. Whether or not someone did, I then noticed my Dad's fingernails and he's been tortured and poisoned.

Some of them were saying really extreme and frightening inside things, like "time to shoot the hostage", or belittling me and making inside jokes about my being useless for nothing; and they had my parents sitting in different rooms I guess, so I had to pick and choose which room to be in to keep an eye on things. If I left one room, it got worse for that parent, and then I walked in to find this girl making sexually suggestive comments around my Dad again. I don't know what the aim is, but it's sick. I asked her today, "How old are you?" and she said "17" and I asked when she was adopted and she was 13 and it was from Sierra Leone. CIA all the time, all the way. And a couple have a seriously devious Mossad side. Everytime I've been around, they've had her there, around my Dad, basically tormenting him and insulting him by carrying on and on about sexual things. Her name is Grace. She is encouraged to do this around all of these other adults and she's the one who poofed something into the air. 17 is not too young, I guess, to be recruited to inslut others or carry out what some political or military group wants. It was her Dad saying time to shoot the hostage. And his wife is the nurse.

This other older woman sitting next to me, started talking about babies turning blue, along with this "Grace" in front of my Dad. Not only did she start talking about people turning blue with too much medication and are you cold? then this other woman next to her started saying she knew of babies that died and turned blue, and kids that died after turning blue. My Dad came back from the restroom later and his nailbeds had turned a bluish color, and I also saw arsenic poisoning lines. White lines like I had.

So tell me something DOCTORS, and Panetta, and FBI, you've been LYING to everyone. You claimed the white lines in MY nails were just a health issue, after I was bleeding into the toilet from poisoning. They sent me away, saying they couldn't help me and maybe they blamed it on bad health or maybe on medications they were giving me...

How come my parents are having the same things happen to THEM?

Let me get this straight Panetta and Mossad derelicts--you're trying to tell everyone that I'm crazy and blow off my poisoning and torture, and blow off the blue nails and the arsenic and when my parents never had this issue their entire lives, they now do and you're trying to say...WHAT. They've done this to my Mom, to my Dad, to Me, we've all had this happen and I saw the evidence with my own eyes and then these people sat there and MOCKED about it happening. I saw this happen to my son's genitals and it was severe. It was far, far, worse than anything I've seen on me, my mom or dad. They've almost killed him a number of time. It's not genetic. They are torturing us. All of us. And then making jokes about it and laughing.


They don't care what they do to my son, or to me or my family. They have spent a TON of money and resources to trash me. Now, it's all a huge joke and the only thing they're worried about, is getting caught up about some of the crime they've committed.

Not only were they making jokes about my parent's son dying, and laughing about blue babies and turning blue as they tortured them, they were talking about things like "time to shoot the hostage".

I stayed with my mom in one room almost the whole time. My Dad went to a different room. I could tell someone instructed them to separate so I wouldn't be able to see what was happening with both of them at the same time. They made a lot of shocking comments with my mom there, but...

They are threatening to kill us.

It's not a joke anymore. They've been torturing us for a long time and now they've escalated their threats from dying slowly to killing us or torturing us or someone worse.

And this is the group that Fox News has the inside line on. How do O'Reilly and Ingraham get their information unless they pay one of the couples or more than one person, for information and to do some of these things?

My mom was laughing and joking around and then something scared her and she dropped a knife. My mom wouldn't drop a butter knife unless something was really wrong, not even for a joke. Either she saw something that scared her, because they leave out sick messages, or when I wasn't looking, this woman who was next to her did something that caused it. And she's the same one that sat behind me once to torture me.

I left that room to see how my Dad was doing. He kept getting up from the table and I could tell he was really bothered by something but I stayed with my mom. Then I got up to go over just as this girl "Grace" was going on about sexually explicit and suggestive comments and horrible things to humiliate my Dad. She shut up right away when I walked in. The only people who were around my Dad that could have been using technology to harm him, were Grace, this other girl, her adopted sister, this man Gorst who was sitting across the table, and then a new guy I haven't seen and he sat next to my Dad.

I prayed at one point, with my hand on the Bible and trying to pray and I asked God to show me who was torturing my family or show me right then and there and have the demons or whatever was on or in them, fall off and then this guy sitting next to my Dad dropped something. It was a loud drop and it fell on the floor but I don't know if it was him because Gorst was there and so were those girls. But it was really weird, because I prayed this, and right at that moment, this man dropped something onto the ground.

I didn't know what had happened to my Dad aside from his being harassed with sexual talk that he didn't start and wasn't participating in and didn't care for. But then later I saw his nails had turned blue from torture with some kind of technology and he kept having to use the restroom and I know you can't always see what's happening because I had to use the restroom and started bleeding profusely into the toilet when some kind of torture was being done.

Then, I looked over at my Mom who was coming out of the other room and she tried to hide it but her expression had changed to severe worry and fear again. I knew that when I left, they had said or done something really horrible to my Mom. I looked and in that room it was Sheila's husband, Rosemary, Peggy (who I thought went by the name Dotty), the librarian woman, and Sheila I believe. I wrote it down. I walked in and said, "What did I miss?" and when they stared and I knew they'd done something bad, I said, "I don't know, I'm missing a one of you have a key?" (one of them likely does because they were getting into my place). I don't know what they said or did but I could tell it was really bad because my mom tried to hide how she felt and it was that bad.

They just stared. They'd had my Dad drink tea with little sugar packets of a sweetener called truevu or something about true. And when I said something about Esther and they just laughed at me they said to my ch. 13 suggestion, "Yes!" and then went on about rock on.

Then the cop, Rosemary's husband, started making inside comments about my son having to hold his pee pee and maybe he'd be a "david" anyway. Some really weird comment that I thought, only reflected on my son.

They were talking about the death of firstborns and how this can happen to grandchildren too. It was out of context, no place for it at all. They were saying some beginner christians that are just babies can die as firstborns or even as firstborn grandchildren (something like that, not exact, but close).

And they played this obvious game, at least Rosemary was because she was doing most of the talking, of trying to read my mind or what I was reading. It didn't matter and doesn't matter that my family is being tortured--they're enjoying themselves too much and forwarding an agenda for some other group that must pay well.

Where do they put the money.

This guy driving off with a gleeful smile was sheila's husband and plates ____BNJ. I didn't see the whole thing but later. He's the one whose kid is used for stuff in church and who my Dad is forced to coach. Something is extremely "off" about it. It's like this bizarre slave labor where they torture my Dad not to help his own grandson and then force him to work with some girl and make him do things that remind him of me, his own daughter. But they have him isolated to be doing something for them that they do as favors for a larger group. Kids, in general, who cares..I mean, it's not like there is anything wrong with the kids, it's what these grown ups are doing to the kids and forcing other adults to do for them. I think this man is Jewish, not sure but I think so and so why he's doing this to my Dad I don't know, maybe money. It's like a weird fringe jewish group likes to torture us themselves and get us to do what they want. You'd think they have empathy because of their own history of being tortured, but no, if they want something, they literally torture for it, rape with a premeditated plan to rape, you name it. First, forcing my parents to suggest or recommend certain things...and then some of it is other religions and they're attached to the U.S. government, military and CIA. and yeah, they use mafias too.

Then I was writing this and as I wrote, someone used technology to do about 3 or 4 different things to me, even though it was short. The heating, the ultrasound or something targeting my pelvis, and then they did something specifically targeting my leg and then I had a huge jolt to one side of my head. I am not lying and does this post sound coherent to you or not?

It is torture. It sounds weird, but that's what it is and I have seen evidence that shows it's happening to all of us and there is a U.S. government connection. Someone zapping me and sending a quick surge to my head has happened before and who is able to target the top of my head? Not any of the neighbors. Even if they do other things, it's like when I was at Safeway and I looked up to see this laser dot on my computer keyboard.

It's military. It's U.S. military torturing their own citizens.

We need some help and I'm not kidding about this. We really need help now and my son especially does because he is totally trapped.

(Why, by the way, is blogger repeatedly putting up ads from L.A. tonight? every ad is L.A. associated and has words like "killer" in it. Today in church and then tonight, they were making comments about L.A. and angels).

(Here's the other weird thing. I had Susan Sarandon driving into Wenatchee after I broke up with Alvaro. Not kidding. It was her and she was making the meanest mocking faces at me that you can imagine and I was stunned. It was CA plates, an SUV (large) and if it wasn't her, it was her spitting image. I guess I should take that out for a different post and until I confirm it. But it really looked so much like her and I wondered why she'd have an interest in me unless she knows someone who knows someone. She had red hair. Forgive me please, if that was not her and it was someone else--it was someone from CA who was very rich and had a lot of animosity towards me). I looked her up once because I was shocked and didn't know why she'd be around. All I could find was that she is connected to some Italians or married one once, in CA, and then some other guy, and she might have a connection to some El Salvador man who was in construction and has a company in the U.S. I had never heard of the El Salvador guy until someone wrote into my blog about vampires from Transylvania and a lot of nonsense. The Alvaro Barbosa guy or something. Which, if I ever found out that's who I was dating, I will sue with everything I have, because it was one bad and corrupt game. Especially if I actually found out the U.S. was covering for him all this time, or that they, if it wasn't him, were attempting to make that connection or have me think this at some point down the road. There has been a lot of fraud from the U.S. government and Panetta. How interesting, if it's a connection.

My Dad's nails were different tonight than in the last few day. I've kept an eye on them and aside from the white lines showing up, and other discolorations that were probably temporary, the white part on the top of the nail ridge, where your whole top of nail is supposed to be white, wasn't all white like it's supposed to be. It changed in just the last few days.

And it was just a few days ago when I last checked and he didn't have the white lines either or I'd have noticed. He has a black spot in the nail, and he told me when I arrived that it was from a hammer. Maybe it's true. However, there was no white line like what I had in my nails when Iwas tortured and poisoned, and the top part where it's supposed to be white, was white all the way across.

Something very bad has been happening to my family.

Here's what's worse. Fox News knows what's going on. They keep tabs on what we do, from what I discovered (no one told me). Fox News plays a game, but they don't do anything about torture of citizens in the U.S. It's like Ruby Ridge or WACO, when they're either laughing about it and just glad it's not them or their helping to sponsor and facilitate the torture.

I can link Fox News to knowledge of torture of my family. Fox News has a lot of money don't they? I mean, Laura Ingraham and O'Reilly, just the two of them put together do. Money for paying people.

They are torturing me again and now targeting my pelvis. I really don't care what anyone does because you're going to jail and someone is finding out. I'm not moving out of this country, period. I will expose all of you before I move.

Oh, and by the way, no one got into my place earlier today. I thought maybe but no they didn't.

The woman who mocked about blue babies tonight had her nails painted with a polish that's the same color of nail that showed up when I started researching nail issues. Isn't it interesting how they will make even torture part of their game? In a very short time, I will have a little money, and I will be recording everything. Which everyonen knows, and that's why they don't want me to have money.

Not only that, I'm suing Panetta and asking for a Congressional hearing over the U.S. Army use of mobsters. Mobsters and some small rank Mossad sidekicks. So you can go ahead and torture all you want, but it's your dirty laundry, not mine. What haven't you already done to me? and do I have anything to hide? no. So it's your life on the line, not mine.

Anne Crane is not only affiliated with Christopher Dabney and Alvaro Pardo, she's part of the FBI. And she was monitoring and causing the torture of my son. Someone told me about her. I can't remember if they told me FBI or CIA. Anne Crane, I was told, was either FBI or doing work for the CIA, or had contacts with one or the other and that's how she got the job. They put her there to make it happen.

They're still doing this to me right now so I'm going to change location here but I'm not going to quit talking about torture.

I'm exposing everyone I can think of. And I already exposed Panetta and Alvaro as being friends. If I found out it was the El Salvador guy, I would think, he lied and was fraudulently representing himself and was doing favors for my enemies. If it wasn't him, I know that later in my relationship with him he was trying to have me think this and all of a sudden he or a friend were leaving boxing gloves lying around. I know the U.S. knew about him and they treated him like he was a god.

And if it was William of Wales' soldier, William has the wool over his eyes. I know there was something UK happening and I know that no one helped us when we were all being severely and brutally tortured. Are you telling me that they are tortured too?

What I gathered was that it was connected to old enemies and they tried to dress it up to look like they were doing me a favor and made my family think this when Alvaro was the one who already had knowledge we were suffering. So why would my parents ask him to help us or look worried, unless they all knew what was going on. All they had to do was say stop, or tell someone to stop, or give us the evidence. If he was a friend, why would I have to marry him to not have my family tortured?

Friends and seriously romantic relationships don't force marriage as a condition for not being tortured. He had a little girl in Colombia and he wanted to immigrate to the U.S. and the U.S. wanted him to have legal papers faster so he could work for them legally. So it looks more like, hate.

Torture shouldn't happen to anyone. You don't make deals on torture, like, "If you marry him, and do us this favor, we won't torture your family and we'll tell Panetta and the Colombians to reign in the other groups. Like the Colombians don't have blackmail on the CIA."

But that's what they did. And all of a sudden, the FBI, CIA, and Pentagon were sucking up to who? Mossad and other intelligence agencies as well perhaps. All of a sudden, the CIA and Pentagon quit the torture of my family and son for ALVARO PARDO.

So Alvaro must be one reeeeaallly, reeeaaaaallly, reaaally phenomenally connected and special guy. I mean, for the CIA and Pentagon to take their cues from what I did for their friend the point of halting all other processes in Wenatchee, WA, and anywhere else. Marry Alvaro and he'll be in the U.S. in 2 years instead of having to work here and apply through a slower process. Why the rush? Operation Odyssey? what, he was sharing his language skills for negotiations and translating? Or, he was just doing favors for the bad guys and helping them help me get rid of evidence against them and then telling me they'll give my son back if I do.

So what about those "riding lessons". It wasn't for Alvaro. And it wasn't to ride a motorbike either. It was horseback riding lessons. Undercover mistress? or it's all a lie and attempt to entrap me or get rid of my evidence.

I'm not stopping.

The U.S. is torturing me tonight, and they've done this to my family and there is nothing you can do to get me to stop now. NOTHING. The only thing you could possibly do would be to return my son and this President kills mothers and their kids with his wife at his side. It might be time to watch that movie, Absolute Power.

It's killing and torturing with you as an accessory Obama. When you know it's happening, you are an accessory. Oh, by the way, do you own a horse? I'm just wondering if you own a horse or if most of the horse riding is done overseas in England when the girlfriend can't ride because she's allergic. It wasn't Charles because his back is bad and he has Camilla, though at first I had people suggesting it was Charles.

Which one of you has allowed my family to continue to be tortured?

My parents firstborn child was born November 6, 1972. He was murdered by jealous people. He died on November 8, 1972.

The U.S. has been torturing me for the last 1 hour that I've been blogging and they have targeted by lower abdomen and pelvis so badly that it's bubbling. It's been bubbling for an hour. It's satellite. Nothing else can do this, what's happening right now, except through satellite and they're using the laptop and somehow hitting off of it to do it. They did this to me and my son in East Wenatchee. It's one of the things they did to us when we were in East Wenatchee.

Chris Dabney and Alvaro are linked to the Army in D.C.. Leon Panetta is also Army. He's not Marines or Navy--he's Army. I can point to a CIA link, the fact Alvaro said he worked with the FBI in Colombia which means the U.S. was well aware of him, or I can bring out new information about the Panetta-U.S. Army link.

It's like 2 for the price of one when you have both the CIA and the military torturing you...lucky for me, I noticed some things when I was living in D.C.

Why else would the torture stop, if it's coming from the military and CIA unless they thought I was doing them a favor. Or they were making an illegal deal to do a favor for someone else and let my family not be tortured as a result.

Panetta, call me.

Call me baby. Jordan said you have something to talk to me about.

Leon, you are the lion in the den from my nightmares as a child. It's YOU. And YOU had your friends of friends have me sleeping with your buddy at a house flanked by a couple of lion statues.

You don't the CIA and Army to turn off torture unless they know someone and it was them to begin with. And if the Chief of Strategic Operations was taking me to his hotel in D.C., and I didn't even know he had almost daily meetings with Obama, and he resigned when Panetta went to the Pentagon, this is Panetta and everyone at the top knows it and they have allowed torture and degrading treatment of my entire family.

THEY used mafia but they're the ones with the guns and the technology. I don't care if it was international or not. It doesn't matter. What matters is the U.S. is guilty of holding my whole family hostage and torturing us.

My torture stopped because Alvaros cousin works for the Army in Army offices. Army. Panetta is Army. And Joe Biden just did favors for friends and has wanted us to all be tortured.

They paid for Alvaro to travel to the United States via his Army cousin. Who knows about the torture? The Pentagon and CIA. CIA does mind control research and operations. Army does as well and they are the branch that specializes in it. They do more research than any other military branch. The Pentagon is in charge of torture with technology.

I guess the "miracle" was that I didn't even know who the Chief of Strategic Operations was and what it meant when I left with him for the hotel. And then I guess some people thought I was maybe "special". Aw shucks. They nosed around and noticed I talked to Pakistanis....maybe that made me special too. I don't know. I talked about Diana then...I don't know. I had just been blasted with technology and almost died in a hospital and then someone shows up...I don't know.

So what does Alvaro and his group do for the U.S. Was Alvaro just the guy rescuing me (so he said) for others's what SO interesting.

Army. Panetta. Army. Panetta. Army. Panetta. Army. Oh yeah, and Panetta was the director of the CIA at that time and I happened to get my lovely laptop from the computer contractor for the CIA.


Does something say high crimes and misdemeanors to you?

If it was James helping, the U.S. James, or he thought he was helping, maybe Panetta and his buddies were kinda helping out my enemies at the same time. MARRY HIM OR YOU SUUUUUFFER...

With FIRE, no FYRE! and damnation.

It looks like this administration is going to lose the next election. Why? Because you allowed torture of citizens under your command, control, and on your own soil and territory in violation of the Geneva Convention and the U.S. Constitution.

You are OUT.

Obama will not be winning next election. And Biden will be tossed. That is the first time I've ever said this and it will happen. You're out. You had a chance to be truthful and you blew it and it's costing you. As for what happened during Bush's term, because I was tortured then as well, I like to think someone slipped it under his nose. I mean, that's what I would like to think...that he really didn't know how bad it was.

Not only that, you have a very sticky situation with helping the UK and Middletons out, when you're supposed to be the good old U.S.A.

So what are you guys trying to do with targeting my lower stomach and pelvis tonight. Trying to make me infertile or something? Or did someone's baby die and you think I had something to do with it and you're taking a personal revenge? If someone's baby died, it wasn't me. But I like how you all try to use the government to do sick things. I guess that's it. Someone recently lost a baby? or just can't ever have one on their own so they're mad about it and want to ruin the fertility of other women?

It's going to be worse for you. You do this kind of thing and you feel you have power, but it's going to be worse for you.

You made a deal, didn't you, that if I went to church today, with my parents, you were going to continue using my family and torturing us.

Fox News. I think the torture got really nasty when I mentioned the Fox News anchors so I'll do it again. Who are your contacts with Fox and the CIA?

Leon Panetta talks to someone who talks to someone. They say, "We want to frame her for attempted espionage." I mean, that's a good way to put someone away and keep them from talking isn't it? So what happened? if there was an attempt, I didn't agree or consent to anything remotely close. Oh rats. We thought she'd go for wanting to be a courier, we underestimated her bc we thought she likes the spy thing and would go for it and then we'd arrest her. Oh oh. Didn't happen. Tactic 2: Can we try to get her for marriage fraud? No. Doesn't work and even if they tried, still didn't fit. They wanted to toss me out after I didn't set myself up for an espionage trap. Rats. She won't be a spy against the U.S. (even if they didn't come out and say it precisely and courier was for anything). So hey GONZO! eh, Panetta, be a good gonzo. See if we can get the FBI in Maryland to entrap her on something else, before she gets out of the false restraining order and gets money for an assault and before she slips away. So they tried. They did not succeed. Then it was trying to find a way out delicately, and making it look like it wasn't all a huge ugly and totally degrading and cruel entrapment scene where they even took photos of me naked when I didn't know.

GONZO! What now GONZO!

Panetta: "Just dump her. Get out of it. Unless you like her or you think it's a faster way to get your kid to join the other kids you have."

FBI or Army: "How soon can you work for us?"
Alvaro: "I don't have my green card yet."
FBI or Army: "Doesn't matter. How soon."
FBI: "Wait a minute. He has to be legal. We're not the CIA."
Alvaro: "The CIA wants me too."
FBI: "If you work for the FBI, it has to be before you're 36 and you need papers."
FBI 2: "He's not in his 30s. That's the cover."
FBI: "If he's over 36 is it too late?"
FBI 2: "It's too late for her."
FBI: "What do you mean?"
FBI 2: "It's international...but he wants to be in the U.S. And he has a good offer."
FBI: "Who wants this to happen? I mean...who"
FBI 2: "It's a favor to the Middleton interest but you might remember some people she worked for in 1993? Possible link with them and church friends in Washington state."
FBI: "Who is he related to?"
FBI 2: Panetta knows him. His brother works at the Army headquarters in D.C., or in the same office."
FBI: "What do we know about this torture claim?"
FBI 2: "Top secret. None of the beginner agents are allowed information about it but we've been told to leave it to the CIA and military. We have a couple of guys acting as bouncers and enforcers for some project."
FBI: "Who gave the order?"
FBI 2: "It came from the top."
FBI: "So why are we helping her? or why is he saying he's helping?"
FBI2: "He's dumping her off since she was entrapable. If she does something for the CIA, they've told military hands off.
FBI: "Why Colombia?"
FBI 2: "Which excuse do you want? Edward Howard version, the blackmail version, or the version about a man who fell in love with a woman and didn't realize his donkey was corrupt."
FBI: "What do you mean corrupt? He thought his friend was helping him and helping her and he didn't know the whole story of who was behind it."
FBI2: "CIA says if she doesn't do something for the Department of State, that they're turning the whole family over to be torture at black sites for more. She said she wanted a marriage blanc and if it didn't go through, just call her crazy and so we got our mobsters that work with the U.S. to sign a deal in blood so to speak. If she backed out, the deal was that her whole family is tortured.
FBI: And the U.S. knows? Yeah they know. They know about the blood deal and the paper deal but no one will see it. They were the ones making suggestions. It was insurance on getting cover in case she talked. They worked it out through the mob. The CIA and Pentagon had full knowledge and I think someone figured if one of our guys couldn't entrap her, they'd torture her. Same difference.
FBI 2: "Did anyone actually love her?"
FBI: "Yeah. Her son."
CIA: "We used that as our tool for manipulation of her. We already had the parents under our thumb. We just let them beat up on 'em now. If we need info, we get it, and if they don't do what we ask, we have them tortured or beat up or do worse to the kids.
FBI: Is there any connection between Alvaro, Panetta, Philip Thebault, and the Abbey lawyers? or is it James? and which James I might add, since they both have Colombian contacts, or Mossad?
FBI2: "And what is Kathy's real name."

It's Panetta. And there is some kind of jewish influence, but Panetta is involved and that's how Alvaro got them to quit for awhile. He got them to quit by working through the CIA-mafia channels and they put out the message to others.

I think James (former Strategic officer) needs to send information to me about what form of torture is being and has been used. And do you really want to stay with people who discourage you from doing the right thing?

What is the right thing?

Is it TORTURE James?

Is THAT the right thing? Have you and Obama had any chats on that subject?

Sleep with a woman and then throw out to be tortured, and with her son?

For WHAT strategic purpose.

You looked me in the eye... If you want me to describe the entire hotel scene and all of those credit cards from U.S. military you had there, with all their backpacks and gear, let me know. Was I being courted by YOU or the entire Pentagon.


Oh, that's right. Panetta wanted that house on monopoly.

You make a big deal about monopolies of corporations and businesses...what about church and military monopolies? What does Monopoly look like when we start dividing things up by the color of houses and cards of kings?

I just unplugged this laptop suddenly and it instantly quit. So it's through the laptop. When I unplug it, the bubbling and the heating quits immediately. I turned it on again and it started up again, so actually, it might not be satellite at all. It could be, but it could easily be something that is in the neighborhood.

By the way,I wrote to the International Red Cross and things have gotten worse since, not better. Things got better at first, when I sent an inquiry to the UN. No difference at all when I sent something to the Red Cross.

In my inbox I have something from the Obama crew which I haven't read and I've seen a lot of these messages and I'm not kidding, some of his people have used his platform for harassment and torture of people they hate. I have seen so many inside comments about things that I did in the past that made the Catholic church mad. I have a post now from "Julianna smoot" about "put this on your car" and it makes me think about the time they got so incredibly angry that I put messages on cars that read "Stop the Abuse": please contact me if you are a survivor of clergy abuse. They actually tried to make something of it and it was this major deal. maybe that's PTSD from persecution, but often, it looks like people in leadership in this country, only want revenge and their trashing the name of the U.S. to get what they want.

Did anyone read the ICRCs statement about why torture creates a "bad image" for a country?

It talks about how torture against a country's own citizens causes other nations to disrespect the United States. They start looking down on the U.S.

It's not just something I'm saying because we're being tortured and I am as I write. It's a universal fact. If you allow people to torture in this country, it brings down the entire nation.

The Obama administration is on its way out and I don't know that the next will be much better, but he won't have a second term. He's allowed people to use his office and this country, for religious revenge.

And yeah, if I have any problem at all, it's PTSD, and it's because of criminal activities by the Catholic church perpetuated in the positions of government. It really is some of the reform jews but it's mainly been Catholic.

Which was maybe why the torture stopped when I was with a Catholic Colombian. I guess, at least until they thought they could entrap me. Do you know what was in every single house he took me to? A HUGE painting of Virgin mary. And that's all they were mad about then. The reform jews wanting their little zion by ions and the catholics wanting revenge. How did it get spread out to protestants except by first defaming me and bribing the bad ones and telling the good ones I was immoral or criminal? Aside from military or lawsuit concerns, none of them had an issue with me. It was one thing at a time, and these people have taken offices and used them for torturing people for political and religious reasons.

I do think it's odd the International Red Cross response is so lackluster. It makes me wonder. I mean, Diana was last working with THEM, right? are they worried about something? I mean, do they help people like they claim to or are they, as I once suggessted after a few bad experiences, are they maybe working as a shell corporation for the CIA or other intelligence. It's just been odd. I did think...hmmm...I thought Geneva was good and then I rememebered The Vatican has all its guards through Geneva. I mean, right? So is that part of the hold up? the Red Cross is centered in an area with contact to The Vatican? or is it something else.

By the way, they're still torturing me.

I will continue all night if I have to. I really don't care what you try to do anymore, because the Obama campaign is out the door and so is Biden and if I can bring them into court for high crimes, I will.

By the way, if they are escalating the torture of me, which has been done tonight, they've definitely been doing this to my parents and to my son.

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